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September 16, 2012

Comments Closed

by at 2:17 pm.


For whatever reason, Gerry Nutter has closed comments in his latest diary. I can only venture to guess why. It could be he is afraid he won’t be able to manage the comments that would challenge his shoddy constructs. Or, maybe he wants to squelch those commentors that would seek to affirm his slant. Gerry must cringe when he reads a compatriot invoke Jim Buba as a pillar of civic thought and electoral gold. (You fight with the army you have, eh Tom?) It might just be that Gerry wishes to drive more traffic over to this blog. I’m etching a bald patch onto my noggin, as I scratch away, preplexed why Gerry and crew pour attention on to what is said on the intertubes. Ignore it. Like most Lowellians will ignore Rita Mercier’s endorsement of Scott Brown.

I have to quote Bill Taupier, roughly, ‘Don’t give anyone advice that is not sincerely meant for their own good.’ So when I say, “Ignore it.” That is the best advice I can give. That’s not to say that I can’t predict how the ego-centric, uber-hubris of our #1 vote collector and her posse of sycophants will trounce this advice, to my own amusement. But, I did warn you!

This is a plausible statement: This endorsement is ALL about Rita and her lust to get even with Mayor Murphy for firing Diane Bujnowski.

Does anyone else get the sense that Mercier’s response reeks of,”The lady doth protest too much … ?” You see, I didn’t just make this shit up. There is an undercurrent in the bubble, not only about Mercier seething over Bujnowski, but also that she will commit herself to a rather nasty effort to damage her various foes. All you really need to figure out was how vigorously the pushback came out of Mercier’s camp.

All that said, though Mercier can look elsewhere for a vote, I have to acknowledge that she is political gold in this City. So, either she is doing something right or there is something very wrong about our political realm. One thing that is wrong, you’ll see over at Nutter’s blog.

Your bromance combination of Councilors Bill Martin and Mayor Patrick Murphy have never come close to achieving that kind of popularity and you can call them her seniors all you want but they have shown to be the regular voters in this city for many years and most of them and us lifelong Lowellian will vote Rita in has long has she runs.

I’ve had a few sitting councilors say to me that Bill Martin is Lowell’s best Councilor. No shit. Sitting councilors with enough humility to admit that. Who knows, maybe Gerry even agrees? I do. But, in Gerry’s rant, he is scrambling to stain two councilors by associating them to my “sin.” It’s the whole “guilt by association*” that the politically inept clumsily deploy. Gerry, and others, if you want to get a taste of some “lifelong Lowellian,” go ask Bill Martin about how he is involved in what I think and write. I promise you, you won’t forget his response. Word of caution for the nitwits that think a stint at Keith Academy and a law degree has somehow rendered Bill soft. It was a weak move to drag bystanders in. Gerry knows it, but his bag of tricks is light.

Speaking of lightweights, let’s talk about our half term Senator Scott Brown:

Who does Scott Brown stand with? NOT US.

Since he arrived in the Senate, Scott Brown has clearly demonstrated through his voting record and his actions who he does and does not stand with. While voting time and again to protect the interests of Wall Street, Big Oil, Mitt Romney and his Republican colleagues and millionaires and billionaires, he has failed to fight for fair treatment of women, the LGBT community, students and the Massachusetts middle class. Take a look below at our detailed description of his record to learn just whose side Scott Brown is really on.

I have met Scott Brown, briefly, at the last St.Paddy’s Day breakfast. We had a 60 second chat. He didn’t give me the skeeves, nor did I feel like I had to wipe our handshake off, asap. But, if you click in to the link above, you would see why I am not buying his “regular guy” schtick. I can’t for the life of me figure out HOW Brown gets the “Tom Jones treatment,” in these parts. You can go to a local Brown event, and you’ll see Warren Shaw, Dave Nangle, Mike Hayden and Gerry Nutter throwing their panties at him. Frankly, I’m embarassed for them. Fortunately, as we move towards the election, we see Bay Staters are seeing through the “pick up driving, independent, regular guy” facade Scott Brown’s consultants have so carefully crafted. The polling data shows it.

