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August 21, 2012

The “Story” Has Sides

by at 9:55 am.

Allow me to highlight this Letter to the Editor:

There are two sides to every story, but no matter how the story of Lowell’s latest political feud ends, I know I’m not alone in saying that Wally has earned the respect and admiration of many people across the city.

If you click in through the hyperlink, you’ll find a warm testimonial that asserts that a measure of a person is greater than the sum of their parts. The LTE’s author reminds us of other parts of Wally Bayliss, ones that many of us may not know.

In my haunts, I frequently hear a person or group dissected into components. We weigh the components on a scale of “good ‘n bad,” hoping to rationalize whether we attack, defend or watch in our next move. I think that is human nature and politcal folks fall into this habit, being mostly human. ;v) This LTE reminds us how our bias, the filter we apply in measuring, can skew the measurement, one way or another.

I don’t like the way Wally Bayliss conducts the people’s business. I will argue that it fails to meet the “industry standard,” set by towns and municipalites in our Commonwealth. I’ve attended a few License Commission meetings and have watched several more on LTC’s video archive page. I’m convinced that Wally Bayliss is not the right fit for the modern era. It is clear, to me, he does not comprehend the role of the institution he chairs. To let him stay on is to accept a mockery of municipal governance, imho.

That is not to say we should make the case against him by shitting on him at every turn. I loathe the mindset that holds a person as only “being as good as their last fuck up.” We are complex beings. Composites of nice-mean, good-evil, cheap-generous, happy-sad, ect. So, I go forth determined to endeavor facilitating Wally moves away from his role in a critical civic function. But, I will try to do it without malice.

Without a doubt, as the LTE attests, Wally Bayliss is much more than what the City Manager & City Solicitor will present in arguement. I can accept that to be true, knowing that it matters nothing to our civic business. I can salute Wally as he goes, accounting for the totality of the man, but go he must.

Update: Kudos to Teddy Panos, whose name has been shortened apparently from O’Panos, for posting a legal analysis of what’s going on.

Radio Replay: 8/21/2012 Robert Leblanc discusses Lowell licensing battle with Walter Bayliss

Update 2: “When your talking about local politics, everybody knows everybody.”

Radio Replay: 8/21/2012 Weekly Chat with Senator Eileen Donoghue

Update 3: Radio Replay: 8/16/2012 Embattled License Commissioner Walter Bayliss calls The Morning Show
Radio Replay: 8/22/2012 Weekly Chat with City Manager Bernie Lynch

Update 4: WCAP is updating their website. This seems to have killed all the links.

6 Responses to “The “Story” Has Sides”

  1. NanaB Says:

    Jack, I have been trying since last Thursday to get Radio Replay Embattled License Comm. Bayliss calls radio station. I have even called the station a few times. It just keeps buffering for some unknown reason. I am wondering if they do not want it replayed for some reason ? I can get all the othe WCAP replays but this one. See what you can come up with. Thanks

  2. Jack Says:

    NanaB, I sent a note over to WCAP. I’m sure they want it to work, as well.

  3. Jack Says:

    NanaB, They are on it. Try tomorrow, say mid to late morning.

  4. NanaB Says:

    Thanks Jack. I thought maybe they didn’t want it repeated for some reason. I usually listen live but I had an appt. that morning. I am sure it will be interesting.

  5. kmarcin Says:

    In my opinion Mr. Bayliss’ “friends” are doing him a disservice by attempting to make this issue about his personal character. Of all the people I know that have a problem with the way he conducts himself at licensing meetings I have never heard a single one say anything negative about Walter Bayliss the man. Come on…after the meeting is adjourned and he says, “Benjamin I’m coming home”…how sweet is that? Note: he says it after the meeting is adjourned so he is free to say whatever he wants.

    When Mr. Bayliss convenes that meeting he is no longer your “pal” Wally; he is Commissioner Bayliss, Chairman of the city of Lowell License Commission and should be held to the same standards of behavior as any other public official representing the city. I suspect there are many times when members of other boards or city councilors edit out the personal feelings from their statements when they disagree with someone speaking at a public hearing. There is no reason to accept lesser behavior from the commissioner.

    I did listen to the radio segment and although attorney Leblanc’s legal opinion seemed well thought out…at the end I parted ways with him and my friend Teddy. You think people are just being too “pc”? Grow up boys! You “guys” seem to imply the people’s business is being done in some back room where no one but a “bunch of guys” sees or hears what is going on and therefore can conduct yourselves without concern. I hate to be the one to tell you this; I am not the only person who is watching and listening.

  6. NanaB Says:

    kmarcin, You have hit the nail on the head this is not about Mr. Bayliss Civic or Community Service.
    His friends and co-horts are missing the point altogether. This is about how he acts at License
    Commission Meetings. I think over the last few years his actions have gotten worse. And as a resident
    of Lowell I am embarrased and offened by the way you and other residents have been treated and spoken
    to by Mr. Bayliss.

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