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June 24, 2012

Who Threw Jay Lang Under The Bus? “Ed!”

by at 1:04 pm.

During the last Lowell Public Schools Superintendant search process, Lowell’s very own Jay Lang was considered early in the process. Mimi wrote about the process, at the time. Connoissuers of City Life will recall with exasperation, George Anthes exhorting repeatedly, “Who threw Jay Lang under the bus?”

Then? I’m not so sure. Now?

Back on June 2nd, I wrote a diary that roused some issues laying quitely around the Lowell Public Schools: What Kendall Can’t or Won’t Say Upon its release, there was a quick flurry of back and forth between Jim Leary and me. But, the thread laid fallow from June 3rd, until today. (Thanks to Jim Leary, btw. It’s good to talk it out in public, most times.)

So, early today, I find this comment:

That’s right. We need to make the required changes with student achievement at the forefront. The know- how on how to increase student achievement comes from educated, qualified and experienced individuals like Jean Franco not Jay Lang. If parents are to keep their kids in our schools then we need to get higher scores on MCAS. What some School Committee members refuse to believe is that it really is all about good teachers. Interview selection committees know that and that’s why they always pick the most qualified, experienced and educated individuals.

Who is “Ed?”

The Headmaster Ed? I say, no way! Though, I think the handle “Ed” was selected to infer the Headmaster. “Ed” is slippery, but too cute by half.

And, a prolific commentor on blogs, …. lately.

June 21, 2012 at 11:32 pm
Bill Silver is a computer teacher at Methuen High School. No district level experience whatsoever. The person you are referring to as conways candidate has considerably more experience, district administrative and otherwise. Her qualifications far exceed those of Bill Silver. Maybe someone should do a story on how a guy with very little experience gets a job as a director in the Lowell public schools. Maybe Mr. Lang felt that it would be easier for him in the future if he brings in an unknown. He is after all trying to become Superintendent, isn’t he? Why would he want to bring anyone to the central office with qualifications, education and experience? By the way, did Mr. Lang ever work in a school in Lowell?

June 14, 2012 at 7:12 pm
My sources tell me that Ann Sheehy is highly respected and well liked- has received over twenty five recommendations from district and school personnel and is well liked by many teachers and principals. Who is more invested in our schools than lowellians?

Something tells me. I should have Jay Lang’s back when it comes to our new blog pal, “Ed.” I’m going with my “spidey sense” on this. I talked this over with a police sketch artist and we came up with a rendering of what “Ed” may look like:


Be on the look out!

One Response to “Who Threw Jay Lang Under The Bus? “Ed!””

  1. C R Krieger Says:

    I got hung up on this quote:

    …it really is all about good teachers.
    I think that “Ed” is right to focus on the importance of good teachers, but it isn’t ALL about good teachers.  It is also about the family influence.  That is why “Promise Neighborhoods” and like programs are important.  In most situations there is not one single silver bullet to fix a problem.

    Last night we had dinner with old friends from our time in Bitburg, in the Federal Republic.  He has a PhD in Educational Technology.  That suggests to me that this is not an area for amateurs or folks with only good intentions.  I look forward to Mr William Silver’s performance in his new job.

    Regards  —  Cliff

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