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October 28, 2012

Dead On Balls

by at 7:35 pm.


The End

Brown’s campaign got caught short. We owned the best “real estate.”

Brown’s supporters had slurs. We had smiles. :D

(h/t Geoff Feldman)

30 Responses to “Dead On Balls”

  1. Jack Says:

    So, doing countervisibilty at the Brown event which, btw, was slightly better attended than the Cumnock Hall embarassment. I was insulted with the various types of epithets and slurs, as were my fellow Warren supporters. It tends to blow my mind when ladies females do it.

    Anyways, I’ve heard of this sort of thing, but some slob with a Flip camera or something came up to me and Bill, filming as he approached. As we noticed him approach, he said something like, “Just trying to get some footage of a couple of assholes.”

    I knew the trick. This piece of shit would edit out his provocation and only show our response. So, we played it down, without incident, and he wobbled his sorry ass down the road. Off to worship his idol.

  2. Lynne Says:

    Yeah like I said, there were incidents at the standout before the UML debate. There was one where literally, a Brown supporter was trying to provoke a union Warren supporter.

    Passions were high on both sides, but by far, the worst behavior came from Brown people…and no wonder. It comes from the top down.

  3. Mr. Lynne Says:

    The amount of class in the Brown campaign is amazing. What a man, what a guy, what a shame.

  4. lowell gal Says:

    talk about spin, I worked the door for Scott Brown yesterday and the hall was filled to capacity. Standing room only. As for the worst behavior, I spoke to numerous people coming in, visibly upset, because they were taunted by Warren sign holders as they came into the hall, they all mentioned one LADY? in particular with blond hair. Lynn, like I told you before, I saw and heard your union thugs, chanting “if it’s brown flush it down” at the debate. Unfortunately we can all point to bad behavior on both sides.
    Jack you were there to provoke, that’s your style. Just your comments, slob, piece of shit etc, classless.
    As my husband and I were leaving we spoke to one of the Police officers on duty and this is what he told us and I quote ” if I were on the fence in this race, after watching and hearing these Warren supporters holding signs today, I would vote for Brown”.

  5. Lola Says:

    The latest television ad uses the most unflattering picture of Elizabeth Warren imaginable. So much for Mr. Nice Guy.

  6. Brian Flaherty Says:

    Just like the nice Warren sign holder in Melrose where McCain was speaking - calling him a war monger.

  7. Brian Flaherty Says:

    Plus, you guys are one to talk about language. The stuff published on this blog would make a trucker blush.

  8. joe from Lowell Says:

    In a year when political contests largely revolve around the question of whether Republicans hold non-rich people in contempt, the inability of Scott Brown supporters to use the word “union” without appending “thug” to it brings a smile to my face.

    It does such a good job letting the world know where they stand.

  9. Nana B Says:

    Hey Jack, as my husband Bob and I walked down to Long Meadow and I saw the signs for Ms. Warren I said to Bob Jack Mitchell has to be here. As we walked by the first women on the right holding a Warren sign she asked my husband what is that you are wearing and he said this was my unit the 1st Cav. my husband saw you approaching and went to greet you in the middle. As he did the women asked me again what my husband was wearing I told her it was the unit he served with in Vietbnam her response was Oh, too bad they lost. Being hard of hearing my husband thank god did not hear her response. You know somethiong Jack I thought the days of calling VietNam Vets losers was far behind us. I feel no matter what side you are on comments like the one that was tossed at my husband do not belong in any Campaign.

    [Edit notefrom the moderator: Previously the sign was identified as a Brown sigh. The person requested that we change the comment to reflect the sign was a Warren sign.]

  10. Jack Says:

    Lowell Gal,
    We had 12 people there. I talked to the “one LADY.” What I heard was her saying,
    “So sorry. Sorry. You are gonna lose. We are gonna win.” Wow! Devastating!

    I did ask her to limit her comments to ‘We are gonna win’ because it was more positive and less agitating. But, freedom of speech and all. …

    Odd, how you note I was there to provoke, when I stated the slob with the camera approached us calling us “assholes.” Talk about spin.

    As for elbow room, I counted 166. Slightly better than the rally at Cumnock Hall. Not the 500 reported in The Sun. Did Brown’s folks float that number?


    Download and count ‘em. I’d put the crowd at 200 tops.

  11. Lynne Says:

    Waaaaah, Brian. Don’t read it if you don’t like it. Or go start your own blog.

