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September 29, 2012

The Santa Clause

by at 8:52 am.

The Blog of Record informs us that Meehan and Pangy had a pow-wow. What did they speak of?:

Political insiders, however, speculated the political titans talked about Panagiotakos’ future: Specifically him becoming city manager.
As City Manager Bernie Lynch continues to be roughed up, Panagiotakos has said privately that he would indeed consider the job, but he doesn’t want to be viewed as pushing Lynch out.
Panagiotakos is everyones’ pol, and he relishes that. If he became city manager, however, starting on the first day he would lose some of that charm appeal and it would only get worse as time marches onward. That’s why not everyone is buying into Panagiotakos’ alleged interest.
Speaking of interest, Panagiotakos was vehement: he doesn’t have any.”Maybe five or six years from now, but not now.” He repeated it several times.

Why not now? Give me a sec, to think of a euphemism. …

A- hem … “Discretion is the better part of valor.”

Why be CM when times are tough? If Pangy “would lose some of that charm appeal and it would only get worse as time marches onward,” that trend could be curtailed, if the fiscal conditions were better, if the economy has improved. You can’t be Santa Claus when the bag is empty. The jolly ol’ elf thing only goes so far.

Better to let Bernie Lynch play “bad cop” for a while more. Then, in 2014, we can listen to several councilors parrot the “I don’t believe in contracts” nonsense, hoping that Lynch will walk away. Then, those very same councilors will say, “We didn’t fire Lynch. We thought he was great! We are deeply saddened that he just walked away.”

PS. Pangy is one of a very few that could quite the bubble noise down. The little big men that litter our public square won’t say shit to Pangy, if they have a mouth full. They buy into the notion of “bully leadership,” so they are intimidated by Pangy. He has a powerful presence. I’m not saying Pangy is a bully, but he certainly would, as anyone would, take advantage of those that would bitch up and prostrate before him.

That said, Pangy is not the only one that could take the reins of City Hall and lead us forward. However, until Lynch is finished, why speculate? Anyone with the mojo to be CM, doesn’t need a fluffing in a blog.

8 Responses to “The Santa Clause”

  1. joe from Lowell Says:

    Most City Managers don’t last decades. I read Pangy’s “Maybe five or six years from now” as saying he would apply for the job the next time it opens up, working on the historically-valid assumption that Bernie’s term will come to an end around then.

  2. George DeLuca Says:

    5 or 6 years may as well be a hundred. There’s enough to deal with in the here and now. Brings to mind a classic line from Spaceballs. “This is now, now!”

    Yes, perhaps a “Sanity Clause” may be in order. The Sun and at least one blog are going off the deep end. What’s with Gerry Nutter? His latest post is in such poor taste. Someone’s gotten to him, most likely from the Sun.

    Lyle Moran extends his claws and hisses everytime he hears the name “Patrick Murphy”, especially since the Mayor took him to the woodshed last week.

    Journalism is going downhill fast in Lowell. Too much wild speculation, fantasising and diminishing substance.

    Online readers are ga ga over Cook’s Follies almost without exception. The video is just slick repackaging of information that’s common knowledge that’s been out there for weeks, months, years. How much was spent to achieve the desired WOW factor? What happened to LovinLowell.com? How much did that debacle cost?

    Is it that its an election year or is Rome burning? Perhaps its both … if you don’t mind my speculation.

  3. Jack Says:

    Is it that its an election year or is Rome burning?

    I’ve wonder aloud, if Campi has opted to use the “power” of the paper to undermine Lowellians confidence in local government out of spite, or if he just hates government?

    Campi’s editorials don’t have what some may call a “moral compass.” The rants spin in a hodge podge way, but there does seem to be a steady resentment of government. Unless, of course, it is subsidizing private enterprises.

    Has this latest episode been a run at Bernie Lynch or Barack Obama? Funny thing, today. I ran into a guy that went off about Lynch and Lynch’s tax policy> He shouted, “He’s another Obama!” Most certainly, this IS Campi’s target audience. Though I should say, this man called The Sun a “Rag, .. not worth the 75 cents.” Anyways…

    It’s likely Campi can’t tell the difference between Lynch and Obama. That would explain so much of what the “rag” prints.

  4. Lynne Says:

    No, the local ire is all about who Campi hangs with, ie his personal loyalties. Seen through that prism, it also makes total sense. (In that, it makes no sense, but in a twisted GOB world, it does.)

    Campi’s also “out of power” in a way, and therefore, the more distant he actually is from the center of the universe (in his eyes), the more shrill he becomes…

    This is about ego, and a large dose of insecurity, if you ask this armchair psychologist. I used to call it “small town mentality” until I moved here…you know, that person in a town or in your cubical farm who gets a small modicum of power, and due to their inner insecurity and feelings of a lack of control, they totally go overboard on what they do to protect that power and what they do with that power.

    Almost any large org (government, private sector, nonprofit) has a few of these. Some worse than others.

  5. Joe S. Says:

    The paper has increasing distribution problems, as its latest disclosure indicates only about 35,000 whereas a couple of years ago it was 45,000 and at its peak around 55,000. He must be feeling the heat, and stirring up controversy may be an attempt to get more interest in the local news.

    And then there are his personal relationships which apparently don’t like losing their influence in the community.

  6. Huh Says:

    Back to the Future!!! Lowell goes with another former state legislator. Its worked so so well in the past.

  7. Lynne Says:

    Who in their right mind would think that this is a slam dunk (even if he wanted it) for Pangy anyway??

    The electorate has changed and grown. The GOBs are being left behind. Good luck with that takeover, Campi.

  8. Jade Says:


    The most successful cities and towns in the commonwealth, especially Lowell, and throughout the country have PROFESSIONAL MANAGERS. A professional manager will use their education, experience, and professional training to select qualified department heads and other key staff to oversee and ensure the efficient delivery of services, using merit and credentials as the leading criterion for making all hiring and personnel decisions.

    Lets not go back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries were there was widespread corruption and nepotism, especially New York City’s Tammany
    Hall and Kansas City’s Pendergrast machine, and more recently and locally, the Dracut Housing Authority Director search fiasco where qualified, experienced applicants were PASSED OVER for the POLITICALLY CONNECTED person!

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