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September 12, 2012

Lunch Time Heartburn

by at 12:27 pm.

Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz

About last night:

- C. Kennedy won’t vote for a contract for any Auditor. For a City Manager?
- C. Leahy dodged a bullet because the two most divisive motions were amended, thus softened. His questions were soft, too. His point that we shouldn’t chase after stuff coming out of a trial was his best moment.
- Kudos to C. Mercier for backing up the new Sheriff in town. Finally. If we are going to pursue bad behavior from before Lynch’s arrival, will it dawn on most that Lynch is the solution, not the problem? Sorry, but I’m not so sure Rita gets this. If she is on the Kennedy/Elliott bandwagon, how can she battle for the manager AND appear to attack him. Rita is crafty. Deft? The crew she is running with is hamfisted.
- This “blame game” is going to have a lot of collateral damage. I don’t think C.Elliott gives two hoots about smearing the reputations of City Workers. Will Mercier and Kennedy keep going along, just to damage the CM? As vote totals drop, the Union vote grows more prominent.
- I thought the bar was set low before. Observers have commented that last night was the worst, so far. “I wanted to puke,” said one.

PS. Thanks to Kathleen Marcin for point blank asking C.Elliott, at the public safety meeting held in the Mayor’s reception room prior to the Council meeting, how will we actually hire more cops AND keep a policy of 0% tax increases? What can be cut, when we are at an all time low? I tapped on C.Lorrey’s shoulder and said, “You don’t need no stinkin’ parks. You don’t need no stinkin’ pools.”

3 Responses to “Lunch Time Heartburn”

  1. George DeLuca Says:

    Welcome to Lowell politics.

    The fact that the City Manager came from the Chelmsford Town Manager position immunizes him to a goverment influenced by “friendship” (as in “Sure, I’ll hold sign for you at the polls!”) nepotism, “I have this friend, see?” “And I did something for you … get my drift?”, etc.

    The roots run deep, and City Manager Lynch has been dogged by one incident of corruption followed by another as a result. Of course, one or two councilors will try to lay ultimate responsibility for this corruption in his lap. But none of us are that naive, are we?

    People on the street, especially people who aren’t paying attention to blogs or who aren’t IN politically, but who may listen to 980WCAP or read the Lowell Sun (two entrenched traditions), believe that the City Manager is doing a fantastic job, which of course he is. City Managers who can manage at his level are rare and Lowell is lucky to have him.

    I went to the City Council meeting on Tues and suffered through the fire alarm system discussion like everyone else who attended. It was embarrassing, especially after such a cold reception to the heartfelt dissertation by the sister city representative from Santa Domingo.

    Yet over an hour was spent discussing a routine matter, which the City Manager has acknowledged could be handled better in the future. This wasn’t about theft, inappropriate behavior, a gaffe that cost the taxpayers millions. It was a simple administrative matter.

    There’s a changing of the guard happening in Lowell. More diversity in government is becoming a priority of the people. Break down the good ol’ boy network that’s holding up progress … tear down the fiefdoms, discontinue the hand selected blue ribbon panels.

    Engage in government by 106,000 people, not friends and friends of friends.

    Maybe you’ve lived in Lowell all your life. That’s great, but you’re no more entitled than the Southeast Asian family or the Latino family or the African family or the Indian family or the Portuguese family who imigrated here last week or 10 years ago.

    The last thing the City Manager wants to have to do is to “clean up Dodge” to rid Lowell the good ol’ boys left over from previous administrations who feel that there in like flynn.

    There may well be some embarrassing moments for some City Councilors, especially those who have been around for awhile, but its time to start supporting the man who’s rolled up his sleeves, and undaunted, is taking care of business in Lowell in extremely difficult times without complaint or excuse.

    Thank you to C. Nuon, C. Martin, C. Mendonca and C. Leahy for their pragmatic approach to a routine matter. I too was satisfied. Thank you also to our LFD Chief for his professional handling of the matter during the meeting.

