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August 16, 2012

On To The Front Burner

by at 12:34 pm.

This matter has been left alone, simmering. Then, BAM!


My darker side loves the scam, as proposed by the US Attorney. Two old tyme politcal hacks, ply some nitwit for “the Vig.” The Mark is designed to fall prey to his own acceptance of the crooked game. But, as Bob Dylan warned us, 40 freakin’ years ago, the Times They are a-Changin.

The trouble here is not the culprits. It’s the lingering suspicion that this is not the last of it. Conspiracy theory is as simple as 1,2, 3. *sigh*

3 Responses to “On To The Front Burner”

  1. Prince Charming Says:

    the old timers will take the hit and never spend a day in the can.

  2. JC Says:

    Well, PC, Father Joe is just too old to receive the kind of punishment warranted by this serious offense. The Feds never have gone in for locking up frail elderly types who have been convicted of white collar crimes. They are ever sensitive to the spector and adverse publicity that would accompany the possible accelerated demise of such a defendant.

    Tom Byrne is another story entirely. At only 63, with no documented serious health problems, he would make an excellent candidate for incarceration. He’d be an absolute dope not to take the reported plea agreement. What rankles are the apologist out there making statements that TB was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or stating that he may plead guilty just to resolve the matter, inferring that he may not be guilty at all. That assertion is wishful thinking. The Feds don’t bring forth such serious charges without substantial evidence of guilt. If he takes the plea agreement it would be for only two reasons: one - he is guilty of the crime, two - if he takes it to trial he will lose and risk jail time.

    (BTW This has taken a very long time to come to fruition. Joe was a quick slam dunk, but this one…it just sat unresolved for several more months. Could those plea negotiations have been more complicated then we realized?)

    If he takes the plea agreement, TB will have to stand up in open court and articulate each and every aspect of his criminal conduct. His admission of guilt will be clear, complete and without any equivocation or ambiguity. That record will leave no wiggle room for doubt - no way for any apologist to diminish the seriousness of TB’s alleged crime.

    It does not help TB for his friends to make up excuses for his alleged criminal actions. TB just needs their emotional support as he steps up and accepts responsibility for what he has done. Once he has taken that step, the healing can begin for both him and (the hidden innocent victims) his family.

  3. C R Krieger Says:

    I see JC’s point, but the Feds have blown it before, like when they went after the Senior Senator from Alaska, the late Ted Stvens. And, there has been some “confusion” in the local office in the recent past.

    On another aspect, I am not keen on putting older folks in jail on my tax dollar, and then turning them loose, destitute.  It doesn’t make me feel any safer, just defrauded out of my tax dollar.

    Regards  —  Cliff

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