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October 31, 2012

Where is the outrage?

by at 6:49 pm.

Jack has just posted on last night’s City Council meeting and posted the video of the entire meeting. I want to raise another issue regarding that meeting.

I know I had previously announced that I would not link any longer to a Lyle Moran report on City Council meeting but today’s article is a gem.

Moran is quoting City Council Rodney Elliott quoting Moran. And at next week’s City Council meeting, we will have CC Elliott quoting Moran quoting CC Elliott quoting Moran.

But what bothered me the most in that article is the characterization of City Council Ed Kennedy’s comments.

“City Councilors Rodney Elliott and Ed Kennedy voiced outrage Tuesday night about the recent events in the embattled Lowell Regional Water Utility, including an employee arrested for allegedly harassing and trying to intimidate three co-workers.”

I would not characterize CC Kennedy’s comments as “outrage.” Extremely Concerned? Dissatisfaction? Yes. Did he want to make a public statement? Yes. But did his comments reach the level of outrage? The guy did not even raise his voice.

As for CC Elliott, yes, it was outraged but that has become the norm with him. And yesterday was no exception. By the way, when he waved a copy of the newspaper, is that considered product placement.

My take on it, it would have been awkward, even by Lowell Sun standards, to have a the opening sentence of your article on the City Council meeting to read: 
City Councilor Rodney Elliott voiced outrage….” Really, so what else is new? So, it was best to lump CC Kennedy’s comments, therefore his demeanor in with those of CC Elliott’s. It fits the chosen narrative.

Also, there has been this effort to paint CC Kennedy in the same light as Elliott when it comes to the relationship with the City Manager. Perhaps at the beginning of the term he may have been giving those signals but now it is evident that he does not want to be anyone’s wing man. On the contrary, he wants to be the pilot and he is not interested in crashing the plane either.

When are the rest of the City Council going to take back their meeting? Or do they want Mayor Murphy and CC Bill Martin to do the heavy lifting for them?

So back to the City Council coverage of the Sun, I only have one question: Where have you gone Mike LaFleur? (Jen, I know where you are ;-) ).

4 Responses to “Where is the outrage?”

  1. Prince Charming Says:

    Rodney likes the company in the front seat until his passenger kicks him out and takes the wheel.

  2. dennis Says:

    The city Council is getting so (block Our ear thing)..I seem to me CC Elliott and CC Kennedy is the only ones want some kind or answer…Really the Mangers kept things untill late…He does not keep the Council in form untill it to late…And the Mayor.He sure make many errors…..But he is the mayor,He should works together with the councils….all 9 of them….

  3. Lynne Says:

    Bwahahahah! We have the coming-out-of-the-woodwork faux outrager comments again. You can tell we’re just about to get past an even year election and into a local cycle again, we have the grammatically-challenged coming on here pretending the Manager isn’t doing his job.

    But hey, who needs facts when one can parrot the Lowell Sun and Elliot?

  4. Thomas A. Wirtanen Says:

    Your Objectivity and grasp of the stuation is an inspiration, Lynne. With wholesale plunder, gas and metal stealing, steriods delivered on city time,ethics fines for self-help to city equipment, assault and witness intimdation all alleged at the Water Utility, does it sound like King Bernie has a grasp of the situation? Who is pretending Lynne? Do you endorse wholsale plunder and pillage at the Water Utility? Wait until we get to the wastewater fiasco.If you think you are choking on your sewer bill now, just wait until you see what is coming and why.

    If it was happening on Coxie’s watch, you would be screaming like a banshee.

    As long as there is subterfuge, qustions will be asked until answers are forthcoming.

    Thomas A. Wirtanen

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