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September 20, 2012

Sun Spins on Safety? Say It Ain’t So!

by at 7:45 pm.

It’s sad that instead of just focusing on the matters at hand, the Mayor and others in this city have to sit there and un-spin the Lowell Sun on top of it all. It’s not like the problems we face in the city aren’t already serious enough, right?

I suggest you go read this post by Mayor Murphy at his assistant Jen Myer’s blog in full.

Most of the post is specific refutations on specific public safety issues that the Sun has been hammering the Mayor on, but I enjoyed this part a lot too:

On the tired issue of subcommittee assignments and perceived “snubbing” of Elliott for chair of the public safety, finance and auditor/clerk oversight subcommittees, I can only say that the purpose of these is to discuss substantive issues, and that my appointments are meant to reflect a preference for workhorses over showhorses in those roles. On public safety, the Police Superintendent himself will tell you that two issues raised by Elliott last year (proposals later overturned by the state legislature and state court respectively) were a distraction from the more pressing problems we face. Elliott’s shortcomings on finance and public safety issues are crystallized in his motion a couple years ago to cut all departmental budgets–including police, fire, health and inspectional services—by 2.5%, thereby endangering federal grant funding because of reductions below the required staffing levels, and putting our community at greater risk, financially and otherwise. During the issues last fall with the clerk’s office, Councilor Elliott was absent from all four ad hoc Clerk Oversight meetings, and this February was absent from our first Special meeting on Clerk Oversight. Accordingly, these assignments were placed in more capable hands.

In short, subcommittees are not to support one councilor’s psychic need for media attention, but to do work, discuss difficult matters, hear residents’ concerns and suggestions, plan for long-term substantive changes that can impact people’s lives. I have been disappointed that these have not been widely used for policy discussions.

11 Responses to “Sun Spins on Safety? Say It Ain’t So!”

  1. Huh Says:

    Thanks Mr. Mayor….call it like you see um. Elliott and his BFF Lyle Moran are truly pathetic and a damaging combo in the City. Elliott should resign!!!

  2. Prince Charming Says:

    I shake my private parts in your general direction.

  3. Lynne Says:

    Ugh, TMI!!! ;)

  4. Kathy Says:

    What an informative blog posting by Mayor Murphy. I have grown increasingly disgusted with the Sun in recent years. The newspaper does little but attack the city, the mayor, and the manager. And councilor Elliott is hand in glove with them. I have to agree with Huh, it’s time for Elliott to go. And I wouldn’t lose any sleep if the newspaper shut down, too.

  5. Jack Says:

    Elliott gets scorched. Leahy is called out for taking a pass on the chair. Why did Leahy abdicate to Elliott? Did Kennedy teach him how to deploy the “pass?” Lorrey gets nudged for votes on Police OT and Firebox fees.

    Enough is enough. I’m glad the Mayor said his piece. It needed to be said. But, it will get worse before it gets better.

    Kennedy is laughing and collecting chits, so he can become Mayor in 2014.

  6. Prince Charming Says:

    That had to be the dumbest article printed in that paper. Are they suggesting that some politician could’ve prevented a gang shooting by calling a subcommittee meeting? “But I WANNA serve, I WANNA be mayor. I WANNA be chairman!” Take your ball and go home.

  7. Ed Murrow Says:

    The Sun is right to point out such a troubling oversight by the Mayor. Think of the carnage that could have been prevented if only a councillor with no law enforcement experience would have been working on the issue. I know that I have felt less safe in the city just knowing that only two members of the subcommittee have been busy working on public safety issues. The neglect is putting all of us at risk. We should all be thankful that the Sun is there for us, without any agenda, taking on the big issues like this.

  8. Jack Says:

    But, Ed. C.Elliott is a “watchdog.” Don’t you want him to ” Take a Bite Out of Crime.

  9. Blowellian Says:

    And, CC Elliott was conspicuously absent from the CNAG meeting. He wants to be large and in charge, yet does not show up to meetings or events dealing with the issues. Cub Cadet Lyle must be saving an awful lot on gas these days with all the free rides CC Elliott’s giving him.

  10. Prince Charming Says:

    Can’t wait to see what the Pullet Surprise winner comes up with this week.

  11. Dan Murphy Says:

    When the paper starts off an item with a self-serving lie, it doesn’t bode well for the truthiness of the rest of it. What Patrick posted was not to “announce the new chair of the Public Safety committee,” but to rebut the false assertions of an obviously-biased reporter/councilor combo. Anyone that read his response realizes that. The paper is rightly banking on the fact that most don’t have time to follow this crap, and so characterize the episode to fit their agenda more neatly.

    Yes, I do hope the young man gets a Yankee Quill trophy from his Board of Directors.

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