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September 25, 2012

There’s a YouTube For That (Updated)

by at 9:27 pm.

Lots of stuff being written all over the internets this week on “Backfire” Brown’s doubling-down on his tired, months-old Native American tirade. Today of course saw the debut of BMG’s explosive video of tomahawking, war-whooping Scott Brown Senate staffers. In case you’re living under a rock and haven’t seen.

(Side note: wonder how Rita Mercier’s feeling about her endorsement right about now…)

There’s a new Charlie Pierce piece post-video. Always a fun read.

There’s also a Boston.com article from Garrett Quinn outlining just how little the average voter is biting the bait Scott Brown is selling.

Polls show voters are aware of the scandal but it has had little impact on their vote.

But the weirdest one is that Scott Brown, who presumably has access to the internet and his own debate performance, is denying he questioned Warren’s ethnicity.

But whatever Warren’s ancestry, Boston reporters and others expressed surprise that Brown claimed to discern a person’s lineage just by looking at her.

Yet when asked about his Native American-detection abilities at a press conference Tuesday, Brown denied ever having made the statement about Warren. Watch the video above and decide for yourself.

Brown, in his own words from the debate:

And as you know, I think you’re referring to is the fact that Professor Warren claimed she is a Native American, a person of color, and you can see she’s not.

Right now, I am hard-pressed to decide whose campaign is imploding faster, Mitt Romney’s, or his buddy Scott Brown’s.

Update: Drip drip drip…Brian McGrory weighs in too:

Go ahead and stick a fork in the image — or, more ­accurately, the illusion — of Scott Brown as the affable everyman, the consummate good guy who folds laundry before pointing his pickup toward the docks to shoot the breeze with his fishermen friends.


It may not be a strategy. It’s probably just who he is. When things went well, when he glided into the Senate on the wings of a short campaign and a hapless opponent, Scott Brown was as charming as they come.

But as the polls turn and the specter looms of being a former somebody, Brown is a different man, a lesser one, a frat house bully spewing sophomoric lines like “Can you imagine 100 Professor Warrens down there” while trying to reheat leftover ­attacks.

How Brown Will Lose

by at 4:25 pm.

Map graphics come from the Boston Globe. URLs are provided.

This one is from 2008 and shows Obama leaving McCain in his dust. The thing to remember about this election is it had the highest Lowell turnout (31,905) since 1992 (32,984).



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