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October 14, 2012

Nangle Online Story Altered. Why?

by at 12:56 pm.

In the blog below, I pointed out that Dave Nangle tripped over his own shoelaces, trying to “roll out” his endorsement of our junior, half term Senator. The report from Saturday gave an indication that the decision wasn’t quite so “last minute.”

On Saturday, the report stated:

The Brown campaign was already touting the endorsement via press release Saturday afternoon, noting Nangle is one of two house Democrats to endorse Brown, …

From an online archive - Democrat Nangle endorses Republican Brown in Senate race
Sun, The (Lowell, MA) - Saturday, October 13, 2012

Online now, the report states:

The Brown campaign touted the endorsement, noting that Nangle is one of two House Democrats to endorse Brown, …

State Rep. Nangle, a Democrat, endorses Brown
Updated: 10/14/2012 08:59:05 AM EDT

Big whoop-de-doo? Well, does it matter if Nangle says it was “last minute” and the Brown campaign had a press release “in the can?” Since none of these folks are cluing me in, I’m speculating. Speaking of clues, we have the alteration of the report.

If Nangle & Brown didn’t trip over their own shoelaces in this rollout, why was the online report altered?

When the stakes are big, amatuers will make big mistakes. Use your own judgement, please.

30 Responses to “Nangle Online Story Altered. Why?”

  1. Lynne Says:

    I guess that depends on what your definition of “last minute” is… *rolls eyes*

    However, the alteration is DEFINITELY suspicious. God forbid the GOB paper insinuate one of their own might have told any sort of untruth…

    The fact Nangle said “Scott didn’t know I was going to do that”…but yet Brown was touting this by Saturday, before the paper announcement…when did Scott Brown know and when was the actual official endorsement?

    I smell choreography, here, too. If by “Scott didn’t know I was going to do that” Nangle meant, “last month, Scott didn’t know I was going to do that, but as of two days ago I told him” well at least we could measure plausibility here.

  2. Jack Says:

    Based on my observations with campaigns at the level of a Congressional race or higher, endorsements are pre-arranged, that there is “choreography,” if you will. Often, they are held until there is a strategic reason to deploy the endorsement.

    I made that assertion when Rita Mercier’s endorsement was, imho, deployed to step on the building momentum of the “Fighter” TV ad featuring Art Ramahlo.

    Campaign sausage making isn’t glamorous and it is not rocket science. Voters frequently assess a candidate on how a campaign is executed. When voting records don’t exist or are muddied by brazen re-invention campaigns, as is Scott Brown’s, we look at how they conduct their capmpaigns.

    Nangle & Brown are practicing “Having your cake and eat it too” politics.

  3. TJM Says:

    You two genius’s might be onto something…how could a campaign for high office possibly get positive info out to the public so quickly? Email, Twitter, smartphones…na, they’re probably not using any of those tools

  4. Jack Says:

    You are not incorrect.

    There is possible, then there is plausible. Folks can make up their own minds. What they will say, outloud, may differ.

    TJM, are you a “Having your cake and eat it too” Democrat? It’s nice having all those fine Union bennies, only to vote Republican because “freeloaders” drain the economy. :v\ You’d be in “good” company.

  5. TJM Says:

    Try again Jack….private sector is where I’ve always made my living but since we’re onto asking questions - were you that big lumpy kid that always got picked on bullied? And, now that you’re the bully, do you feel any vindication or just self loathing?

  6. Jack Says:

    If we are talking “genius,” then I should point out that there are private sector Unions.

    As for your shithouse head shrinking, my answer is “No.” You one of Nangle’s pals? Your blogging puts you in that political spectrum.

  7. TJM Says:

    Jack - you should step out of Lynne’s shadow and start your own blog: “Bully in the Bubble”

  8. Jack Says:

    Oh, TJM.
    You know I don’t meet any of the earmarks of a bully. Are you saying Nangle is politically impotent? Weak? Is Brown?

    I was 5 ft away from Dave Nangle on Thursday. He didn’t say shit to me. I’ve been busting his chops since December. I let Brown know where we stood when I met him at the ICC.

    I use my full name. I am willing to stand up for my ideals. I don’t hide. I don’t run.

    I say the things others grumble to me. Some have the Blog of Record to make their bones for them. I tell another side of the story.

    It’s unfortunate that you are at a loss, incapable of mounting a cogent response, thus lowering yourself and your pal to a not so new low.

  9. Lynne Says:

    Oh Christ, Jack a bully…that’s freaking hilarious.

    Jack has about 1000% more cred than you do.

    Also, why is it you often “come out” when we talk about Nangle, particularly? Are you a family member? If so, you ought to inform people about your bias. That would be the ethical thing to do.

  10. Prince Charming Says:

    Jack you’re starting to sound like the other guy, just with better spelling.

  11. Jack Says:

    Geez PC.
    It would have been nice, if you had my back, re: “bully.”

    Et tu …? ;v)

  12. gerry nutter Says:

    Not to worry Jack,

    You’ll never sound like me, your spelling is a lot better (so is your grammar) and you know the blogging rules. Plus you bleed blue for the Democrats while I’m a floater.

  13. stewart Says:

    This is too juicy- so the falcon has heard the falconer, eh TJM?

  14. stewart Says:

    The question no one seems to have the stones to ask, is: if the water runs deep, is blood truly thicker than water? Brown and Nangle look alike- is there a chance they are related? If so, can they be trusted? If not….

  15. pablo Says:

    If the Seventeenth Middlesex is going to have a Republican rep, why not elect the real Republican instead of the fake Democrat?

    Is it time for Democrats for Martin Burke?

