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August 12, 2012

The Whistle Blower Letter

by at 10:27 am.

Below the fold, you will find the “whistle blower’s” letter. This letter set the whole fiasco around the City’s Parking Division ablaze. Though I find the letter petty in it’s tone and tenor, the City owes the author it’s thanks. I disagree with those that propose that the City “never” would have caught up with this. But, it is certain that this letter advanced the timeline by a month or two. Even with all the headaches and grandstanding, sometimes we have to take the bitter medicine. If you go to Gerry Nutter’s blog, you can link to the full report by the City Auditor. Note: The Auditor has determined the amount of funds missing. Further, it is clear that the problem was stopped in 2011 and was not ongoing, as the most breathy of our Councilors have floated.

The letter below puts to rest some of the more unhinged accusations that have been shoveled into the public square. You, reader, may think that the worst of the conspiracy theories are held only by those Bernie Bashers that populate the “Downtown Mob.” Fortunately, the misinformed accusation that a cover up was undertaken is proved false by the Whistle Blower’s letter. However, I still find those determined to believe the CM is doomed by this event and the ax will soon fall, once the “truth” comes out. :v\

(h/t Joe Smith)

Attachment “T” is apparently the “dime dropped” that exposed this situation. That document includes excerpts from the FY 2013 budget. Since the budget was not released until June, it further supports your contention that neither the City Manager nor the Mayor had this input prior to June, and most likely became aware of it along with the other councilors and news media as listed in the distribution on or about June 12th.

Note: I’ve scanned the page, cropped out excess “white space” and added yellow highlights. These are my edits. You can compare to the Council packet.


If I have a specific gripe about this whole thing, it is the way ignorant opinions are treated as equal to those of the informed. How the hell Bill Taupier and George Anthes can wonder aloud and drag far too many Lowellians down that rabbit hole is beyond me? They were not the only ones, but I’m going to slap them the hardest, as we are friends. I am not friends with the grandstanding Councilors that feed the cub reporter, and his crooked Editor, garbage quotes. Garbage in. Garbage out.

There is a method of discovery that uses a line of questions to suss out the facts. The type of questions that Taupier, Anthes and the Sun clique are asking are “leading questions.” I’m charged with being in the tank for Manager Lynch. In my head, I don’t see it that way. But, when you lay it all out over the last couple of years, it’s clear my argumentation has leaned squarely in the defense of this administration. I’ll assert that I have no personal fidelity to the man, Bernie Lynch. If you were to propose a suitable replacement, one that will continue along the path set, I would agree to it. If only to shut up the Bernie Bashers. Though, truthfully, they would just switch their crosshairs on the new CM. They talk a good game about caring for Lowell, but they care most about their pals and how to stuff each others pockets with our tax dollars. So, a replacement would be demonized and the twisted game would drag on. Let it drag, imho. We can’t go back to the “City Hall Country Club”, corruption, patronage and cronyism that is part and parcel of “Kiss My Ring” politics. That is the game Joe Tully struggled to perfect and John Cox stumbled through. It must be put behind us, FOR GOOD.

I’ve watched as the Bernie Bashers have hammered the conjoured proposal that the CM has screwed this episode up. Within that group is a sub-culture that can’t for the life of them figure out how taxpayer money slipped out the back door and the CM didn’t get a cut. Talk about screwing up?

2 Responses to “The Whistle Blower Letter”

  1. Prince Charming Says:

    Do the bashers really think he’s that stupid? Are they that desperate to get rid of him that they’d think he’d bring down the house over 40 grand? The councilors that got the memo did the right thing. The auditor did the right thing. The manager did the right thing. The parking director’s role is, I’m sure, being scrutinized right now and the blame here lies with him. He covered it up and only he knows why. Can we hold the manager responsible for the illegal activities of his department heads? I will add, though that the position added to the city budget and dropped at the last minute doesn’t pass the smell test with me. I’ll admit that one.

  2. kmarcin Says:

    You go away for a little r&r (because nothing happens in august)…I have no context for what has been going on since 7/31 but want to thank Jack for posting this and more importantly thank Gerry for taking the time to verify something that did not sound accurate.

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