The image at the top of the page is snapped from a video of Scott Brown’s victory party, in Jan. 2010. The floor at the event was covered with the “Tea Party II” flags you see in the pic. Scott Brown is not an independent. His conservative and Wall St masters give him permission to vote, once in a blue moon, in a way that allows him to make TV ads for his campaigns. Accuse me, if you like, of being a solid Democrat that strives to purge this empty suit from the Senate. Most assuredly, when the debates with Elizabeth Warren come along, you’ll see how shallow Brown is. Maybe you won’t? I guess it’s a “plausible” that you may swallow the “Aw shucks, Ms Warren.” routine Brown will be overly coached to deploy. Some swallowed it whole when Sarah Palin debated Joe Biden.

I’m expecting to see Scott Brown follow in this young lady’s footsteps.

I should be careful not to set expectations so LOW for Brown, that it will be declared a win, if he knows that “the shot heard ’round the world” wasn’t fired in Concord, NH. These Tea Party folks are sketchy with their history. Suffice to say, I expect Brown to stay clear of policy and dance to achieve likeability. It really is his only strength. Too bad he wasn’t running for a US House seat. Brown as a Congressman is a reasonable goal. With only 100 sitting Senators, it’s recommended that we send some talent, not looks.

Finally, continuing with the “guilt by association” trend:

I’m another Democrat for Brown! With Rita Mercier and the 3 Reps from Lowell who are quietly supporting Sen. Brown (and maybe not that quietly) Prof. Warren will not win Lowell.

Conjuring the political mojo of the delegation is a stretch, if there ever was one. Nangle is in the tank for Brown. That’s Okay. It’s not like the City Dem Committee are going to spank him for being naughty. Murphy was recently at a Warren event. He is straddling the fence? I don’t know. I have had several conversations about this race with Tom Golden. He can speak for himself, as he sees fit. Not everything I am told is for sharing, to be exploited so I can garner more public noteriety from the consumers of political pornography. Gerry Nutter is the Ginger Lynn of Lowell’s political porn scene. Gerry will take any position, as long as he is in the money shot.

14 Responses to “Comments Closed”

  1. Prince Charming Says:

    If there is a “Best of LiL”, this one belongs at the top.

  2. Brian Flaherty Says:

    Throw their panties huh? You’re getting lower and lower Jack.

  3. Jack Says:

    Gee, Brian. I thought it was a funny metaphor. I didn’t say they were part of a “cult” or anything. Though, maybe I missed the mark? I’m betting a “Moonies” joke would go over like a lead ballon.

  4. Brian Flaherty Says:

    either way, you’ve gotten cruel lately, you used to be funny and fun to read (even though I disagree with you most of the time) but now you’ve gone all BMG on us.

  5. Jack Says:

    What’s “cruel,” Brian, is the results of Scott Brown’s votes. I’m sure most men could drink a beer and laugh at the image of them throwing panties at some hunky magazine centerfold. Guys bust other guy’s balls.

  6. Lynne Says:

    Brian - yeesh, if you aren’t used to Jack’s colorful rhetoric by now…it’s not like he’s ever not been Jack since the days he was a mere commenter and not a FP’er.

    “…gone BMG on us”? Wow, what a great compliment! BMG is a great blog. There’s a lot of good stuff on their front page.

  7. joe from Lowell Says:

    With Rita Mercier and the 3 Reps from Lowell who are quietly supporting Sen. Brown (and maybe not that quietly)

    …he’s got roughly the same level of insider support as Alan Kazanjian?

    No, but seriously, nailing down old, white lifelong Lowellian vote is a HUGE coup for Brown, because their vote was so up-in-the-air before that appearance. Why, I’ll bet they have excellent turnout, too! Touche, Scott Brown. Touche.

  8. Lynne Says:


  9. Thomas A. Wirtanen Says:

    My Dear Sempai Jack: I do not hesitate to venture into hostile territory in order to respond to this post. I will help you empty your cup with a few salient facts.

    To the best of my knowledge, I have never met Gerry Nutter.

    As to my comments pertaining to Jim Buba, one would have to wonder why Jim Buba would be a hero in the town of Munson? In the event that anyone needs a geography lesson, it is West Springfield, Brimfield, then Munson.

    If anyone thinks that the present unending string of disasters is bad, waith until the other shoe drops on the wastewater fiasco: $9 million to fix it, $2 Million spent on the screws, now they have failed becauase nothing was ever maintained, and where did the other $7 million go, Sempai Jack?

