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June 3, 2012

The Next Generation!

by at 9:19 am.

This morning’s Lowell Sun Column criticism of newly-appointed Zoning Board alternate member Van Pech cannot go unanswered.

Lynch’s decision to name Pech to the ZBA was curious, as was the council’s confirmation.

Pech is a counselor and volunteer coordinator at the Center for Hope and Healing in Lowell, which helps rape victims.

Before that he worked for the U.S. Census Bureau and Market Basket. He has no experience that would make him suited to serving on the ZBA.

Further, during the council campaign, he was very amiable, but showed very little grasp of important issues.

Some observers said Pech’s inexperience showed by his vote Thursday, which should have been clear-cut.

Why was this a curious appointment and confirmation? We have a young man who is willing to volunteer his time and his effort to make this a better City. How many people in their 20s are knocking down the doors to City Hall wanting to serve?

What is the “experience” required to serve as an alternate on the ZBA? Perhaps it requires getting the blessing of “some observers.” By the way, who are these observers? Shouldn’t they be identified? Maybe we would find them unqualified to make a judgement. I suggest we reject these comments since we do not know who wrote it and we do not know who supposedly has made these comments to the Sun.

Instead of encouraging our younger generation to participate in civil activities, we slam the first step of those who come forward.

I have met Van Pech and I find him to be a concerned, engaged, and dedicated Lowellian. He may not have the “wisdom” and “knowledge” of the City movers and shakers who are now in their 60s and 70s but part of their job is to mentor and encourage the next generation to participate. Instead of dreaming of the past, maybe we should be concerned about the future.

Here is a clip of Van accepting his appointment from the City Council

Good luck Van! Don’t let them get to you.

8 Responses to “The Next Generation!”

  1. Joe S. Says:

    Unfortunately, the SUN continues to take a biased approach by expanding their editorial page into the gossip column, the lead headlines and even the polls which they use to market their readership.

    At least they published a letter that took them to task on one such issue today. However, they then justified their approach based on the number of responses to an associated poll. If they continue to justify their work based on 1100 “contibutors”, I say let them serve only that constituency. The rest of us deserve better.

  2. George DeLuca Says:

    I know Van doesn’t like to be considered in this way, but his advancement to a premier board, coming off his impressive first run for City Council is a crucial win for the Southeast Asian Community.

    With 30k strong population, its time to launch a meaningful drive for representation in Lowell government. Van’s courageous foray into the crosswinds of an established Lowell political structure is admirable at the very least. He’s a true pioneer who, along with his growing base of supporters, shouldn’t be underestimated.

  3. Bob Forrant Says:

    Is anyone surprised by anything the Sun does these days. There is no pretense to objective news coverage throughout most of the newspaper. There are indeed exceptions. But, the bias at the top leaks all over the newspaper.

  4. joe from Lowell Says:

    With 30k strong population, its time to launch a meaningful drive for representation in Lowell government.

    To be truly representative, the City Council would need to have two southeast Asian members…

    …who were constantly feuding with each other, but only when the other councilors weren’t listening.

  5. Jack Says:

    It’s striking. When the Brahmin of the city are criticized, either Campi or Kendall are trotted out in defense. We are reminded of these points:
    - They are GOOD people
    - They are Lowellians
    - They give of themselves to the community through selfless service and acts of charity.

    Just like Van Pech.

    If Van follows his heart, he will go far.

  6. molly Says:

    Don’t you know ZBA positions are supposed to be reserved for people with “experience” (I.e. blatant conflicts) and who are friends with all the “important” applicants (see the brilliant ZBA reign of one A. Kazanjian).

  7. Lynne Says:

    molly said what I was gonna! “Experience” translates in the “Editor’s” mind as “connected developers.”

    It’d be NICE to have a different perspective on that board, one of a regular citizen who has to put UP with the development that happens here.

  8. Renee Aste Says:

    Zoning isn’t to serve Real Estate, zoning exists to serve the needs of the community. If the individual has a grasp on the community’s need , one is qualified. He doesn’t need to be a legal specialist or a commercial developer to satisfy the role. He could benefit from a MCLE (Massachusetss Continuing Legal Ed) seminar on zoning laws. He doesn’t have to be a lawyer to attend.

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