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October 14, 2012

Is it time?

by at 7:36 pm.

Not the first time I’ve heard this said:

Name: pablo

If the Seventeenth Middlesex is going to have a Republican rep, why not elect the real Republican instead of the fake Democrat?

Is it time for Democrats for Martin Burke?

Posted Oct 14, 6:50 PM

Is it?

Nangle Online Story Altered. Why?

by at 12:56 pm.

In the blog below, I pointed out that Dave Nangle tripped over his own shoelaces, trying to “roll out” his endorsement of our junior, half term Senator. The report from Saturday gave an indication that the decision wasn’t quite so “last minute.”

Pretense Dropped. Nangle Is Free.

by at 12:21 pm.

The sickly sweet promise of a foregone conclusion:

August 13th, 2012 at 2:18 pme
I think Dave Nangle should openly endorse Scott Brown. He is facing a weak Republican opponent, so he should make the bold move.

Yes, that would be a slap to the MADP, but who cares? The state party won’t do shit to Nangle and the local party is in the tank with Nangle. There are 3 TV ads with turncoat Dems endorsing Scott Brown. Brown needs Lowell. Ward 1, Nangle’s backyard, is all Brown really needs to cinch Lowell up.

Let’s drop the pretense. Free Dave Nangle!



by at 10:35 am.

In case you missed it (it’s been passed around Facebook), George DeLuca has a new collaborative blog called Lowell2020. It’s been added to the Lowell blogroll. Says the blog about the collaborative: “Lowell2020 is a new collaborative in Lowell, MA. The Lowell2020 blog exists to seek out and clarify Lowell’s vision for the future.” It is also a new LTC program and WCAP radio segment.

George has already been busy over there with quite a number of posts, ranging from cultural and arts to political and technocratic (the latest is a technical look into the Ameresco contract).

The only thing I find confusing about the blog (and this is just a minor nitpick) is that there is no author listed on posts, and if these are collaborative and not a single-author blog, it’d be great to attach a name (or nickname) to contributions. Since it’s a wordpress.com blog I’m not sure if one can even change the WP template or not, but it might be a useful add.

Lowell has no shortage of community-minded individuals willing to put type to pixel and start a conversation, that’s for sure! Welcome to the blogosphere, Lowell2020! (Facebook page is here if you want to keep up with the latest.)

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