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October 12, 2012

Ethnic Food Tour - MORE PLEASE!

by at 1:39 pm.

I am bummed that I am already booked at the exact same time as this great event which I found on Facebook thanks to LDNA’s posting. Please have another tour sometime?

Ethnic Market Tour II
Saturday , Oct 13 2012, 2:00pm
Touring Central Market, East West Foods, African Central Market. Meet at the Parks Visitor Center, 246 Market St…space is limited on the bus, reservations are required. Call 978-970-5000 or 978-275-1719. Parking available at the Visitor Center lot, 304 Dutton St.

“Come join us on a tour of some of Greater Lowell’s ethnic markets…three local markets specializing in Portuguese, Indian, and African foods. You will have a chance to meet with proprietors, hear family stories, taste a sample, and buy specialty foods. FREE EVENT!”

Nutter Hits It HARD!

by at 12:53 pm.

Some things were said, last night at the GLTHS meeting.

Not only does it unfairly damage the reputation of Erik Gitschier it has opened up the entire district to a possible lawsuit and the Committee must act now. How can Erik represent the people if he has to be wary of any motion he files?

How can the entire MALE Board now not be on the defense? If she accuses one member what makes them think she will not accuse them all? Especially if they don’t renew her contract?

Note: I sometimes get the “stink eye” because I generally support Gerry’s blog. We rarely agree, if not in spirit, definately in style. But, never forget, the Blog of Record will only tell you what their friends, and ad buyers, want told. Gerry, as furious as he makes me sometimes, let’s the fur fly. I’ll take the bad with the good. This? Is very good.

Will Gerry get a Santoro Pizza delivered to his house tonight?

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