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June 18, 2012

Open Thread: Sticks & Stones Edition

by at 10:06 am.

Update: Here is the final day of budget hearings - City Council / Budget Hearing 4

Well, we have moved on from the drama of the budget hearings to the drama of the “Great Parking Garage Robbery.” There was even a perfect segue on Saturday, as the Council got to fluff it’s feathers and strut it’s stuff without missing a beat. Rarely does such opportunity come, where our electeds get to be so “large and in-charge.”

It was interesting to see C.Lorrey pop his head up, like he did. In less than one news cycle he picked the LPD’s OT budget’s pocket (I support that cut, btw) and came up with the scoop on the parking whistleblower. This makes me nervous, but I’m the nervous type. Ever the affable guy, Lorrey may not be able to shuck and grin his way through such political mayhem. The long knives are being palmed, hidden from view. This is not a good time to be “Johnny on the spot.” Anyone who has ever seen Goodfellas knows, it is your friends that come for you. They come with smiles.

A friend called this morning asking if I had watched the City Life show. I only caught the last hour. Apparently, I was knocked around by my pals because they figured I would not blog about the “Great Parking Garage Robbery.” The gist was that I would not do anything that may upset the CM. I’m going on hearsay on this. Later, I’ll listen to the show on LTC. Getting my facts straight is helpful. For now, I’ll just jump out in front on this with little direct knowledge. That’s what George and John do, fair is fair.

Oddly, my thoughts on the news, so far, matches Cliff Krieger’s. He wrote a thoughtful diary: The Big Parking Ticket

In some way this incident asks the larger question of if our system is working for us or against us?

If we had just let the company deal with it we would have gotten our money back, avoided additional costs as taxpayers and maybe even found a man who straightened out his life. Then again, maybe he was destined for perdition.

It is just that I would have preferred avoiding the instant outrage and asking some questions. I would have liked some “out of the box” thinking before throwing the book at the perp.


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