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July 16, 2012

Political Retaliation, Lowell Dem Style

by at 3:49 pm.

On Sunday, Gerry Nutter offered some thoughts on the contortions around the Commonwealth’s budget. Now, Gerry isn’t above simply picking a scab, just to pick a scab.

The 3 Lowell State Representatives are clearly upset with Gov. Patrick for vetoing the Lowell based items in this years state budget. Rep. Dave Nangle is said to be furious and the most upset. Especially with the Governor’s lack on providing any relevent reasoning for the cuts.

The best reason being floated is a good old fashion one – Political Payback for the way Lt. Governor Tim Murray has been treated has a result of the Mike McLaughlin Fiasco which is tied to the Dracut Housing Authority and the appointment of Brian Bond over the re-appointment of Rep. Dave Nangle’s cousin and the unsuccessful attempt at replacing the Executive Director and the alleged involvement of former Lowell State Sen. Steve Panagiotakos and friend of the delegation Jerry Flynn to save Mary Karabatsos job at what appears to be the expense of the Lt. Governor’s political career.

Of course, when cheap political dung can be flung at Democrats, don’t count Shawn Ashe out. He pipes in with some inane concern trolling:

Are you saying.. that Gov Deval Patrick and Lt G Tim Murray would play politics with jobs and projects in Lowell as political payback for the people of the state cleaning up the mess that Murray created in the housing authorities?

All those good union construction jobs? I guess its who you know…

And I thought Patrick had a “vision” for the state.

First and foremost, I’d like to add to this ‘discussion” that Tim Murray has been very focused on what is happening in Taunton. Much more so than our little shenanigans.

Despite threats by Gov. Deval Patrick to shut it down for good, Taunton State Hospital will stay open, at least for the foreseeable future, with 45 inpatient beds.

The Massachusetts Senate on Thursday voted 39-to-0 to override the governor’s veto of a FY13 budget item by the Legislature to keep the mental-health facility operational with 45 beds.

Most people may think that “closure” means closed. But, as I understand it, that Taunton mental health facility was being “closed,” but the campus was going to stay active. Thus, Lt.Gov. Murray was hyper-focused on ensuring that no jobs were lost on the Taunton campus. Murray has been meeting regularly to protect workers, ensuring that jobs would stay in Taunton, even if the mental health facility was moved to Worcester.

So, I reject the notion that Tim Murray is involved in this episode of palace intrigue. He has been busy doing real stuff.

That said, is Deval Patrick enamored with our stellar delegation? Well, let me ask you, does anyone remember when Rep. Nangle kindly noted on WCAP that Scott Brown ‘is one of us’ and ‘deserved to go back to Washington?’ Is Deval Patrick supposed to allow elected “Dems” to endorse GOPers? Is Deval Patrick supposed to allow the Lowell delegation is disrespect him openly, to piss in his coffee on a regular basis. Is Deval Patrick supposed to be weak, take stupid petty bullshit and just smile?

Ohhhhhh! But, the kids!!!! *eye roll*

It’s pretty sad when our delegation plays shadow boxing, in front of the home town crowd, with the Patrick Administration and, then, when Patrick actually throws a punch, they bitch up and run to the Blog of Record.

Grow up, Lowell. Pangy was our last great hope. He bailed. Maybe, just maybe, Tom Golden might make the moves needed to make a difference for us. Sen. Donoghue is in her first term. Frankly, I see her as a better fit for the US Congress, than MA Senate. So, I wouldn’t put too much stock in her on Beacon Hill.

Gov. Patrick just stepped over a shadow boxer, laying on the canvas. That’s how we roll in Lowell. No?

3 Responses to “Political Retaliation, Lowell Dem Style”

  1. JC Says:

    Some things don’t change! While democracy is widespread among the masses, state politics remains entrenched in feudalism. Those who refuse to pucker up and kiss the lord’s ring don’t receive the booty. It’s hard to swallow one’s pride and even compromise one’s integrity…but that’s what is required if our reps want to bring home the bacon. They accept this reality when they enter into their chosen profession. Ironically, several members of our house delegation have shamelessly kissed rings (and much else)in their efforts to stay politically relevant. Some of the same reps calling foul now are the same who have voted to support corrupt house leadership in the past. Where were their scruples and outrage then? Come on fellas! You’ve shown us that you know how to play this game. It’s why we elected you…to do what we are unwilling to do. So please, wink, nod, hold your collective noses and get the job done. We know you can do it!

  2. Shawn Says:

    So I guess you agree, Jack, that the Merrimack Valley seems to be done with this Governor who is more interested in his own political aspirations than in our communities.

    As for the Taunton situation, thats pretty much a given that the Gov Administration was paying back Shauna O’Connell for daring to ask EBT card fraud to be pared back.. just as the Gov was trying to provide support for his man in DC.

    Can’t let his state be the leader in asking state beneficiaries to actually be responsible.. doesn’t fit into that socialist image we need to present.

    And as for Murray, all he’s proven is that a Democrat leader can drive 107 mpg.. but not 108.

  3. Jack Says:

    … who is more interested in his own political aspirations than in our communities.
    Shawn, you’re projecting. This is Mitt Romney you are detailing. That guy completely whored us out for a bigger brass ring.

    You sure made it, a hop, skip and a jump over to “socialist.” I can’t say as I know what the hell leads your twisted logic, but our state constitution does account for a social compact:

    The body politic is formed by a voluntary association of individuals: it is a social compact, by which the whole people covenants with each citizen, and each citizen with the whole people, that all shall be governed by certain laws for the common good.

    I take comfort in the assurance that our Founders saw things very much as I do. You, Shawn, are the odd man out.

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