  16. stewart Says:

    Have you ever heard the saying “a pint of blood is worth more than a bar of gold?” That also applies to public policy. Our founding fathers knew that local politics are often decided by factors beyond our control. When will we realize that we don’t know everything?

  17. joe from Lowell Says:

    how could a campaign for high office possibly get positive info out to the public so quickly? Email, Twitter, smartphones…na, they’re probably not using any of those tools

    Oh, they’re certainly using those fast tools to get their message out. Remember how Brown stepped on his own feet - feet, Lynne, feet! - with the too-quick announcement of Mickey Ward’s endorsement? We know, for sure, that they are putting these messages out there in real time.

    The question then becomes, why alter the story in the Sun? That’s evidence of intent to deceive - it’s just a question of whose intent: the Sun’s alone, or Nangle’s as well? Or Brown’s?

    At this point, does it even make sense to discuss the Brown campaign and the Lowell Sun as two different entities?

  18. stewart Says:

    TJM- a man once said “give me liberty or give me death”. But I guess for you its more like “give me a pizza and some beer and let’s watch honey boo boo” isn’t it?

  19. Jim Says:

    Martin 2014?

  20. Publius Says:

    This back and forth sounds like a poorly done internet soap opera.

  21. joe from Lowell Says:

    Let’s clear this up right now:

    1. Beer
    2, tie: Liberty
    2, tie: Pizza
    3. Death
    4. Honey Boo-Boo

  22. Mary Louise Says:

    Brown and Nangle look alike? Are you out of your mind, Stewart? Scott Brown, like him or not, is one handsome man.

  23. Lynne Says:


  24. Lola Says:

    Who is left in the Nangle political “tribe”? Only Nangle and Cousin John Leahy?

  25. Jack Says:

    The Longmeadow Clique has long tentacles. Don’t underestimate what can flow downhill.

  26. Martin Burke Says:

    I’m the Martin Burke who is running against David. I’m a fiscal conservative and a social liberal.

    We need to promote, encourage and enforce fairness and integrity in our system and our state. In order to be fair, accountability has to happen. This will ensure sustainability of worthy programming and the equitable distribution of funds to those who need them. There must be an end to the exploitation of programming.

    Protecting our freedoms and personal rights is essential to democracy. These beliefs easily allow me to take Pro-Choice and Pro-Civil Union positions.

    Professionally, I am a Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser. I own and operate a successful business on Merrimack Street in Downtown Lowell, servicing many local attorneys and most of our local lenders.

    My commitment to the community has led me to be on the Board of Directors of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lowell, a Big Brother with Big Brother/Big Sister of Greater Lowell, a supporter of the Merrimack Valley Food Bank and Camp Paul/The Paul Center for Learning in Chelmsford, where my wife has worked for 15 years.

    Any questions or concerns, please contact me directly. (978)758-9793 or MBurke@PriorityAppraisals.org

    Thank you,
    Martin Burke

  27. Mr. Lynne Says:

    Thanks for checking in Martin. I am interested in the extent to which you are a ‘fiscal conservative’. I can’t find any specifics on your fiscal positions other than a Sun article from April (hat tip Cliff at Right-Side), which states:

    Burke, who owns an appraisal business on Merrimack Street, said he decided to get into the race in part to protect government programs that help people and do away with those that waste taxpayer dollars.

    “I see it as an issue when they’re talking about cutting Meals on Wheels but are going to expand free cellphone programs,” said Burke, who lives on Andover Street. “They’re taking things away from the needy because other programs are being exploited.”

    I can see where one’s instincts might look at that program and wonder if there is waste there (although I’d argue that it warrents looking into before publicly condemning). That particular program seems like a favorite item going on conservative areas of the web these days.

    However, since popping up on the internet, I did a small amount of searching the web, where we find:

    1) Much like ‘Meals on Wheels’, the phone program in question is also an assistance program.

    2) It started under W and is an extension of a program Reagan created.

    3) And its funded independently.

    Learning all that, is it still your contention that this is an ‘issue’? Moreover, since you seem to be protective of spending on at least one assistance program, it begs the question on what exactly you mean by ‘fiscal conservative’. Usually when one declares that, the next thing out of one’s mouth isn’t protection of an assistance program.

  28. Joe S. Says:

    “fiscal conservative” doesn’t mean cheap, but rather wise spending. We must recognize that money well spent can lead to prosperity. The difficulty is figuring out where to best put your bucks.

  29. Mr. Lynne Says:

    I understand the spirit of your comment Joe, but after brief consideration of your assertion I have to disagree. If it really meant ‘wise’ then everyone would label themselves ‘fiscally conservative’. That is, ‘fiscally liberal’ and ‘fiscally conservative’ would mean the same thing since they’d both characterize their fiscal positions as ‘wise’, now wouldn’t they? After all, all budget decisions are decisions are enacted allegedly in the name of fiscal wisdom.

    To the extent that ‘fiscally conservative’ and ‘fiscally liberal’ (or ‘fiscally X’) can be said to have distinctions in definition, it can’t be ‘wisdom’.

  30. Martin Burke Says:

    We have a responsibility to provide food and shelter to the people. First and foremost we need to ensure the safety of elderly and children.

    As referenced in the state Constitution “frugality is absolutely necessary to preserve the advantages of liberty, and to maintain a free government. The people ought, consequently to have a particular attention to all those principles, in the choice of their officers and representatives.”

    When the free phone program was initiated, it was for land lines. I do see the ability to resource supporting services as essential to quality of life, not cell phones.

    And yes, it is a slippery slope of picking and choosing how to best spend the 32 billion dollar budget but when home bound seniors are getting essential services that they are dependant on taken away, I am ashamed.

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