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September 13, 2012

Kate Donaghue Hits Lowell for Warren Again

by at 12:14 pm.

For those of you who have done campaign work before, you probably have at least heard of “Relentless” Kate Donoghue, Democratic activist extraordinaire, who will come to your house and drag you out of bed for a canvass if she has to. (At least, everything just short of that!)

She came to Lowell just a few weeks ago and pulled a mess of people out into the streets and canvassing for Elizabeth Warren, and is doing so again this weekend. She does an excellent job of making a canvass an “event” - tying the work with family-friendly activity…in Lowell, this means a canal tour in the morning or a visit to the historic mills before hitting the doors.

Well a few of us are headed back to Lowell on Saturday [9/15]. We’re meeting at 10:45 AM at the Visitor’s Center at 246 Market Street. This is the time people need to be there if you want to go on the boat ride. This time we’ll deploy canvassers at 10:45 as well. The rest of the day is flexible. The train from North Station arrives at 10:43 AM. Please let me know if you will be arriving by train.

On Saturday, if you’ve done the boat ride, we’re suggesting a tour of the Boott Cotton Mills Museum. According the website, “It includes the weave room plus interactive exhibits and video programs about the Industrial Revolution, labor, and the rise, fall, and rebirth of Lowell.” At 11 AM there is a ranger led tour that is free with the $6 admission.

10:45 AM Meet at Visitor’s Center. Choose one:
- Canvass
- Boat Ride $8
- Boott Cotton Mills Museum and Tour
12:30 Second wave of canvassers head out, after sightseeing.
Following canvassing, pick a restaurant and relax.

So come to see the sights and then canvass or let family sight see while you volunteer, but please join us. RSVP to KateDonaghue AT aol DOT com.

We can’t win if we don’t turn out the votes. Canvassing is the best way to talk to voters. I’m going to try to make it to the morning canvass, myself. God help me, at least it’ll save me from Kate. ;)

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