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September 25, 2012

There’s a YouTube For That (Updated)

by at 9:27 pm.

Lots of stuff being written all over the internets this week on “Backfire” Brown’s doubling-down on his tired, months-old Native American tirade. Today of course saw the debut of BMG’s explosive video of tomahawking, war-whooping Scott Brown Senate staffers. In case you’re living under a rock and haven’t seen.

(Side note: wonder how Rita Mercier’s feeling about her endorsement right about now…)

There’s a new Charlie Pierce piece post-video. Always a fun read.

There’s also a Boston.com article from Garrett Quinn outlining just how little the average voter is biting the bait Scott Brown is selling.

Polls show voters are aware of the scandal but it has had little impact on their vote.

But the weirdest one is that Scott Brown, who presumably has access to the internet and his own debate performance, is denying he questioned Warren’s ethnicity.

But whatever Warren’s ancestry, Boston reporters and others expressed surprise that Brown claimed to discern a person’s lineage just by looking at her.

Yet when asked about his Native American-detection abilities at a press conference Tuesday, Brown denied ever having made the statement about Warren. Watch the video above and decide for yourself.

Brown, in his own words from the debate:

And as you know, I think you’re referring to is the fact that Professor Warren claimed she is a Native American, a person of color, and you can see she’s not.

Right now, I am hard-pressed to decide whose campaign is imploding faster, Mitt Romney’s, or his buddy Scott Brown’s.

Update: Drip drip drip…Brian McGrory weighs in too:

Go ahead and stick a fork in the image — or, more ­accurately, the illusion — of Scott Brown as the affable everyman, the consummate good guy who folds laundry before pointing his pickup toward the docks to shoot the breeze with his fishermen friends.


It may not be a strategy. It’s probably just who he is. When things went well, when he glided into the Senate on the wings of a short campaign and a hapless opponent, Scott Brown was as charming as they come.

But as the polls turn and the specter looms of being a former somebody, Brown is a different man, a lesser one, a frat house bully spewing sophomoric lines like “Can you imagine 100 Professor Warrens down there” while trying to reheat leftover ­attacks.

22 Responses to “There’s a YouTube For That (Updated)”

  1. joe from Lowell Says:

    And as you know, I think you’re referring to is the fact that Senator Brown claimed he is a nice guy, a person of decency, and you can see that he is not.

  2. Lynne Says:

    Yeah, it’s the only lie Elizabeth Warren has actually said, and I’ll never forgive her for. ;)

  3. Publius Says:

    1. Brown was referring to the genealogical research that had been done, not her appearance.

    2. The truth about Warren being in the hip pocket of corporate America is finally coming out and she is panicking.

    3. I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop, where Warren was not in federal court, but actually did something related to Massachusetts law. Things keep coming out about this woman, and we have over a month to go. At this rate, she won’t be able to be elected dogcatcher.

    4. About Warren lying once once. there is the Indian thing, here working for corporate America in support for the little guy, the fact she trading her foreign car in for an American car just before announcing her candidacy…..

  4. Mr. Lynne Says:

    1) I guess “see” means something different on your planet.

    2) All of her writing and work would refute that. Check it out yourself.

    3) Nothing there. We’ve been hearing right wing circles crow about this for a few days as if there were an ethics violation. Funny thing is though, nobody has the guts to file it (hint - they would look stuipd). Move along.

    4) There’s this box and when you check it, you’re eeevvviill. Except it doesn’t actually make you evil,… oh, and she didn’t check it,… and yeah, there is no box. And as for the little-guy?… she’s only been writing and teaching about it in many books and classes for over a decade.

  5. Joe S. Says:

    Brown has made a strategic mistake. His attacks will only ensure that the Democratic machine will raise it up a notch, and most fair-minded independents will reject his approach. Game over!

  6. George DeLuca Says:

    I don’t care about that. I’ll vote for any candidate that supports a single payer system for health care, such as an expanded Medicare model.

    Obamacare and the recently passed Massachusetts bill will be rendered ineffective by the drug companies, the HMOs, entreprenuerial doctors, hospitals and clinics, etc.

    We’re all in the soup if we don’t start pressing on issues instead of this crap.

    Tell me where you stand on the environment, don’t waste my time with an avalanche of attack ads or 47 percent rhetoric that I got the first time I saw/heard it.

    Ms. Warren most likely has indian blood. That’s great … but that’s not going to bring jobs to the region. Scott Brown has his flaws (as we all do), but harping on them doesn’t inform us about positions and pledges on downsizing government.

    Talk about the issues.

  7. Magnolia Says:

    Just one thing. I have been called by the Warren campaign no less than 3 times. Her folks need to get their act together because I am getting really annoyed.

  8. Lynne Says:

    Chances are you are listed as undecided in voter ID. The calls are actually a showcase of how effective the campaign is, in reality. The whole city has been called and canvassed far more than any campaign I’ve ever been involved with - that’s how many people they have showing up.

    If you don’t want calls, then just freaking say so, it’s not rocket science. The database has a place to mark “refused/do not call.” Don’t blame the campaign if you remain in their target zone, of COURSE they want to talk to you. Duh! It’s what voter ID is all about.

  9. Lynne Says:

    George - I wish we could just talk about the issues, instead of these distracting sidelines that make no real difference in how the country will be governed. Blame the Karl Rove acolyte running Scott Brown’s campaign.

    Of course, Warren has to answer - we all know that Swiftboating “on someone’s strength” the way they did to Kerry will work if the candidate ignores the attack on their character, no matter how disingenuous or outright dishonest the attack really is.

