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July 21, 2012


by at 11:22 pm.

The re-creation of the subcommittee was proposed by Councilor Rodney Elliott, who asked publicly to be on the subcommittee and privately communicated to Murphy his desire to be on the panel and chair it.

Elliott said Friday he was disappointed, but not surprised by Murphy’s decision to leave him off the subcommittee.

He is a vindictive person and he has shown that yet again with this move,” Elliott said. “Rather than do the right thing for the taxpayers, he has made another personal decision out of his anger toward me.”

Murphy did not respond to a request for comment Friday afternoon.

Mendonca told The Sun that he advised Murphy that not all councilors would be pleased with his selection of the three panel members, but he did not elaborate.

Elliott said he plans on attending the subcommittee’s meetings and asking tough questions to make sure “nothing gets swept under the rug.”

“This decision just energizes me,” he said.

Does C.Elliott mean, “swept under the rug,” like letter from the Dept. of Revenue “swept under the rug?” Who WAS the fiscal watchdog when CM Cox burned through all the reserves? Anyone?

I wonder, how does C.Mendonca and C.Kennedy feel about being dissed by C.Elliott? We’ll know soon enough, if C.Kennedy takes it hard. We’ll know if Kennedy stops seconding Elliott’s petty and vindictive motions.

Dracut Wingnut

by at 8:04 am.

I woke up and opted to listen to Warren Shaw’s show on WCAP. This is not my normal routine, but on occasion I check the show out. I think Shaw bends towards a more conservative view, but generally, I think he does a good job conducting the conversation. His guests, most likely reflect the AM radio listeners. (Note: I listen to the show via internet.)

Luck would have it, Shaw is interviewing two republicans, Cathy Richardson and George Boag, who are vying to challenge Democrat Collen Garry in November. I’ll tell you now, believe it or not, I was just sipping my coffee, half listening to the show. I figured I’d listen to their views on state issues. The idea of writing a blog about this was the furthest from my mind.

But … then Cathy Richardson opted to share her wingnut views.

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