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October 14, 2012

Pretense Dropped. Nangle Is Free.

by at 12:21 pm.

The sickly sweet promise of a foregone conclusion:

August 13th, 2012 at 2:18 pme
I think Dave Nangle should openly endorse Scott Brown. He is facing a weak Republican opponent, so he should make the bold move.

Yes, that would be a slap to the MADP, but who cares? The state party won’t do shit to Nangle and the local party is in the tank with Nangle. There are 3 TV ads with turncoat Dems endorsing Scott Brown. Brown needs Lowell. Ward 1, Nangle’s backyard, is all Brown really needs to cinch Lowell up.

Let’s drop the pretense. Free Dave Nangle!

From the Blog of Record:

State Rep. David Nangle on Saturday became the second prominent Lowell Democrat to back U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, making what he called a last-minute decision to endorse the Republican at his annual fundraiser.

“Whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat or an independent, what matters to me is what kind of individual you are,” Nangle said after making the endorsement Saturday afternoon.

What’s kinda funny, is that Rep.Nangle, who is elected, ad nauseum, based on his strong familial intergration in the tangled web of nepotism, cronyism and patronage that is the hallmark of “withering Lowell;” operates under the assumption that voters would use him as a character witness. Dude? For realz? Oddly, enough, I’ve heard the foundation of Nangle’s support comes from folks that wouldn’t want to be saddled with the cumbersome task of finding Dave a “real job.”

The operative phrase here is “take it with a grain of salt.” The same applies to this irreverent blogger.

Let’s focus in on what is called the “roll out” of this endorsement. The Sun frames it nicely in the blockquote above. Nangle “making what he called a last-minute decision to endorse the Republican… .” Of course, it started last Dec., when Nangle blurted out on WCAP, “one of us” and that Brown “deserved” to go back to DC. Oddly enough, “one of us” is very close to the phrase on the now circulating Scott Brown bumpa sticka, which tries to convince us that, “HE’S FOR US. Nangle has an uncanny knack for knowing what Scott Brown’s PR consultants are thinking. Dumb luck, I’d bet.

Nangle’s “last minute decision” was telegraphed over the course of this year, as the slow drip-drip-drip, built to the latest unraveling. Note how the Blog of Record metered it out:

“Scott didn’t know I was going to do that,” Nangle said. “I had been giving it some thought over time.”

Brown returned the favor, endorsing Nangle, who faces a challenge from Lowell Republican Martin Burke.

The Brown campaign was already touting the endorsement via press release Saturday afternoon, noting Nangle is one of two house Democrats to endorse Brown, and among 20 Democratic leaders around the state to do the same.

(Bold mine, intentionally. More on that in a following blog)


I have watched the excrutiatingly dull, Campi moderated, debate between Nangle and his challenger Martin Burke. To be fair, this debate flop is Campi’s fault, alone. I’m letting both Nangle and Burke off the hook. Just watch a Chris Scott moderated debate to see the stark improvement. Regardless, I can’t figure why Burke’s challenge would send Nangle running to Scott Brown’s tattered and flimsy coattails?

Or, is it Brown running to Nangle? Egads.

10 Responses to “Pretense Dropped. Nangle Is Free.”

  1. Prince Charming Says:

    I wonder if these Dems (?) would consider Obama “one of us?”.

  2. Lynne Says:

    At least you can say that usually, Rita Mercier is a pretty decent Democrat, when it comes to party politics and even, to an extent, policy.

    Nangle by contrast is one of the shittiest Democrats in the state. I’m not a huge fan of DINO hunts (we’re just not a lock step party nor should we be) but he LITERALLY doesn’t believe in ANYTHING in the party platform. WTF? Switch parties already. Go away.

    What hurts the most is that this guy is the very definition of “sucking at the government teat” and we’ll be fronting his lifestyle forever. I hate that. He doesn’t deserve it.

  3. Lynne Says:

    And to be clear, I will not be voting for the Republican, but I sure as hell will still be leaving Nangle’s name blank, like I ALWAYS do.

  4. Christopher Says:

    So Lynne, it sounds like you live in Nangle’s district? Don’t suppose you would be up to mounting a primary challenge next time!:)

  5. Lynne Says:

    Oh, GOD no. No thanks.

    Yes I live in Nangle’s district. I used to be Murphy’s before we bought the house but now I am Ward 10. :)

  6. pablo Says:

    Let’s put this silliness to an end, once and for all.

    Vote for Burke - and replace him with a real Democrat in 2014.

  7. joe from Lowell Says:

    “Whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat or an independent, what matters to me is what kind of individual you are,” said Nangle, previously known mainly for his close political alliance with disgraced former House Speaker Tom Finneran.

  8. Paul@01852 Says:

    I’m curious… does anyone know what John Walsh (Chair of the state Democratic Party) has to say about this? And will Nangle be allowed to be a delegate at the next state Democratic convention even though he’s ex officio by reason of his elective office?

  9. Rose Says:

    I agree with Pablo. He should be replaced with a real Dem in 2014.

  10. Prince Charming Says:

    If they wake the sleeping giant in Belvidere, Nangle is toast. He’ll reach into the pie this year and find himself a plum for next year. A graceful exit.

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