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September 28, 2012

Brown Will Be Defeated and Scorched …

by at 11:09 am.

by his own hand.

New Year 2010, the shit had hit the fan for the Coakley campaign. Scott Brown was taking off and Democrats at local, state and national levels were piling into MA to try to stop it. Locally, we were making calls, person to person,to try to stir up Dems to go vote. Another tactic employed, frankly, overemployed, was robocalls. These taped messages were coming in from prominent Democrats, like Bill Clinton, to try to spur Dems to go vote in the special election. When I would talk to folks on the phone, I got yelled at for all the calls being done. But, worst of all, the robocalls were despised.

Since, Scott Brown doesn’t have that much organic support, he is a creature of the special interest fabricated “Tea Party,” there aren’t enough motivated Brown supporters to make person to person calls on his behalf. Enter Karl Rove and the robocalls. Thanks to the Mother Jones Blog:

TRANSCRIPT: Today, you can change your future by voting against Elizabeth Warren. A vote for Warren is a vote for the same type of government failures that got us into the situation we are currently in. Warren supports President Obama’s health-care takeover that will cut over $700 billion from Medicare spending. The health-care law backed by Warren could limit the availability of care seniors depend on from the Medicare program they paid for. Vote no on Elizabeth Warren for Senate this November. Paid for by Crossroads GPS.

This robocall was recorded here in Lowell, just a few days ago:

Below, I pasted in some thoughts I was having about the next few weeks. They are in response to a Brown supporter’s admission that Brown’s campaign is “off the rails.”

… Brown’s worse than “off the rails.” Polls are mixed, but trending in favor of Warren, Brown’s campaign is outmatched and outclassed on every level, but without question, Warren has a clear advantage in “ground game.” Both campaigns are well off financially. There is disparate speculation on the effectiveness of late stage air blitz. Brown’s messaging is trending negative. Bay Staters, arguably, are not endeared by this. With Karl Rove moving into MA, we will see whether or not “robocalls” work for or against Brown. Based on the feed back I got during late stage Coakley GOTV calls, Bay Staters despise “robocalls.”

The 2012 election cycle will turnout 500,000+ more voters, then the Jan. 2010 special election.
Demographics of the electorate favor Dems. Mitt Romney is an albatross tied around Brown’s neck. Brown’s claim to be “bipartisan” is thin. It is widely held he never voted in a way that wasn’t allowed by Mitch McConnell. He has joined the GOPers in a barrage of votes, supporting the GOP filibusters, preventing so much decent legislation from being further debated and standing for an up or down vote.

Scott Brown is a mile wide and and inch deep. The unenrolleds are dialing in, which gives Warren the momentum. As this momentum builds, Brown will breach the “People’s Pledge” and Super PAC expenditure will spike, maybe as soon as mid-next week. The messaging will be outrageously negative, thus rejected. Maybe, by late next week, it will all come to a screeching pause. The Super PAC’s will turn their sights onto races, like the FL Senate race, where holding the Senate seat is much more vital. Afterall, FL can decide who becomes POTUS in 2012 or 2016, ect. MA will not.

Brown will be left high and dry in the final 3-2 weeks of the cycle, to wallow in the aftermath of his shoddy campaign. (How many of Ferhrnstrom’s 2010 campaigns in MA turned out well? Hint: Dems held every seat.) National GOPers could care less about Brown’s future political ambitions, hear at home. They will scorch the earth and Brown’s ambitions, as I’ve heard speculated, for Governor or maybe a “soon to be vacated US Senate seat. ;v),” will be dashed. #magic8ball

4 Responses to “Brown Will Be Defeated and Scorched …”

  1. Lynne Says:

    ‘Vote no on Elizabeth Warren for Senate this November.”

    Anyone else find that wording weird? I noted it when I first heard the recording before…there is no “no” vote. This isn’t a ballot question, where that wording sort of makes sense. “Vote against Elizabeth Warren” makes more sense.

    Note they are NOT saying “vote Scott Brown.” Is that because they can’t (legally) or because they don’t want the name Karl Rove and Crossroads GPS to be tied in any way to BothWaysBrown?

  2. Lynne Says:

    I also think, though maybe it won’t happen and we’re being cynical, that given the Crossroads robocalls this week, and the recent mailers from the Republican State Committee (the state committees are also included in the People’s Pledge about advertising) that you might be on to something about the possibility of Brown breaking the pledge. Within the context of the rampup of these other types of campaigning you could see him going there.

    As a side note, I find it rather gratifying that even the *Republican* State Committee sees fit to send out “Scott Brown - Our Independent Voice” mailers. Can’t dare label him a Republican! They repeat the rather misleading statement of “least partisan Senator” - yeah, that’s like saying “worst horseman in the Mongol hoard”). That must be soooo galling to state Republicans. In the mailer they tout his “deciding vote” for Wall St reform. Yeah, that would be a vote cast AFTER he held up the legislation, AFTER it had been negotiated, so he could water it down further (on the Vohkler Rule and on a surcharge on banks to fund the bill revenue-neutral…so much for “balanced budgets.”). Asshat.

    On a second side note, I was canvassed yesterday evening by someone from Working America. He mentioned he was supposed to be working on a list of independents…um. Let’s review, peeps. We’ve been registered Dems for as long as we’ve lived in MA. I am on the city committee. AND both me and the Mr. show up to even the lamest of lame primaries, like this last one where there was one tiny downballot race that was competitive and that was it.

    On what planet would a voter list show us an independents?? Sigh! Plus, someone ought to tell Working America to, say, focus on NH or something…Warren’s got it covered here, IMHO, and I’d prefer to err on the side of not annoying people as much as possible.

  3. joe from Lowell Says:

    “Hey, Massachusetts voter, voting for Elizabeth Warren is like voting for Barack Obama! She’s like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton combined, but female like Hillary!”

    Mission Accomplished, Senator Brown! Can I help you write your victory speech?

  4. Kevin L Says:

    The cynic in me thinks that the “Vote No on Elizabeth Warren” is an attempt to confuse low-information voters into thinking that these calls are from the Warren campaign.

    More likely their goal is to just suppress turnout with these calls, and increase Brown’s chances by having a turnout closer to the special election.

    In the end, I don’t think this strategy is going to help them any. Also, I saw some tweets by Brown supporters, talking about a “push poll” from the Warren campaign. Has anyone heard anything about this?

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