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June 10, 2012

If Lynch Bails, Could C.Kennedy Ascend?

by at 12:29 pm.

The Blog of Record rehashes an implausible scenario. Despite direct quotes from Kevin Broderick and Bill Martin, calling shenanigans, the Column still opts to perpetuate a myth. Maybe the coffee at the Owl Diner tastes better with the sickly sweetness of bubble gossip?
(bold mine)

CITY MANAGER Bernie Lynch’s contract does not expire until July 2014, but there is already chatter that some of his supporters on the City Council will move to extend it in the coming months.

Councilors Kevin Broderick and Bill Martin, Lynch’s two biggest boosters, are said to be behind the extension push, which could come after the budget is passed.

A five-year extension is being considered, according to several sources.

Both Broderick and Martin told The Column they don’t know about any such discussions and have not been part of them if they exist.

“You are the first person to mention that topic to me,” Broderick told a Sun reporter on Friday. “Bernie has never hinted or mentioned or asked about it.”

Martin also dismissed the extension chatter.

“At some point as his contract winds down, there will be talk about renewing it,” Martin said. “It is premature right now to talk about that.”

Does it strike you as odd, that the Dead Tree Watercooler puts the anonymous comments of sources and observers on an equal footing of “on the record” statements from 2 respected city councilors? I find it odd.

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