  10. Lynne Says:

    Magnolia - I do apologize for the tone of my previous comment. But campaign volunteers work hard and they are honestly interested in your vote. Every vote is important to the campaign and GOTV is in high gear. It’s campaign season and you should expect to get calls, and what’s more, getting more than one is highly flattering. It means you’re seen as an important vote. Unless you ID yourself, or ask for them not to call, they have no reason not to try you again down the line. The fact they have the personnel to do so should actually be impressive.

    You think they waste their time on people like me? I get ID’ed early, then all I get is nagging to show up to do more work. :)

  11. Lynne Says:

    (I will only give this excuse - as a volunteer, it is very frustrating to be doing hard work knocking doors or making calls when you could be doing a hundred other things like yard work, hanging with your family, and living life, only to have someone bitch at you that they’re sick of you, go away, slam a door in your face, etc. I don’t get that often but it’s really disheartening when you do.)

  12. Elias N Says:

    Scott Brown, a grown adult man apparently thinks he can clear the boards on election day by playing an endless game of “cowboys and indians” in public…

  13. joe from Lowell Says:

    1. You can tell, because he didn’t make any reference to genealogical research in his statement.

    2. The candidate who is sticking to an affirmative message when her opponent throws new varieties of mud every other day is the one who is panicking? Actually, it works the other way.

    3. Just because the web sites you read gin up a new talking point every day doesn’t actually mean anything is “coming out” about her. You’re just doing the old Newt Gingrich routine: throw out a baseless attack, then it’s refuted throw out another one, which is also refuted, and on and on until you have a whole stack of baseless, refuted attacks, and you can make a “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” argument. Well, no: walking around with the smoke machine does not mean anything is on fire.

    4. You’ve offered three alleged examples of her lying. The claim she lied about her ancestry has absolutely no evidence to back it up. The second is spin, a matter of opinion. The third doesn’t even include an accusation that she said anything untrue. Not a single demonstrable lie.

  14. Magnolia Says:

    Lynne - Thanks for the tip . The next time they call ( and there will be a next time) I will politely ask them not to call again. I am sure your volunteer work is appreciated - but why do they call when I am right in the middle of something. I’ll swear they have some sort of “she’s busy” detector ; ).

  15. Publius Says:


    Just remember the cowboys won.

  16. Lynne Says:

    When are we not busy these days? When is a phone call NOT interrupting something?? lol

  17. George DeLuca Says:

    There’s something to be said for women power in this election. Niki Tsongas, Eileen Donohue and Elizabeth Warren would be a hat trick for Lowell. Something to consider.

  18. Right In Lowell Says:

    Yesterday, I got 3 voice messages from the Warren campaign; one with the most annoyingly insipid tone. These calls turn me completely against any candidate. I told John Golnik and Niki Tsongas the same thing. I resent the violation of my ’space’.

  19. Lynne Says:

    “These calls turn me completely against any candidate.”

    Bullshit, you were never going to vote for her and dislike her already.

    You have no reasonable expectation of not getting phone calls in an election season, that’s ridiculous. Let me tell you the same thing I said before…if you don’t want them, then politely tell the caller not to call again, and you will be marked as such in the database. Or, ID as strong Brown, and you will be totally ignored the rest of the campaign. Easy as that.

  20. Jack Says:

    I think it is telling that the Warren campaign is expanding it’s outreach to folks like RiL. The campaigns should be transittioning from persuasion outreach to GOTV, very soon. If Warren is pushing as far to the right as RiL, then they are secure in their sense of their “base.”

    I’ve heard about robocalls from Brown’s crew. Must not have volunteers to make person to person calls. Luv it!

  21. Right In Lowell Says:

    I don’t care who the robocall is from, it turns me against the candidate and have told Golnik, Tsongas, Brown and anyone else I run into that it is a turn off to be intruded upon in your home. I am on the do not call list and DO have reasonable expectations to not receive unwanted calls.
    I also know it’s impossible for them to be everywhere but as far as the door to door thing is concerned; if it’s not the candidate him/herself, I don’t open the door.

    The only thing you are right about Lynne is that I would not vote for Warren if she were the only candidate on the ballot. However, I do vote for Donoghua and Tsongas. Unlike you, I vote the qualified person not because of the ‘d’ after their name.

  22. Lynne Says:

    Do not call lists do not apply to campaigns, nonprofits, etc. They are for commercial solicitations only.

    If you don’t want a damn call, then ID as a Brown supporter, or ask not to be called. You do NOT have a reasonable expectation not to be called the first time around, but if you fail to tell someone and they call you back you should not complain.

    AFAIK there have been no robocalls for Warren - or Tsongas. Yes robocalls are annoying, but unless (like me) you want to learn about what’s going on politically, you just hang up as soon as they start. It’s not difficult. (I put robocalls on speaker so the Mr. and I can hear them in full. They’re fun. We got a Romney one the other day…I was laughing my butt off.)

    “Unlike you” - first of all, Warren is SOOO much more qualified than Brown it’s laughable. Even WITH his lame two years in the US Senate, he’s an empty suit. Warren at least has run an agency (after FORMING it and going through that tough legislative process, accomplishing it against all odds) and has spent a whole career understanding the numbers behind the declining middle class. That’s someone I want working for me in the Senate.

    I am not voting for Warren because she’s a “D.” I am happily, enthusiastically, energetically VOTING and WORKING for her because she is without a doubt one of the best people for the job that I could possibly hope for. I was so excited when she jumped in, and continue to be excited about her candidacy. No, not just any Democrat does that for me. However, I have VALUES that I care about, and NO Republican I’ve ever seen represents MY values better than even the Democrat I have the least in common with values-wise.

    Except maybe Rep. Nangle, I would soo vote for any primary opponent that went up against him.

    Sorry if the fact I have strong values bothers you.

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