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October 30, 2012

How’d You Fare?

by at 7:43 am.

The Merrimack Valley seems to have been largely spared, but I suppose, tell that to people who’ve lost power. What are you seeing around Lowell?

I have to admit, in my neighborhood, I saw more damage with Irene. Maybe all our weak branches and trees came down then and with last year’s Oct storm.

And how are you keeping your kids occupied during a second day at home? :)

3 Responses to “How’d You Fare?”

  1. Joe S. Says:

    Outer Westford street had some serious line damage that put the lights out for about 1500 households from about 3:30 pm Monday until it was restored just before 5pm Tuesday. Lines on the ground, transformer down and the cross-arms of one pole ripped off and dangling above the street.

    But the good news is that someone was there early today to cut up the wood, including a very large tree which was the primary culprit, before the utility crews arrived for the repair. Then there were 2 Comcast trucks on the scene and 3 NGRID trucks and crews to get the complex repairs down.

    Good job in coordinating the work (including police presence) and getting it completed.

  2. Lynne Says:

    Yeah I was hearing that tree and wire crews were supposed to have more coordination this time around.

  3. Magnolia Says:

    And this is posted late because…. we only had a couple of glitches lasting seconds for our power during the storm, the neighbor lost a good portion of a tree - which landed smack in the middle of the street missing everyone’s fences, the power lines and telephone poles. However Tuesday was another matter. We lost our Verizon connection at noontime - but not our Verizon landline. The internet came up about 30 minutes ago after 3 phones calls to Verizon -India edition and threatening to switch to Comcast internet. Our neighbor’s Comcast never went down. At the risk of sounding biased here, I absolutely hate talking to some one in another country, whom I can barely understand and who simply offers rehearsed platitudes and keeps promising service will be restored by the end of the day. We may just be switiching. Any opinions anyone?????.

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