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October 27, 2012

RoboRita Called :v\

by at 3:01 pm.

The Caller ID said Falmouth, but it was our former Mayor and #1 vote collector, Rita Mercier. Well sorta. It was a recording of her voice. A robocall, they call ‘em. Do you remember getting a million of those during the Brown/Coakley race. I’m convinced the onslaught of obnoxious calls from every national Dem with name recognition helped seal the deal FOR Scott Brown.

Last I checked, Warren wasn’t using “robocalls.” But, then again, we have real people volunteering to knock on doors and look you in the eye. This crew went out at about 11:30am -

Poor ol’ Scott Brown needs “RoboRita” to get his message out.

PS. I’d love to get that audio file, if someone has it on voicemail, ect. Holla.

Here it is, folks. Enjoy:

(h/t Mr. Lynne, who transcribed the message for us)

“Hello this is Rita Mercier calling for Scott Brown. I am the former mayor of the city of Lowell and I am a life-long Democrat. I support President Obama. However I am also voting for Scott Brown, because Scott has proven that he does not follow party lines and will always do what’s right for Massachusetts. As a Democrat I want someone with an open mind and Scott has shown that he will work together with President Obama and anyone else to move us forward, regardless of party. Scott doesn’t put party first and neither should we.

I hope you will join me in voting for him on Tuesday November 6th.”

Then another voice comes on and says: “Paid for by Scott Brown for US Senate Commitee Inc. 508 740 7255.”

4 Responses to “RoboRita Called :v\”

  1. Lynne Says:

    Yeah, you can totally kiss the ground I walk on for fixing up the audio file for the Mr - including de-essing - that he just sent your way.

    Booyeah I have mad skillz! (Not that clipping the sound of phone ringing is THAT hard in Audacity - but the de-essing was a nice addition!)

    Anyway, it’s all sent.

  2. Jack Says:

    Thanks for the help, you two.

  3. Mr. Lynne Says:

    Great. Now I can get her off my VM.

  4. joe from Lowell Says:

    As a Democrat, I don’t want to be represented by a senator with an “open mind” about whether it is a good idea to help implement the plutocrat ideology of the Republicans.

    As a Democrat, I want someone whose mind is solidly made up on that matter, and who does not find arguments to the contrary compelling.

    Telling me that I favor Democrats because I like the color of their jackets or something is not going to get my vote. It’s just going to piss me off.

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