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June 21, 2012

Of Course, The Herald Beat The Sun To The Scoop

by at 10:21 pm.

The Herald had home field advantage.

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown and Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren are set to meet in what’s sure to be a nationally watched UMass Lowell/Herald debate this fall.

The Sept. 27 debate is set to be moderated by NBC’s “Meet the Press” anchor David Gregory at the Tsongas Center on the University of Massachusetts at Lowell campus.

Is it up on the Blog of Records twitter feed, yet? Nope! They are still running with this: Brown agrees to third debate with Warren

You know that old newsie saying? “Better late than never?” :v\

Update: Sun plays catch-up. (6:40:07 AM EDT) Maybe they picked up the deets from richardhowe.com?

Objectivity Much?

by at 8:37 pm.

Someone told me that they, and others, witnessed C.Elliott giving a ride to the cub reporter, Lyle Moran, sometime today.

That reminded me of a photo another person sent me about a month back:


I don’t blame C.Elliott for trying valiantly to “wag the dog.” Hell, it’s what I try to do. There is more to blame in this sort of thing for the journalist involved. Okay, I’ll go with “reporter” for Lyle Moran. Yet, I even find sympathy for him. He’s a cub reporter, afterall.

We know who the true culprit is!

Open Thread: Naughtyus Maximus Edition

by at 7:15 pm.

Ouch. The Blog of Record is rubbing Dave Conway’s nose in it: Conway’s candidate passed over for School Department job

Today, it did no good to have “a vewy gweat fwiend in Wome.”

Not In The Front Seat, Kennedy’s In The Rumble Seat

by at 12:50 pm.

I think it is a hoot, watching C.Kennedy try to “out Dick Howe, Sr.” C.Elliott. At first, I figured Elliott had the advantage. Clearly, it is a jump ball.

Meanwhile, City Councilor Ed Kennedy expressed frustration Wednesday that he was not notified about the suspension of McNeely when Lynch called Monday night to inform councilors of Carney’s termination.

Kennedy said this is not the first time Lynch has not provided all councilors with the same information.

“The city manager should deal with all city councilors on an equal basis, not doling out certain information to some councilors and not others,” Kennedy said. “It should not matter whether you are a councilor that is more supportive of the manager or not. This is becoming a trend for a manager who prides himself on communication.”

It’s not easy being the “anti-manager.” No one will run, ‘cepting Fred Doyle, against this manager. Kennedy sure didn’t. Though, I spotted Kennedy as being against Lynch, early on. It was his body language in the candidate forums. Anyways, now Kennedy can start to build a justification for being at odds with Lynch. He is laying a crumbtrail and the Blog of Record is more then happy to archive every crumb.

Further, if you are trying to BE “Dick Howe, Sr,” you can’t just try to look like you are walking in his shoes. The man had integrity. It was the intangible things that made him so popular among the voters. To have “bravado” without integrity and character, is to walk crooked in those shoes.

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