    As to your darling Elizabeth Warren, bought by the Traveler’s Insurance Company and pulling in $350,000.00 at Harvard, she could be the biggest phony ever to run for the senate of the United States, In the land where women have the greatest opportunities on earth, while our ambassAdors are killed and are missions are burned throughout Africa and the Muslim world, this candidate wages a campaign based upon a non-existant war on women, featuring a 31 year old “law student” that can’t buy he own birth control, making one wish that at that moment of her screed, somebody had turned on the screen behind her to the greatest Democrat of our time, John F. Kennedy, at the point where he implores, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country!”

    Elizabeth Warren is no JFK, and has earned her place on every three dollar bill ever printed in the US, with her picture clad in a Chairman Mao boiler suit on the obverse, and Cherokee garb on the reverse.

    And as to the middle class an the modern democrats, never have so many done so little for so few.

    I hope you have enjoyed this short interlude from the utter hypocrisy and propaganda.



  10. Jack Says:

    Sensei Tom,
    When you write something like this:

    If anyone thinks that the present unending string of disasters is bad, waith until the other shoe drops on the wastewater fiasco: $9 million to fix it, $2 Million spent on the screws, now they have failed becauase nothing was ever maintained, and where did the other $7 million go, Sempai Jack?

    It helps you to find citations, maybe in the Blog of Record, to reinforce your assertion. If you don’t know the FTML code, e-mail me and I’ll illustrate the code to you.

    Maybe you feel your points are well known and widely agreed with? To assure both, use a link to back yourself up.

    Unfortunately, The Sun has disqualified itself as a newspaper. It’s delving into yellow jounalism erradicates the inclination of readers to take the rags stories seriously. So, regarding the wastewater treatment matter, meaning the “screws,” we need to learn more before we foam at the mouth.

    Worse yet, the skepticism ruins the dialogue. You seemingly prefer to ignore the data and documentation provided by technical experts and learned professionals, while gobbling up the dead rag codswallop spewed forth by the cub reporter, Lyle Moran.

    I am of an opposite orientation. Each of us is prepared to cast asunder what the other is willing to hang their hat on.

  11. Jim Buba Says:

    Thanks Jack,

    I would prefer to shake your hand, introduce myself and know I have looked you in the eye before I could properly invoke you by name on any side of any aisle.

    There are a couple of recent issues in Lowell that have annoyed just about everyone. The easiest one is the Waste Water Treatment facility.

    Then, as a first volley, it should be a money complaint since the equipment there was recently rebuilt/replaced/refurbished. To me, it is a mechanical issue that is bereft with politics whereby; as is usually the case in a Card-Check state, the funding for maintenance is more often lost in payroll to the point where a $60 grease gun might have saved the bearings. Of course, this pretends to know if the shaft bearings were installed with grease fittings, designed and manufactured with them installed, or the fittings eliminated as a cost-savings measure.

    In any event, when a rotating shaft of any design carries a varying load, it is sure to be designed to account for the wear and tear of normal use. Thus, if the screws; open shaft of great mass and length are now found to be rubbing along the concrete trough, the shaft bearing material has failed and needs attention. I doubt seriously, without having visited the facility mind you, that the shaft of certain mass and length has been properly maintained, so it is easy for me, using my personal experience with such things to suggest that maintenance; simply greasing and measuring on schedule, could well be the problem. Obviously, this could force an afterthought that the bearings, if found failed, could be replaced at a cost much less than any number touted in any technician’s bill of materials.

    Not being a licensed plumber, Waste Water Technician or Massachusetts Department of (anything) employee does not disqualify me or anyone else from making realistic assumptions or conclusions with respect to the problem as described. I’m quite sure there are other details that would force better-framed conclusions. To me, it is time and materials and more often than not in the Commonwealth, that is translated as ‘Time x 20′ and ‘materials x 25′, the excess well used as ’spreading around cash’.

    The other issue is the Julian Steele low-income public housing and the mess created by the total lack of responsible planning, consideration and discussion at the council level and in the manager’s office. If the facility is a State-owned and operated monstrous money-hole, then why at all has Lowell gotten itself stuck up to its curly locks into it?

    If the Fire Chief believed the old or aging wiring to the analog alarm system needed updated enough to recommend installation of a device that far and away outclassed the analog system, then of course it would be a matter of strategic planning to coordinate any such innovation into a system that would be adopted by every City and Town in the Commonwealth.

    As a matter of standard then, anything installed at a State-operated facility should be compatible with every other State-operated facility and it would be that compatibility that should be exploited to design or select COTS devices to accommodate the design. They would have an effective life of some ‘X’ and of course the proposal for changes, at any or no additional cost, would be a routine matter in the ongoing affairs of public interest and expense.

