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October 15, 2012

Damn The Lepers! Full Speed Ahead!

by at 12:46 pm.

This is a tale of two friends.

One friend warns me to not screw around with Dave Nangle, too much, or I may become a “Leper.” A political leper, as in, shunned.

Another friend is surrounded by Scott Brown yard signs and dares not risk putting up a Warren sign. It’s the “leper” thing.

Both are driven, not so much by fear, but by the potential of being impaired from doing “more good.”

This is what make folks “cynical.” That we must look over our shoulders, watch our step, lest the “gatekeepers” close us out. This gentle tyranny motivates me.

If you disagree with me, but can talk your way out of a “paper bag,” like my friend Cliff Krieger; then I respect you and enjoy your company. If you are part of the “bumper sticker braintrust,” compelled to parrot prepackaged political talking points, left or right, then I deal with you or avoid you, when I can.

Please, seriously, shut me out of the bubble. It often sucks in here, anyways. But, know, as long as you are trying to use our City and our public coffers to an obscene advantage; we are gonna dance.

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