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October 1, 2012

Certain Opinions Are Better .. #efhutton

by at 7:13 am.

I hope Dick Howe goes back to history and art, ’cause he’ll put all of us out of business.

I don’t usually comment on anything contained in the Sunday Lowell Sun “Column“, but one item this week caught my attention. It wasn’t that developer David Daly employed former city manager John Cox as a “consultant” on his proposal for a housing development on Westview Road, although that did explain a lot, especially the newspaper’s one-sided support for that project. (Note: I live on Westview and oppose the project). And it wasn’t that Daly, who I assume intends to continue doing business in Lowell into the future, took some very public and strong shots at state representative Kevin Murphy and Lowell Mayor Patrick Murphy, two guys with long memories and well-established political skills. No, the thing that really caught my attention was the section about former state senator Steve Panagiotakos predicting the defeat of not only Elizabeth Warren, but also of his former House colleague Colleen Garry, …

One line is the Blog of Record stood out to me (bold mine):

The developer, who is CEO of Daly General Contracting and PrideStar EMS, also said he thinks the council’s vote, as well as the recent Murphy-Mercier feud, will lead to a lively election next fall.

“This issue became so much about politics rather than what was best for the city,” Daly said. “I think you will see a pretty aggressive election cycle next year.

Is that a threat? #notcool How do the Councilors that voted in favor of Daly’s proposal feel about his overtures?

Lastly, on a Facebook live chat of last weeks City Council meeting, I wondered aloud what brought Jim Bowen Ed Howe John MacDonald to bear witness for Daly’s cash cow? Several political observers have mentioned to me, how odd it was that MacDonald took the opportunity to plug his employer, when he took to the podium last Tuesday. Name and address is the norm, not a 20 second infomercial for your employer.

2 Responses to “Certain Opinions Are Better .. #efhutton”

  1. Lynne Says:

    Pangy is…forgive the term…a dipshit, if he calls E Warren a left extremist. What a freaking crock. He’s delusional, gone totally off the rails…leave politics to the bears, Ebeneezer. What a washout he is.

    At best, BEST!, she is just left of center on issues that are left-right. On strengthening the middle class, she is a REALIST, ie using facts and real numbers to back up her policies…policies Republicans SHOULD be getting behind too, if they weren’t so mired in trickle-down Ayn-Rand fantasyland. Sure, on balance, she LOOKS really left, but that’s because conservatives in general have gone batshit-crazy far right in the last few cycles.

    Trust me, if I were looking for a far-left socialist who was going to spend all her time working on single payer health care, Warren ain’t it. But I do expect her to entertain the notion should it come up, for PRACTICAL reasons like, duh, it’s cheaper and more fair.

  2. George DeLuca Says:

    Lynne, If single payer health care is far-left socialism, then I don’t wanna be right. Admittedly, its a tough nut to crack, but its all about optimizing business practices to provide the people with the best quality continuum of care at the best value for the least amount of money.

    However, it WOULD appear that once a plane is in a vertigo dive, there’s no changing course or jumping off.

    Is it socialism or expansion of medicare, a program that’s working very well? Or are we talking semantics here.

    Feel free to move this comment to another post entitled “Single Payer Health Care?”

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