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August 10, 2012

Let Dave Nangle Be On TV

by at 5:06 pm.

I think we should free Dave Nangle to follow his muse. It’s undemocratic, really, to hold him to the false flag of party affiliation. He is trying too hard to straddle the line. It’s just NOT fair!

While in Lowell, Huff was accompanied by state Rep. David Nangle, also a Democrat. Nangle has not endorsed a candidate in the Senate race, but said he agreed to show Huff around the city as a personal favor to Brown, who he served with in the House during the late 1990s.

It wasn’t but last Christmas season, when:

Now Gerry, you know Democrats, especially Lowell Democrats are very open minded about such things as endorsing and supporting.

Dave Nangle told WCAP listeners that Scott Brown was “one of us” and that Brown “deserved” to go back to DC.

I’ll bet you $10,000 that no one says a cross word.

Now, the Scott Brown campaign has been making it a practice to use Democrats to make the pitch for him, in TV ads. The historians remember Raymond Flynn. Regardless, this could be Rep. Nangle’s chance to shine! To be on TV with Scott Brown! Wouldn’t that just be the apex of his political career?

I think a great “shot,” one that will ring in the short term memories of many Lowell voters, would be to sit Dave and Scott, together, on a couch. Who knows who might sit with them? Besides, who in NH would know Nangle, if he were to endorse Mitt Romney or Frank Guinta, up there?

11 Responses to “Let Dave Nangle Be On TV”

  1. TJM Says:

    Blind party loyalty is what its all about, right Jack? If you were a Penn State fan we’d be reading your snide, wise ass defense of Joe Paterno. It’s actually surprising that you don’t realize that your approach does more harm than good to the cause(s) you support. And I know, the internet is a big place but for some reason I enjoy watching you embarrass yourself.

  2. Prince Charming Says:

    not bad for a meter reader.

  3. Jack Says:

    Thank you for the affirmation, TJM.

  4. Christopher Says:

    I’m not naturally partisan, but the behavior of the GOP in recent years has driven me to more partisan attitudes. It’s one thing to say that you like Brown’s record on the merits, but this whole independence and cutting through the partisanship on his part is a load of baloney. He occasionally crosses the aisle when his leadership lets him, but his overall voting record is very Republican. Being that “41st Senator” with the power to either sustain or break a filibuster gave a lot of opportunity to be the Senator he now claims to be, but he squandered it. Elizabeth Warren, I hope will not just follow the party line out of blind loyalty, but rather be the one to LEAD the party line in the next Senate.

  5. Jack Says:

    This is important: Being that “41st Senator” with the power to either sustain or break a filibuster gave a lot of opportunity to be the Senator he now claims to be, but he squandered it.

    It is easier for Brown to defend his up or down vote, after hearing debate. Would I agree with his vote, not likely. But Brown did not even allow many reasonable policy debates to be had on the floor of the Senate. His support of the filibusters is starkly partisan and contrary to the fable that he is an “independent voice.”

  6. joe from Lowell Says:

    Ray Flynn? Isn’t he that anti-busing guy from the 1700s?

    Apparently, Scott Brown has decided that the only way he’s going to win this election to make Elizabeth Warren seem scary to my aunties.

    Maybe he should photoshop a lip piercing onto her picture.

  7. Prince Charming Says:

    That’s how you know he’s a real Republican. Fear, not facts.

  8. Rose Says:

    You already knew that Nangle was really a republican.

  9. Prince Charming Says:

    Oh yes, we have quite the sub-culture of Republicans in Lowell. So far, they’ve stuck to themselves. Lately there have been some that use microphones and printing presses and are becoming quite vocal. They may smell blood in the water. The Saturday morning radio crowd, the editor and the grumpy old guys on local access all share the same values. It’s unspoken, of course. They don’t want to link their respective businesses to party lines in heavily Democratic Greater Lowell. If you read between the lines, it’s there for all to see.

  10. GSR Says:

    Funny, Eileen Donaghue supported a pal of hers that was a Republican and I don’t recall this type of backlash. It seems Dave was contacted by our sitting US Senator to show his wife around town and he simply agreed. How rude he would have been to decline. He hasn’t endorsed Scott. He just behaved like a gentlemen when his friend asked him to escort his wife around a city she doesn’t know. How horrible he is. It would be akin to if Cliff Kreiger had a personal relationship with the late Senator Ted Kennedy and Ted called him and asked him a personal favor to bring Vicki around Lowell for him. I would think that Cliff, being the gentlemen you all say he is, would do as the Senator, his friend, requested. Can anyone be civil any longer or can we not even be polite to people unless they have a “D” next to their name.

  11. Jack Says:

    I think Dave Nangle should openly endorse Scott Brown. He is facing a weak Republican opponent, so he should make the bold move.

    Yes, that would be a slap to the MADP, but who cares? The state party won’t do shit to Nangle and the local party is in the tank with Nangle. There are 3 TV ads with turncoat Dems endorsing Scott Brown. Brown needs Lowell. Ward 1, Nangle’s backyard, is all Brown really needs to cinch Lowell up.

    Let’s drop the pretense. Free Dave Nangle!

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