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August 9, 2012

The Blame Game

by at 11:33 am.

I prefer to have this conversation in the generic. It is a “teaching moment” as they say. There are many things to learn and I will focus on messaging and risk management, here. Be advised, I reserve the right to delete or edit any comments that I feel cross the line that is in MY head. If you don’t know where that line is, then either don’t post or be as general as humanly possible. If you want to express strong, potentially hurtful views, the Blog of Record will gladly host your perspective.

I see at least two storms brewing.

- Accusations that certain high level officials will be seeking to cover their own asses or protect allies will be partly off the mark. Folks with titles value their paycheck, but they also cannot expose the City to risk. Please take the time to read into what you see quoted in the newspaper and elsewhere.

- There may be an inclination to use current events to facilitate pending political outcomes. Watch to see who is sacrificed to appease. Wonder to yourself, were the crosshairs already trained upon “the offering?” Would it make a difference if another held that title?

In high profile situations, there are more eyes watching. The political artist tiptoes through the minefield, attempting to look graceful. But, savvy eyes still see. Some eyes blog. Move out, smartly.

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