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September 5, 2012

Scott Brown - Wall Street’s Water Boy

by at 3:54 pm.

You guys with the man crush need to know, he just LOOKS like the Captain of the football team. Scott is the water boy, … for Wall St.

Massachusetts AFL-CIO President Steven Tolman’s Labor Day Op-Ed

In 2008, Scott Brown sought and received the endorsement of the AFL-CIO in his campaign for re-election to the state Senate. Brown did not try to hide his Republican leanings, but he did stress his support for the issues important to the working people of Massachusetts. He mentioned he was a member of two unions — dating back to his time as a magazine model.

But after two short years in the U.S. Senate – manipulated by extremist Republican colleagues – Brown has changed. He has become much more K Street, Washington D.C. than Main Street Wrentham. He is Wall Street’s favorite senator.

His votes are now consistently against the interests of working class men and women, and he prioritizes the issues of the privileged class. He favors the doubling of student interest rates, which benefits his wealthy banker friends, who donate generously to his campaign. He doesn’t vote to extend unemployment benefits for out of work Americans until the Senate approves tax breaks for millionaires.

This is not the Scott Brown we thought enough of to give him our endorsement four years ago. This time around, he has refused to acknowledge our requests for his positions on important issues. As a former colleague and friend for nearly a decade, I worked closely with him on a number of important matters. Party affiliation did not matter to him then. Now it clearly does.

Do not believe what you are hearing about Brown being an independent voice. He has turned his back on his Massachusetts constituents, regularly siding with the archconservative leaders of his party to the detriment of those of us back home.

(bold mine)

In literally his first action as a US Senator, he voted to block consideration of a nominee to the National Labor Relations Board who had a strong record of protecting the rights of workers. In fact, Brown and the Beltway’s extreme right-wing Republican machine maneuvered to have him sworn in to the Senate far earlier than he was scheduled simply so he could be the deciding vote to halt the nomination. When you couple that with his campaign pledge to be the 41st vote against the Affordable Care Act, and the backlog of federal appointments the Republicans are holding up, you have to wonder if his priorities start and stop with being an obstructionist.

There’s no reason to believe he would change if he’s elected to a full term. Thus far, he has voted as his party tells him 76 percent of the time. And Brown’s very first vote next January if he is to prevail in November? It would be to elect US Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky as Senate Majority Leader. This is the same McConnell who said two years ago, on the eve of the mid-term elections, that his top priority for the country was seeing President Obama lose re-election. It wasn’t creating jobs or making the American dream more realistic for millions of us. It was winning an election. And this is the person Brown looks up to as a leader?

The leader we need standing up for the people of Massachusetts in the US Senate is Elizabeth Warren. Warren’s record on protecting the middle class is beyond question. She created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in the wake of the financial disaster Brown’s Wall Street donors helped to create. She has pledged substantial investment in public infrastructure projects that will not only put hundreds of thousands of Americans back to work, but improve safety and education at the same time. And she is steadfast in her support of President Obama’s plan to repeal the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest, allowing nearly every non-millionaire American to enjoy a tax break without adding to the national debt.

In each of these instances, our Republican senator stood with his party’s leaders and against the taxpayers of Massachusetts.

Four short years ago, Brown couldn’t wait to boast to us about his union membership and his support for the issues important to working men and women. Today, he is focused more on listening to the extreme right flank of his own party, and working on the matters important to Wall Street titans.

Labor Day is traditionally recognized as the unofficial start of campaign season. Let’s make this the last one in which Scott Brown is an incumbent US senator.

8 Responses to “Scott Brown - Wall Street’s Water Boy”

  1. Art is Fun Says:

    To set the record straight I am not a Warren supporter nor am I or have ever been a Republican. I do like Scott Brown. After reading the above statement I went looking for some stats and found this.
    Since his election Scott Brown has voted 574 times, he has voted Republican 65.875% of these votes. I don’t see this a radical right wing. I did not research vote by vote to see which were important and which were not. I am intelligent enough to realize that politicians do piggyback “crap” onto good bills to get their stuff passed and this sometimes causes a legislator to vote one way or the other then one piece of a bill is used to target a legislator of a “bad” vote. That’s why I don’t put a lot of faith in political adds. These #s come from a web site called politguide this is their disclaimer. Vote data is collected from the official sites for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives, and PoliGu then calculates that data to determine the voting statistics. Poligu.com has no affiliation with any outside group. We do not accept money from candidates or promote candidates within the profiles.

  2. Brian Flaherty Says:

    Just like Obama carries the bags for Clinton and EMK, right? Oh a Democrat said that so it’s no big deal.

  3. Right In Lowell Says:

    It’s amazing to go back to what Clinton said in 2008 about Obama and what he now says. What does he really think/believe?

  4. Lynne Says:

    AiF - it’s WHAT he voted for…man, the Blunt amendment alone totally ruins him, IMHO. And his response to questions about it even moreso. He refused - REFUSED - to believe the interviewers that the Blunt amendment meant that employers could decide not to cover contraceptives in health care plans. That to me tells me he’s not that bright on top of everything else.

  5. Jack Says:

    Here you are trying to drive a wedge between Clinton and Obama. Your 2 sentences are devised to inspire doubt. Since there is a design to your word choice, should we automatically dismiss your words? Or, should we sift through your obvious bias, strip it of the agenda and, with a grain of salt, mull it over?

    I, surprise, am trying to calculate Bill’s intent. Just as I did in 2008. But, Bill’s heart, in a holistic sense, is unambiguous.

    Do you think Bill is a closeted Romney supporter?

  6. joe from Lowell Says:

    It’s amazing to go back to what Clinton said in 2008 about Obama and what he now says.

    Some people change their minds when confronted by irrefutable evidence.

    I can understand someone in 2008 thinking that Obama lacked the experience to be an effective chief executive/commander in chief of the armed forces, or to successfully advance a legislative agenda through Congress. Four years later, we’re safely out of Iraq, bin Laden’s dead, al Qaeda’s teetering on the brink of annihilation, the auto industry is strong and growing, democracy is spreading across the Middle East, and the most extensive package of legislation since early LBJ has been passed through Congress and signed into law.

    When Bill Clinton discovers new facts, he changes his mind. What do you do, Right in Lowell?

  7. joe from Lowell Says:

    As for Scott Brown, he told us that he’d stop health care reform and bring bipartisanship to Washington.

  8. openyoureyes Says:

    OMG. The wizard of wall street takes most of her money from wall street and sources from outside Massachusetts. How can anyone take her seriously. She is a proven pathological liar who took andvantage of affirmative action loopholes to get where she is now. Deval says he speaks for the citizens of Massachusetts when he says we don’t care about this issue. Well he does not speak for me. Just like when Clinton said he smoked but did not inhale he lost me. If you would lie about something as simple as that you would lie about anything and Liawatha Warren is exactly the same. It is truly said and pathetic how the lemmings on the left will ignore all the ugly warts if they believe their special interests will be reprsented by any political whore.

    Note: I can’t promise that a comment like this will be allowed by me in the future. It really is nothing more then hyperpartisan parrot points that get vomited into the public square. If this was part of a “chain e-mail,” I would delete it. However, we try to allow differing views here on LiL. But, what is written above is not a “view.” It is erratic and inflammatory rhetoric which would normally embarass anyone to speak allowed in mixed company. It is the reason why blogs come under criticism for allowing anonymous commentors. It is cowardly to talk this way from behind a mask. I may choose next time to delete such a useless tirade.

    I am grateful to have the conversations that occur here and am thankful for those that visit, read and comment. Let’s engage each other. - Jack

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