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June 25, 2012

Cruel Blogs

by at 10:02 am.

If you find me pulling my punches in my blogging, it is because I have hope. Hope that the “intended ” will get the message and shift course. Or, at a minimum, take it under advisement. When I come heavy, I feel like I’m dealing with a lost cause.

Of course, to some, a nudge is as good as a full assault. If you cast a shadow on their political halo, they react like your motive is to undo them. Such hyperbole normally betrays the weak mind of the thin skinned. So, should you hear a Councilor going on about how I have “hate” in my heart, please disregard the lobby. This sort of talk is used as a wedge. It intends to force a descision, are you “with Jack” or not? It is meant to threaten you. That you will be shunned, should you entertain the cruel blogger.

You wanna see cruel?

DAVE CONWAY was once the king of the Lowell School Committee. The former Lowell High School housemaster first ran in 2007, when he topped the ticket. He topped the ticket again in 2009, garnering even more votes.

The heady finishes had the Belvidere resident even thinking about a possible run for City Council.

It’s a good thing Conway opted against running. He dropped to third in the 2011 School Committee contest, finishing behind two newcomers, Kim Scott and Kristin Ross-Sitcawich.

And last week Conway couldn’t land the School Department’s director of information, communication, and technology services job for his pal, Anne Sheehy, for whom he advocated.

The job would have meant a big bump in pay for Sheehy, now a well-regarded and well-credentialed kindergarten teacher at the Moody School. Sheehy earns $72,000. The IT job will pay $92,500.

Superintendent of Schools Jean Franco picked William Silver, who is doing nearly the same job for the Methuen Public Schools.

Silver better wear body armor to his first meeting with the School Committee.

Talk about kicking a guy when he is down! The bubble is well versed in how badly Conway took his third place finish in 2011. Yet, the Blog of Record opts to comingle that raw nerve with a fresh wound to Conway’s massive politcal ego? Yikes. If I project my own modus operandi on to the keepers of The Column, it must mean they have little hope of Conway learning a lesson from what has transpired.

Note further, please, how The Column has moved away from including Conway’s staunch denial of meddling in the hiring process. They treat it as a given. Has Conway given up denying?

Lastly, since the hiring was made public, the person hired and Jay Lang have come under a “full assault.” This must come from a small insurgency within the Lowell Public Schools community. Who else REALLY cares?

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