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July 31, 2012

Folk Fest Snippets

by at 6:57 pm.

So I know it ended a couple days ago, but I was just reviewing my Qik video, the bits I did record, and they came out quite decent. So I thought I’d post them for your enjoyment.

I was particularly pleased with the quality of the sound of the Lúnasa video.

I got a much shorter segment of Joan Soriano at the Dutton St Pavilion.

This new phone is splendid at taking videos for Qik, I ought to get in the habit of using it again.

A Room With A View, Room 50

by at 6:13 pm.

Meet the Mayor’s new media effort:


The Brushback of C.Lorrey

by at 7:24 am.

Back in June,

It was interesting to see C.Lorrey pop his head up, like he did. In less than one news cycle he picked the LPD’s OT budget’s pocket (I support that cut, btw) and came up with the scoop on the parking whistleblower. This makes me nervous, but I’m the nervous type. Ever the affable guy, Lorrey may not be able to shuck and grin his way through such political mayhem. The long knives are being palmed, hidden from view. This is not a good time to be “Johnny on the spot.” Anyone who has ever seen Goodfellas knows, it is your friends that come for you. They come with smiles.

With just a few months under his belt, the freshman Councilor boldly stepped up, implementing campaign promises and pushing through some of the rhetorical fodder glomming up the dialogue in the Council Chamber. Lorrey pressed hard on several issues, including the facilities at the High School, the squabble over the soccer field sewer pipe and, more recently, the use of “other” city authorities to squelch the unruliness downtown.

For this, the Blog of Record has thrown a fastball, high and inside.

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