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September 16, 2012

Comments Closed

by at 2:17 pm.


For whatever reason, Gerry Nutter has closed comments in his latest diary. I can only venture to guess why. It could be he is afraid he won’t be able to manage the comments that would challenge his shoddy constructs. Or, maybe he wants to squelch those commentors that would seek to affirm his slant. Gerry must cringe when he reads a compatriot invoke Jim Buba as a pillar of civic thought and electoral gold. (You fight with the army you have, eh Tom?) It might just be that Gerry wishes to drive more traffic over to this blog. I’m etching a bald patch onto my noggin, as I scratch away, preplexed why Gerry and crew pour attention on to what is said on the intertubes. Ignore it. Like most Lowellians will ignore Rita Mercier’s endorsement of Scott Brown.

I have to quote Bill Taupier, roughly, ‘Don’t give anyone advice that is not sincerely meant for their own good.’ So when I say, “Ignore it.” That is the best advice I can give. That’s not to say that I can’t predict how the ego-centric, uber-hubris of our #1 vote collector and her posse of sycophants will trounce this advice, to my own amusement. But, I did warn you!

This is a plausible statement: This endorsement is ALL about Rita and her lust to get even with Mayor Murphy for firing Diane Bujnowski. (more…)

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