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October 22, 2012

Brown’s GOTV & Endorsement Blues

by at 7:41 pm.

On Sunday, in Lowell, Scott Brown held a rally. (Actually, it was more like a really?) But that can happen when you use such flawed surrogates, like Kelly Ayotte:
“I absolutely support and believe in marriage as between a man and a woman, and I do think it’s unfortunate that our state has made a different decision on that. And I know that many of you who are out there working at the state level, running for state office, I commend your efforts to repeal that law here in the state of New Hampshire. And I think that’s very important.

On Sunday, Kelly Ayotte helped Scott Brown diss on Elizabeth Warren and Federal Student Loan programs:

“Don’t let her fool you on that one,” Ayotte said, as more than 100 supporters cheered.

Brown said bills like the student-loan proposal backed by Warren are “not jobs bills, they’re tax bills.”

Yikes! 100+? The Brown clique should have kept it at the SAC club, like the last two times.

Elizabeth Warren held, what I would call, a RALLY. This rally was out in Northampton, on Sunday afternoon.

Elizabeth Warren draws 1,000 supporters in Northampton


If an anemic ground game wasn’t enough to depress Scott Brown’s spirits, imagine trying to spin this faux pas -
Chaulk this up to a foregone conclusion:

The superior officer’s union’s nine-member executive board voted to support Brown, President Tom Fleming said.

Fleming said the full membership did not have a chance to meet to vote as an entire union.

You can figure the NEPBA’s support for Brown will fall in line, just after Gail Huff. Why do I say that?

This screen grab is from the first time, for the Special Election, they endorsed Scott Brown.


I’d like to know more details on this half of the Lowell cops endorsement.

The 165-member patrolmen’s union gave unanimous support to Brown, President Dennis Moriarty said.

ALL 165 members voted for Brown? On the first vote? Or, did they have one of those “kum-bah-ya votes” after the endorsement was hammered out? Most likely, they held a meeting and stacked the deck with Brown supporters to get the quorum they needed to do the Brown endorsement. It just seems off that 165 street savvy cops would all think the same way. But, the Blog of Record is clear.

Fairly bold for, what? 40+/- cops to speak on behalf of all 165 members, for such a contested Senate seat.

I know not all cops think the same way. First off, it’s statistically impossible. Plus, we know Democrats support public safety over political poses. Scott Brown adores posing. How can I say that? Because I was there when Supt. Lavallee said this:

From The Column, Sept. 23rd (Archive not linkable):
LAVALLEE prefaced his comments by saying he was in no way trying to make a political statement.

He then proceeded to make a cutting political statement.

Lavallee pointed out that Democrats such as President Barack Obama and especially Bill Clinton, have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into federal grant programs, such as COPS, which have helped police across the country hire more officers.

Lavallee said Republicans have offered police virtually no money at all.

He even recounted a meeting he attended in 2007 with representatives of then-nominee Obama, and Republican nominee John McCain.

Lavallee said Obama’s people said they would provide millions to programs that help hire police officers, while McCain’s people said they would provide nothing, but that they hoped police would vote for McCain because police tend to side with Republicans on more philosophical issues.

Lavallee closed his remarks by once again saying he wasn’t making a political statement.

Then he smirked.

For those wondering, Lavallee said he is unenrolled.

5 Responses to “Brown’s GOTV & Endorsement Blues”

  1. Brian Flaherty Says:

    Admit 100 is a bad crowd but 11am on a Sunday is a terrible time to have a rally. Have it in the afternoon or 11am on a Saturday.

  2. Joe S. Says:

    Bad time? Bad decision.

  3. Lynne Says:

    Especially when a lot of your peeps are of the church-goin’ crowd…but 11am or 2pm, I doubt he’d draw many more. First, I don’t think Brown elicits “excitement” in his voter base. Second, I think his campaign is very shoddily run, and disorganized, which means that pulling people in for a rally is tougher - either not enough notice, or not enough word spread wide enough around. Even at the last minute, the Warren peeps can pull in a lot of folk…of course, there’s a LOT of enthusiasm for her, to begin with. Tough to compete with that on all levels.

    When Warren was in Lowell last, for the roundtable event (not a rally and not intended to be a big crowd) I got at least two invites to the event. Personal invites from people I know, who are not Warren campaign people. THAT is how you get attendance.

    RE the union comments…and the Republicans accuse other unions of being lockstep or (unfounded) accuse them of paying members or threatening them to show up at rallies? Really??

  4. Tim Little Says:

    Last night I got a robo-invite to a Scott Brown town-hall meeting later this week; I keep getting Scott Brown mailers, too. :D
    If *that* doesn’t speak to a disorganized campaign, I don’t know what does.

  5. Lynne Says:

    Heh. Yeah, I got some of the state Republican Party mailers…I mean, two registered Dems who show up and pull Dem ballots at every partisan primary…okay.

    Maybe they thought there really were a lot of peal-aways…but you are better of focusing on indys since R’s really need to pull in a large percentage of them to actually win statewide.

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