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June 2, 2012

What Kendall Can’t or Won’t Say

by at 5:41 pm.

The Lawrence Public Schools system is a mess:

Chester said that while there will be immediate changes, the state expects the plan to take several years to fully take effect.

“This is not a proposition that’s gonna play out over two or three years,” he said. “We’re here for four, five, six years before we expect to turn around results as strongly as we’ve set forward.”

A 2011 district report described “a troubled school district with chronic under-performance … a district where leadership and governance are flagging,” according to education officials.

Lowell Public Schools are in much better shape. However, Kendall Wallace is still concerned.

What the state is doing in Lawrence should be seen as a serious warning to local school administrators, school unions and school committees. They either need to get it right or lose control.

If teacher unions remain adamant in thinking dramatic changes in hours, tenure issues, salary issues are not acceptable, they will find the day is near when the state takeover of the system is real.

I am concerned, too. Likely for very similar reasons. What Mr. Wallace reveals in a round about way, I’ll be more direct. I don’t imagine I have the ultimate answer. Actually, I’ll present more questions than answers. That is because, as I wander in the bubble, the incessant finger pointing and back stabbing lends to the identification of weaknesses and problems. Thus, a bold drive to solutions is conspicuously absent. So, below, I’ll flesh out some shortcomings. Then, as we who “row well and live”, collectively cross our fingers and hope those with their hands on the rudder will steer us well.

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