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August 14, 2012

Interesting times in this City!

by at 3:39 pm.

After what appeared to be a quiet summer, a number of issues have percolated and are now dominating public discourse. I would like to add another topic to the discussion because its emergence has caused me to wonder what or who is behind all this. Issues do not emerge in a vacuum; political narratives are pushed by individuals with a purpose, sometimes it is for the common good and other times it merely to serve the few.

Last Tuesday’s edition of the Sun had an article written by Lyle Moran entitled “Fire Dept. order cause of alarm for some in city; Property owners say Lowell chief’s since-rescinded directive cost them.” Apparently in 2009, the LFD switched its fire alarm system from a “telegraph” method to a “radio box” one. Thus requiring those large apartment buildings, which by law have to have an alarm system that reaches the LFD, adapt to or switch to the radio box system. The extra cost was about $1,000 per apartment buildings 13 units or larger. Moran wrote: (more…)

The Astuteness of Dick Howe, Jr.

by at 11:52 am.

There has been a bit of an underbuzz simmering around the Parking Division kerfuffle. Despite the on-the-record remarks of City officials, the Blog of Record, a few Councilors and a brood of Boo Birds have opted to pay attention to whispers and shadows. The whole mess flared up, two weeks ago, when former CM Bill Taupier made some powerful assertions on the City Life program. Copies of the program are floating around. I don’t have one, but I did see it at the time. I had even called in, earlier in the program, to chill things out. Maybe my advising my elders was intolerable. Anyways, it only got worse that morning. The account Gerry Nutter gave in a blog summed it up fairly well.

I knew after that, this would fester. Bill Taupier was ratcheting things up based on what he thought he discerned from the Blog of Record, but he also seemed to suggest that he was hearing some of the whispers, first hand. I followed up with Bill, after that show. Over breakfast, he doubled down on his position. He, in my mind, was convinced that there was more to the story than had been told. He was forceful in his defense that there was either a coverup, or that his ’source’ was lying or his ’source’ was repeating a lie, unwittingly. (more…)

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