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October 3, 2012

A Tale Of Two Activists

by at 11:21 am.

For those of you that avoided the Tsongas Center like the plague, on Monday, you would have seen a large spectacle. I took this pic from the top of the Ayotte Garage at about 4:45, that evening. This was not the peak of the event.


Maybe an hour earlier, things were much quiter. Things were getting set up. I had asked a seasoned activist to show me the ropes, as it were, so I was seen gallivanting about, just taking it all in, so to speak. I was studying the scene. Apparently, in the first hour or so, Mike Hayden walked by me. I didn’t notice. Someone else just happened to catch this moment, as they snapped some shots of the “scene.”

Yes, that is Dan Housle from Channel 7 there working on his tan. Plus, me surveying and Mike Hayden carrying two signs. Hayden is a two fisted Brown supporter. I later saw Mike. He was blocking the crosswalk, at the time, but when he called my name out, I accepted his shallow taunt and shook his hand. There must be some level of comity extended to those that hold signs for a candidate. Not nitwits that put Hiltler moustaches on candidate’s pictures. Those folks suck. But, Mike was doing his little part, as were maybe 1,000+ others. I moved along, as I knew the cops did not want the crosswalks blocked. Plus, I was escorting sign carriers over to some prime “real estate.”

For my courtesy, Mike Hayden jots this on his Facebook page.


Maybe I should have left Mike alone, to stew in his loathe, but someone pointed his fb jeer out to me and I couldn’t let it go unanswered. If you let punks take liberties with your name, they only get bolder. So, here we are. I’m not convinced I should feed the attention whore that Mike Hayden is, but what the hell. He shook my hand when I offered it, so he ain’t all bad. I can throw him a meager bone.

After I took a few pics from the top of the Ayotte, I met up with a pal from NH and we made our way to support the Warren staffers that were feeding signs to the “front line.” So from 5 to about 6, you could see me doing this.


Then, from 6 to about 6:45, you could see me carrying signs off the front line “dump” points, (debate watchers had to be inside the Tsongas by 6:15 or so), back to the staging area. At 7, I went over to the Brewery Exchange to watch the debate on TV. I gave my two tickets away, so I could help a little longer. Plus, it’s more fun to hang out with the IAFF and drink a beer or three.

PS. To see more pictures of the event, please click over to ElizabethForMA’s photostream.

4 Responses to “A Tale Of Two Activists”

  1. Lynne Says:

    He really is a very angry little man. I find that sad, somehow.

  2. joe from Lowell Says:

    Uh, yeah, Mike, right on. Everyone knows how shy Jack is about letting his political views be known.


  3. George DeLuca Says:

    Tale of Four More Activists:
    Jay Mason, Van Peck, Jerry Bisantz and I were carrying “Vote Climate” signs and at one point we “unwittingly” inserted ourselves in a gap in the front line of a group of Scott Brown supporters. A Lowell Police officer approached us and told us that Scott Brown supporters had a policy that if it wasn’t a Scott Brown sign, it wasn’t allowed and asked us to move along. The banter was witty, we being Lowellians, and the LPD officer and our group had a bit of an inside joke going. We moved along albeit slowly chatting up anyone who’s listen, with the officer following not too far behind. I haven’t heard a police officer say “Ok, move along!” in a lot of years and found it rather fun, especially when he followed it with “Don’t worry, I’m not going to arrest you!”

    We ended up bonding with Elizabeth Warren sign holders. They accepted us totally as one of the group and were fun to be around. A couple of Scott Brown supporters approached us to see if we knew what “Vote Climate” meant. Of course, we offered up Jay as our spokesman. And he banged out hit after hit.

    Disclosure: I’m independent and undecided, but Elizabeth Warren gained a few points in my thought process. I thought she bloodied Scott’s nose a couple of times. Or perhaps it was more like, “Scott, stop hitting yourself!” We’ll see.

    People of Lowell Watching Dept.: saw Richard Howe, Paul Marion, Mimi, Tim Green, Marty Lorrey, Lynne (cool new do), Anne Ruthford (photog on the floor and in the pit), Marianne Gries, Michael Gallagher, George Duncan …

  4. Lynne Says:

    LOL, thanks George.

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