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October 15, 2012

Damn The Lepers! Full Speed Ahead!

by at 12:46 pm.

This is a tale of two friends.

One friend warns me to not screw around with Dave Nangle, too much, or I may become a “Leper.” A political leper, as in, shunned.

Another friend is surrounded by Scott Brown yard signs and dares not risk putting up a Warren sign. It’s the “leper” thing.

Both are driven, not so much by fear, but by the potential of being impaired from doing “more good.”

This is what make folks “cynical.” That we must look over our shoulders, watch our step, lest the “gatekeepers” close us out. This gentle tyranny motivates me.

If you disagree with me, but can talk your way out of a “paper bag,” like my friend Cliff Krieger; then I respect you and enjoy your company. If you are part of the “bumper sticker braintrust,” compelled to parrot prepackaged political talking points, left or right, then I deal with you or avoid you, when I can.

Please, seriously, shut me out of the bubble. It often sucks in here, anyways. But, know, as long as you are trying to use our City and our public coffers to an obscene advantage; we are gonna dance.

Here’s my tune:

Now I don’t mind choppin’ wood, and I don’t care if the money’s no good.
Ya take what ya need and ya leave the rest,
But they should never have taken the very best.

11 Responses to “Damn The Lepers! Full Speed Ahead!”

  1. Lynne Says:

    Ha, if I had a nickel for every time someone tried to warn me off…

    Then again, I have always maintained, since I don’t need anything from those people, that is precisely why I am so dangerous. Not because of any innate ability on my part, just that they don’t really have any power over me.

    This stuff is why I invited you to be a front pager, Jack. :)

  2. Art is Fun Says:

    Speaking of taking “crap” I’ve been inundated because of my traitorous two sided position. In my case I’m just too old to care. It may have even cost me $$$. Oh well. I felt strongly enough in this election to make my position public and let the chips fall where they may. Jack, we have never met, after the election I’d like to get together for a while so you can tell me the error of my ways. My treat.

  3. Canal Rat Says:

    A lot of people I really like, good friends, good people, see the world politically
    very differently than I do. I think it’s part of your DNA whom you are drawn
    to and who makes your BS meter go off. There is no way to change it unless there’s
    an organic development that comes from within.
    I hope everyone feels free to put up whatever sign they want, and I do admire
    Dave for putting his future on the line for a friend, and one that he
    believes will do the right thing. I know this will “leperize” him among some
    Democrats, and I’m sure he knows it too. Like it or not, folks, that’s called courage.

  4. Jack Says:

    @Art I talk a lot. You have been warned.

    @CR I’ll say, I am very put off by Nangle’s move, but YES, it did take some courage. Though he has been walking it out, floating a trial balloon they call it, since Dec.2011.

    He is insulated by a large crew. If he is “leperized,” it will be in Boston, not Lowell. Will his gov’t paycheck suffer? Nope. If he doesn’t bring home the bacon, he will still get reelected.

    The game is rigged by the “party” he just shivved.

  5. Lynne Says:

    Nangle’s not being brave by endorsing Brown…he’s being OBVIOUS. All the rest of us are like, DUH dude.

    I really, really really really want a primary in our district, but NOT just because of this. Because I’ve wanted a primary for a very long time. The guy is NO Democrat. He also backs the WORST Speakers - in his last Speaker vote, he backed the MORE corrupt of the two candidates. Sigh.

  6. ArtisFun Says:

    “the MORE corrupt of the two candidates” Damn, that is a sad statement. It’s almost over.

    “she is a political activist who hates anyone who is not liberal” copied from a FB post by Mike H. Lynne, I for do not feel hated. Abused at times (LOL) but never hated.

    Moderator, Edit this as you see fit, if you think my joke is out of line.

  7. Jack Says:

    What would we edit? The “Mike H. Lynne” poke. We have thicker skin that that around here. Though, Hayden’s Facebook page will light up, as he is obsessed with the “Queen of Mean,” as he puts it.

    Hayden’s Facebook page looks like a shrine to LiL. (cue Twilight Zone interlude)

  8. joe from Lowell Says:

    I do admire Dave for putting his future on the line for a friend, and one that he
    believes will do the right thing. I know this will “leperize” him among some
    Democrats, and I’m sure he knows it too. Like it or not, folks, that’s called courage.

    How much courage does it really take for a Lowell politician to endorse an incumbent senator who won Lowell in the last election?

    How much courage does it take for a SAC Club politician to endorse the candidate whose campaign sign is prominently displayed on the walls of the SAC Club?

    Courage is going against the flow. Nangle is swimming downstream in his particular river.

  9. Jack Says:

    Besides the ICC, one place I know Scott Brown has been IN LOWELL, is the SAC Club. TWICE! Once after the last St. Patrick’s Day event and after the UML debate he had with his own voting record. ;v)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    and now we have ANOTHER reason not to visit the SAC Club.

  11. Martin Burke Says:

    His actions were not courageous. David is a professional politician, who is leveraging his power and influence for his own benefit, not yours.

    David voted no on Roll Call#11-117, which would have adopted an amendment ensuring the House Ethics Committee is nonpartisan and composed of an equal number of Democrats and Republicans. This would mirror the Ethics Committe established in many states and in Congress.

    A yes vote would have been courageous. Instead he voted for his good good buddy Sal.

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