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June 25, 2012

Cruel Blogs

by at 10:02 am.

If you find me pulling my punches in my blogging, it is because I have hope. Hope that the “intended ” will get the message and shift course. Or, at a minimum, take it under advisement. When I come heavy, I feel like I’m dealing with a lost cause.

Of course, to some, a nudge is as good as a full assault. If you cast a shadow on their political halo, they react like your motive is to undo them. Such hyperbole normally betrays the weak mind of the thin skinned. So, should you hear a Councilor going on about how I have “hate” in my heart, please disregard the lobby. This sort of talk is used as a wedge. It intends to force a descision, are you “with Jack” or not? It is meant to threaten you. That you will be shunned, should you entertain the cruel blogger.

You wanna see cruel?

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