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September 17, 2012

Just Another Black Guy

by at 12:29 pm.

I am convinced that Deval Patrick’s oratory is second to none. Deval Patrick could get me to walk on fire for “the cause.”

Sometimes I wish he were white, so the “Hooray For Me” Democrats would listen to him. Instead, they are gonna go for #BothWaysBrown

PS. If you’re pissed that I’m calling you out as a racist, then try to actually support your position with well developed thoughts, instead of slogans puked up from the bumper sticker braintrust. If you can’t, get Cliff Krieger to tutor you. Maybe, he can teach you the difference between the “Chicago School” and Keynesian Economics?

In the mean time, mull this over:


8 Responses to “Just Another Black Guy”

  1. Christopher Says:

    Who are the “Hooray for Me” Democrats? I’m missing the reference, though it seems African-Americans are very often some of the best orators. Note to the Warren campaign: find a way to convert the above chart into a TV ad.

  2. Jack Says:

    ” find a way to convert the above chart into a TV ad. ”

    … Scott Brown’s not a bad guy, he doesn’t always vote the wrong way. But too often, on things that really matter, he’s not with you. With almost a quarter of a million people out of work in Massachusetts, Scott Brown voted against three of President Obama’s jobs bills. He voted against making millionaires pay the same tax rate as working families. And he voted to give more than 20 billion dollars in subsidies to the big oil companies. Kids are drowning in student loans, roads need repair, the deficit is sky high, and Scott Brown’s voting for giveaways to big oil? I wouldn’t do that. I’m Elizabeth Warren and I approve this message. I’d be in there fighting for you, not some of the time – all of the time.

  3. Jack Says:

    A “Hooray for me Democrat” talks progressive, talks about the struggle for working class people, grabs street cred from their family or their job; but then complains about “freeloaders” sponging off them, whines about taxes being too high. Worst of all, these “Hooray for me Democrats” live a comfortable life, provided to them by generations of workers bleeding on the job or in the picket line, and they VOTE REPUBLICAN.

    I’m not talking “issue protestors.” If you are basically progressive, but vote Republican because you are so “pro-life,” that is the end all, be all. So, be it. Sometimes conscience drives a vote. I don’t agree with such a ballot, but every vote is sacred.

    But, when you vote against your conscience, because you believed some nitwitted e-mail that a bigotted cousin sent you, when you chose to “punch down” on the working class because you think immigrants detroy the “Real America.” Then I make up an insulting brand for you.

  4. Mr. Lynne Says:

    Well, if one issue trumps all others, why wear any label other than “issue ‘X’er”?

  5. Matt Says:

    Massachusetts’ real secret problem in politics is sexism, not racism, and it goes across both parties. It’s why Jane Swift went nowhere but Romney destroyed Shannon O’Brien. It’s why Deval Patrick had a much easier time taking down Kerry Healy than Charlie Baker. It’s why an underwear model from Attleboro beat Martha Coakley and is doing much better against Elizabeth Warren than any sane analysis would suggest he should be considering that Obama will win the state going away.

    I agree that Obama is at an automatic disadvantage because of race. And there’s certainly racism in Massachusetts. But the Bay State seems to have less problem electing minorities than it does electing women…

  6. Jack Says:

    What’s fairly odd, is that the conservaDem Merrimack Valley has elected Niki Tsongas and Edith Nourse Rogers, before her. That Scott Brown went to Rita Mercier for political weight.

    Does that mean “liberals” have a beef with women? ;v)

  7. Lynne Says:

    I don’t buy the anti-woman thing. O’Brien was a terrible candidate, and Coakley effed up her campaigning bigtime (and even on her best day, she comes off as smart, but aloof…and she is both of those things). Healey too was also terrible, and Swift was crapped on by her party for the most part.

    Anyone remember the MA-05 special election to replace Meehan? I seem to remember TWO female candidates being the two top vote getters in the primary, and that Tsgonas beat Ogonowski pretty well, even though he was about as credible a Republican opponent as you could expect.

    We need more good women candidates running, and we need to deepen that bench (like, sending Eileen Donoghue to the state Senate, is a good start). That also means we need more women running for local elections. But when we get a good female candidate in front of us, we vote for them just fine.

    Warren is doing well, the door-to-door campaign is the largest I’ve ever seen in this state (including Patrick’s) and all the recent polls point to Dems “coming home” to the Democratic ticket…and we haven’t even seen the debates yet, where I expect Warren to throw all she knows, and Brown’s own record, right at his face. That woman can hold a lot of knowledge in her head and Brown, well, he’s something of an empty suit. Can’t wait to see the Blunt amendment thing come back up.

    There is no sexism in MA politics - we have a woman state Senate president, we have women at all levels of state government, all we need is more people to step up to the plate.

    And before you even think about asking…no. ;-P

  8. joe from Lowell Says:

    I think you’re drawing from too small a sample size, Matt.

    Hillary beat Obama here. O’Brien won her nomination, Coakley won hers. Coakley was elected AG. Kerry Healy won her nomination.

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