    You can debate process until the cows come home. But public safety is always going to be paramount, and the last person I’m going to argue that with is LFD or LPD or the City Manager. They have my utmost confidence and deserve our thanks and our support, not political childishness.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I fully agree, I have lived in the city for over 29 years and witnessed many city managers who treated friends well,mis managed our finances, issues with the auditor, city clerk, our reserves depleting and a city councilor who seemed to turn the other way.

    C Elliott is a biter person and a puppet of the Lowell sun who by the reports false journalism, what happened to good reporting?

    He says that he is for the people of city, the taxpayers, really who exactly, he is lucky that such a low turn out during the last election because I can assure none of the new people moving in and young proffessionals like me would vote for him and a few others. Common since has to prevail and if you can’t realize that their is no perfect system, than you shouldn’t be in office.

    City manager is by far the best this city has ha in a long time and he and others don ‘t realize that, they are much more drummer than I thought and should be part of the councilor

    By the way they seem to forget all the prior corruption while they served, funny how that works

    I have zero respect for Elliott to me and most proffessionals in the city, he doesn’t serve us well and is a whiner

    I hope we have a good turnout during the next election - we need some more new blood and for the councilors who can ‘t see how well the city is being run, get eye glasses

    Instead of feeding your ego, you should be focusing on important tasks, not what is said at trials or what happened when past city managers were in office that you put blinders on, it is too late, you let it happened even voted on it at times, swallow your pride and move on.

    I finally able to say to people we have awesome city manager who knows how to manage, he is not perfect but who is. I am happy he has been through the turbulent times, we would really be in trouble. Prior administration might have been politically connected but not financially savvy

    When the city manager decides to leave because of all the crapp, they will eventually realize what they did, their will be many others but none like him, personally I wouldn’t blame him for leaving it is hard to work for dumm, idiot city councilor like Elliott, who is a bitter person with zero common sense, I tell you the more I watch the meetings the more stupid I think he is. He can’t think for himself, it’s paper who pumps him up

    It amazes me that the other city councilors who I do have respect for at least most them. Let it happen, they must have the common sense to see what is going on, I’m not sure they don’t speak up

  3. Olivia Says:

    I fully agree with the anonymous comments above, my husband and I are, young professionals in the city earning well over $200K annually. I speak highly of the city manager especially regarding financial skills, being able to project/plan for the future and knowing how to work with multiple groups, such as unions, departments, etc. He is not perfect, but by far, he is the best city manager the city has had in a long time (20 years), that is how long I have lived here.

    For the last two years I have been so disgusted with some of the city councilors and their lack of common sense and being able to focus on how to move the city forward, instead they focus on things that most of us don’t care about. C Elliott is a complete idiot along with the Lowell sun who has lost all morals. Good journalism is not suppose to be one sided, you should always check your sources of information to insure accuracy, something they forgot about.

    There was so much corruption during the last couple of administrations, but especially during the last one. The councilors were very much aware of it, voted on most of the issues that brought our financial situation to a crisis, the clerks and audit offices were completely miss managed and no one complained or did anything about it. Now with some minor issues C Elliott thinks it is a big deal and we actually care about it! What planet is he on………

    Who actually believes anything said at a trail when the person being accused will do anything to get out of it. “I did it because others did it, is no excuse for stealing”. Using my money to investigate something that happened 9 years ago is a complete waste of time, especially since it was during a time when no one spoke up because of fear.

    Besides Elliot and his lack of common since, the Lowell sun thinks they still run the city, they are obviously unaware that new people moving in and us young professionals don’t care what the sun prints, because we know they have an agenda and not the best interest of the city at heart.

    C Elliot doesn’t care about the city employees, he only cares about himself. I’m truly hoping that people other than the elderly go out and vote next year, so that we can have a good set of councilors working towards moving the city into the future, not people who are in it for themselves
    I don’t mind paying higher taxes as long as the services I’m getting are to my expectations. Right now additional staff to keep the streets clean would be a good investment.

    I hope the councilors with common sense, which is most of them, have the will to shut Elliot up, currently too much time is spent on useless stuff and trying to get the manager to a point where he will quit. If I was the manager I would stand strong, if he leaves the city will have a big loss, but I wouldn’t blame him, who needs to put up with childish behavior and narrow mildness’.

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