    I can easily see the analog systems as being old, but if they still function, they do not need to be replaced. Installation of a ‘bastard’ system does have the negative effect of causing undue and consequential expense, headache and improper operation at additional cost to everyone. Then, when the standard is selected, the bastard system however new or old it may be is merely scrapped at a loss. Card-check states often find this to be the rule and it is the ‘waste’ of Waste, Fraud and Abuse we too often read.

    So long as I could rant about so much of what costs us too much in Massachusetts, I must still address the fact that the Steele facilities are State-operated and therefore, the City of Lowell at any level would have done better to dive into an empty swimming pool.

    While I’m talking Steele, there is this 10-year old problem of alleged theft of scrap. Part of that problem is a relatively piss-poor plan that did not include specific instructions regarding the removal, handling, storage and disposal of any materials removed by any party for any purpose. Had that been the rule in 2002, none of this would be news in 2012.

    So here we have an employee ‘borrowing’ a device and then potentially ‘causing’ the theft of City of Lowell property to make it go ‘Vroom’. Of the latter, it is cut and dry and I’m quite certain that had the cameras at the garage not been sabotaged or stolen, the remedy would be the proverbial slap on the wrist and restitution plus warning. Since the cameras were the larger issue at the time, the penalty of course must be more severe, it was, but that doesn’t seem to stifle the criticism, which it should not, because now we are embroiled in an investigation regarding semi-precious metals that have allegedly gone missing from someplace on City property. My suggestion in the previous paragraph notwithstanding, it seems that the Legislature could have been better equipped to scribe or amend law that would assist law enforcement to better investigate or prevent such silly things from consuming our valuable time.

    I found this elsewhere on the blog, because the SUN has lost its way:

    “4. If it is true that 10 years ago, City employees stole valuable metals from the Julian Steele demolition/reinvention project, why are we just hearing about it now? Someone had this piece of information and did nothing until now? I would like to know what the motivation was to keeping silent and why this motivation is no longer valid. By the way, I think it is a great idea that this will now be investigated. I want everyone who was involved to be identified; those who committed this alleged crime, those who knew about it and those who should have known about it because they were in charge.”

    … and found the last line most intriguing. Were this to be the standard of excellence in the City or anywhere in the Commonwealth, we would be clamoring for the heads of all the people on the Council who brought us the problems that some refer to as our City Manager. I believe my opponent for the Senate has a hand in all of this, though to what degree is unclear.

    Mr. Lynch, for his part in character and Modus Operandi, was a well-known figure in the nearby town of Chelmsford. Wallowing in controversy, we should expect, given the result, that his history and record were totally ignored by those who hired him to manage our City. They could have, at a minimum, just picked up the analog telephone (1991) or driven across the line ($1.09/gal) and had a serious pow-wow (pun directed at Warren).

    In addition, while not ethically within the rules, certain people in certain places could well have bent the rules in private circles such that any decision would be well founded, even if only in facts called allegation. That is the way of the world and I could illuminate you further, but I cannot in any way show or tell you anything more without your personal guarantee that I would be made whole for divulging information that may be protected by a court seal.

    Funny thing about seals, they cover the stuff in evidence and on record, but none until sealed, of the discussion and comments in prelude to that adjudication. I can’t be certain, but if you would make the cashier’s check out for $300,000 I may be tempted to cross the line. My cut would be enough for a wonderful dinner at a restaurant of my choice including a fine bottle of over-priced California wine and I might even have enough left over to invite you, Mr. Wirtanen, his lovely wife and Mr. Nutter join at the table.

    You would have to cover the tip.

    Jim Buba
    Lowell, MA

  12. Lynne Says:

    “…as is usually the case in a Card-Check state…”


  13. Lynne Says:

    PS - no one is reading this post for new comments any more…it’s older and off the front page. Blog much?

  14. Jack Says:

    Your friends send me e-mail threads you contribute to. Posting the content is what I consider, the “nuclear option.” However, having read them, I feel confident in characterizing your public persona. My ungaurded thoughts are smudged all over this blog.

    Most of your pals will vote for your opponent. Lowell is a tough nut to crack. You are just a nut.

    PS. I’m intentionally letting the points you raised slide. It’s not that I concur or don’t have a challenge in some degree. It’s just that I prefer not to be bothered. I am not your foil.

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