    And I’m NOT saying there aren’t Warren supporters who do these things, however, the CAMPAIGN has asked for civility and to refrain from such crap, and enforce that as much as they can…meanwhile Brown HIMSELF has been pretty uncivil, and his supporters are as a group, overall, far more likely to perpetrate this sort of behavior. But their role model being Brown, that doesn’t surprise me.

  12. Lynne Says:

    In a year when political contests largely revolve around the question of whether Republicans hold non-rich people in contempt, the inability of Scott Brown supporters to use the word “union” without appending “thug” to it brings a smile to my face. — joefromlowell

    INDEED. My point exactly.

  13. Jack Says:

    I regret that, NanaB. I do not agree with your husband’s politics, but I have the utmost respect for his community leadership and his service. Also, your service, as those of us that do serve, do NOT do it alone.

    Freedom of speech is often mishandled.

  14. Nana B Says:

    Correction Jack it was the women holding a WARREN sign. Sorry about that (But I know you probably knew it as a mistake) somtimes my fingers type faster then myu thoughts when I am upset.

  15. Brian Flaherty Says:

    Not saying I don’t like it or offended but don’t give other people grief for bad language when you’re just as bad.

  16. Jack Says:

    A guy walked up to me and called me an asshole. To Brian Flaherty, I am just as bad. :v\

  17. Prince Charming Says:

    Jack - sometimes being called an asshole is like an award. Be proud!

  18. A Says:

    Room was PACKED…sorry guys :)

  19. Jack Says:

    How “PACKED” could it be, A? If they were expecting standing room only, they would NOT have put in a dozen 6′ diameter tables. ;)

  20. A Says:

    Packed to the point where people were flowing out in the hallway. Good enough for me!

  21. A Says:


  22. lowell gal Says:

    @Jack, counting heads, counting tables, making sure the Warren sign holders were PC, apparently according to NanaB you missed one, your one busy little beaver. By the way when did Elizabeth Warren have a rally in LOWELL? If elected Warren would be another Senator just like John Kerry, you only see them when they want something. Did you see the Boston Globe Poll today? looking pretty good for Brown in such a blue state.

  23. Lynne Says:

    John Kerry has some really great voting records, especially on the environment. If Warren was a Senator like Kerry I would be very glad.

    But Warren is a VERY personable person - call her what you want, but reality is, she’s EXTREMELY accessible. Extremely.

    Warren has been in Lowell multiple times, sorry you haven’t been keeping up. I’ve posted about some of them.

  24. Nana B Says:

    Appreciate the Correction. Thank You.

  25. Prince Charming Says:

    pssst …. don’t tell them but when Obama wins his second term and Kerry becomes Secretary of State, Gov. Patrick will appoint Warren to the Senate seat. Shhh. Lowell gal’s gonna be pissed.

  26. lowell gal Says:

    are you already conceding defeat? I don’t think anyone will notice replacing Kerry (I dock my yacht in RI to avoid paying Massachusetts sales and excise tax) with Warren (350,000 for teaching two classes and you didn’t build that on your own) Those two really know how to connect with the working class. Gov. Patrick has his own problems, the compounding pharmacy, 25 deaths and counting, and the drug testing lab, millions in lawsuits yet to be filed, two whoppers on his watch. I think John Kerry would be a good Secretary of State, he served his country and it may just be a better fit for him, that is IF Obama wins.
    I didn’t ask if Warren has been in Lowell, I asked if she ever held a RALLY in Lowell, don’t remember seeing any stories or pictures in the Sun or on any blogs.

  27. Lynne Says:

    What are you talking about? Do you even know? Conceding defeat? Give me a break.

    You are really stretching there, maybe you should take up yoga?

    Why does she need to hold a RALLY, lowell gal? She’s been here at least half a dozen times, and she meets people right where they work or live or hang, and those events have been popular.

    But yes, she has been here with a large crowd, thank you very much, a lot earlier in the campaign, and it was a packed meeting. I was there.

  28. Jack Says:

    Lynne, are you shitting me?! Elizabeth Warren has NEVER been to Lowell’s mecca, the SAC club. You ain’t been to Lowell, if ….

    If you have been listening to Nangle & Brown talk it up in Lowell, they blather about Brown being from the Bay State. They have all but called Warren a “Blow In.” Maybe lowell gal will cut to the chase for them?

  29. Prince Charming Says:

    “Prince Charming Concedes for Warren, Republicans all over South Lowell Rejoice”.

  30. Jack Says:

    You forgot the parochial troglodytes, “Democrats For Brown.”

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