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July 21, 2012

Dracut Wingnut

by at 8:04 am.

I woke up and opted to listen to Warren Shaw’s show on WCAP. This is not my normal routine, but on occasion I check the show out. I think Shaw bends towards a more conservative view, but generally, I think he does a good job conducting the conversation. His guests, most likely reflect the AM radio listeners. (Note: I listen to the show via internet.)

Luck would have it, Shaw is interviewing two republicans, Cathy Richardson and George Boag, who are vying to challenge Democrat Collen Garry in November. I’ll tell you now, believe it or not, I was just sipping my coffee, half listening to the show. I figured I’d listen to their views on state issues. The idea of writing a blog about this was the furthest from my mind.

But … then Cathy Richardson opted to share her wingnut views.

For whatever reason, Shaw chose to lead with a gun control based question. It was predicated on yesterday’s mass murder, but he brought it back to how the candidates thought Beacon Hill should react. Out of far right field, Cathy Richardson, in all her political wisdom, felt compelled to share her concern for a pending UN treaty that she feels will restrict her 2nd Amendment rights.

*Wingnut Alert*

I’m not here to argue with Dick Morris. If you want a fact check on the issue, click here.

What prompted me to put down my coffee and jot this diary is how a local pol, running for a local seat, jumped way out of her depth and puked up a national issue that is being drummed up by high level fearmongers bent on twisting weak minds towards hate and paranoia.

I don’t think Cathy Richardson is promoting fear or hate. But, I’d suggest that she is susceptible to the unfounded wierdness that neocon charlatans gush onto the public square. That she would listen to it is not good. It’s nonsense. That she would repeat it in the context of her campaign, is reason to take a long pause and a serious look at what electing her would mean.

A very long pause ….

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