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November 1, 2012

PHOTO RELEASE: Lowell Mayor, Register of Deeds, Former Mayors Endorse Elizabeth Warren

by at 7:51 pm.
October 31, 2012

LOWELL - Mayor Patrick Murphy, Register of Deeds Richard Howe, Jr., and former mayors Richard Howe, Sr., William Martin, James Milinazzo, Armand LeMay, and Brian Martin endorsed Elizabeth Warren for the United States Senate. These local elected officials and former elected officials offered their strong support for Elizabeth’s candidacy, saying her efforts to create a level playing field for working families and small businesses will help strengthen the City of Lowell and communities throughout the Merrimack Valley and Commonwealth.


PHOTO: From left to right: Register of Deeds Richard Howe, Jr., Fmr Mayors Brian Martin, Richard Howe, Sr., current Lowell Mayor Patrick Murphy, and Fmr Mayors Armand LeMay, William Martin, and James Milinazzo.

58 Responses to “PHOTO RELEASE: Lowell Mayor, Register of Deeds, Former Mayors Endorse Elizabeth Warren”

  1. Corey Erickson Says:

    Subtle comment on the need for more females in government noted…

  2. Jim Buba Says:

    Lowell’s rogue gallery with a new face to boot!

    The list of names itself should tell you much about why Lowell isn’t the prominent, Fourth Largest city in the Commonwealth.

    They are doing just fine, you are not.

    That’s the way they like it.

    All of them tossed out on their keesters by voters in due course for one or several ‘mis-deeds’ and yet it doesn’t register with the voters when ‘Son of Mis-Deed’ is ‘chosen’ by the party elite to take their places.

    ‘Keep the gravy train rolling’, ‘Don’t kill the Job’, and ‘It will never change’ are all catch phrases personified by the endorsement of Warren over Brown. She is a liar and a cheat and while the esteemed collection of formers with a current pictured are not ‘criminals’, the lot of them can reasonably be implicated by consequence that is personified by the spate of FBI investigations for the ‘goings on’ in Lowell today.

    You didn’t think that they sprang up overnight, now did you?

    Vote Republican in 2012. At the very least, you can go back to being stupid in 2013 and 2014, but you will have something by which a comparison will let you seriously think about what your vote and voice can do. Maybe it isn’t a Democrat problem, but even there the Democrat party faithful have been shaken to the bone as to who it is that is pulling the strings making us out to be the puppets they truly are.

    I promise that no animals or children will be harmed in any way and can affirm that none were injured by this comment.

    Jim Buba
    Lowell, MA

  3. Jack Says:

    Jim Buba goes Kamikaze.

  4. Jackie Donoghue Says:

    They’re not like us. Plain and simple. I’m sure more than one person here gets the message.

  5. Jack Says:

    @Jackie Please be more clear. I know Dick Jr., Murphy and Bill Martin, fairly well. We are different, in some respects, but are similar in core values of fairness and social justice.

  6. Jim Buba Says:

    Social justice?

    Could you be a little clearer here Jack? A definition would be helpful, but the Constitutions of the Commonwealth and of the United States were very clear about ‘We the People’ as being everybody.

    Just which part of society is ignored that you (et al) needs justice?

  7. Lynne Says:

    I’m not surprised a white straight male Republican has to ask.

  8. Thomas A. Wirtanen Says:

    Please use your heads an do not follow the lemmings into the fjord. Scott Brown is an open book, and worthy of your vote.

    Ms Warren has earned her place on every three dollar bill ever printed in the United States. The thought of yet anther democrat rubber stamp littering the senate is the presciption for failure. This is why thinking democrats have jumped ship, and in very public fashion.

    Ever wonder why you never see her family in any ads or at any events?

    Thomas A. Wirtanen

  9. Lynne Says:

    AHAHAHAH! An open book. Right, he’s a total empty suit, and that’s really plain for everyone to see. All image, no content. Kinda like a 3 year old’s picture book.

    But hey, keep on keepin’ on. Are you knocking doors for your candidate this weekend? I’m spending a LOT of time on GOTV as are a LOT of other people. See you Nov 6.

  10. Jack Says:

    I am so glad you mentioned the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Here is my favorite bit, layed out in the Preamble.

    The body politic is formed by a voluntary association of individuals: it is a social compact, by which the whole people covenants with each citizen, and each citizen with the whole people, that all shall be governed by certain laws for the common good. It is the duty of the people, therefore, in framing a constitution of government, to provide for an equitable mode of making laws, as well as for an impartial interpretation, and a faithful execution of them; that every man may, at all times, find his security in them.

    Our Founders were not lemmings. Thus, I stand boldly to reject the self absorbed folly that I see promulgated by you & Sensei Tom.

  11. Jackie Donoghue Says:

    Thanks Lynne,

    Your check is in the mail.

  12. Joe S. Says:

    How can anyone ever take Jim Buba seriously? That’s a question for you, Tom W.

  13. Jim Buba Says:

    Thanks Jack. This social compact, where is it exclusionary?

    My favorite part was annulled, to be modernized you understand, because it was ‘just old’:

    Article III, Part the First:
    Article III. [As the happiness of a people, and the good order and preservation of civil government, essentially depend upon piety, religion and morality; and as these cannot be generally diffused through a community, but by the institution of the public worship of God, and of public instructions in piety, religion and morality: Therefore, to promote their happiness and to secure the good order and preservation of their government, the people of this commonwealth have a right to invest their legislature with power to authorize and require, and the legislature shall, from time to time, authorize and require, the several towns, parishes, precincts, and other bodies politic, or religious societies, to make suitable provision, at their own expense, for the institution of the public worship of God, and for the support and maintenance of public Protestant teachers of piety, religion and morality, in all cases where such provision shall not be made voluntarily.


    Somehow, too many have lost sight of what is important. In this article, the Citizens of Massachusetts (The People) had freedom from taxation to support public schools and were free to support the school system that best represented them. This was done to recognize that not all of us are the same in every way, but may choose to differ, and mindful of the fact that it is against those natural freedoms and rights, that the support of a system that DOES NOT REPRESENT all of the people all of the time, is best left to the devices of the people to support the system that does.

    In short, (and long) the assault against us all is usually the sabotage of any one, or any few.

    We had this. People, perhaps like you and Lynne, have taken it away. We object and it is never to late to right a wrong.

  14. Jackie Donoghue Says:

    @Joe S.
    The real question is:

    How can you be so ignorant to not understand this man’s point of view and the message he is getting across? There are lessons to be taught, and I guess youll learn as slow as the next one.

  15. Jack Says:

    Likely your favorite part was annulled when, 7 years later, the US Constitution, blossomed. If you like theocracy, submit for a visa to Iran. Then you can take a stab at being one of those people, like Lynne and me? (whatever the hell that is?)

    Our social compact provides safe haven for “special shiny snowflakes” or anyone else that deems themselves more right.

    But, we are not here to allow self inflicted wounds or injection of poison.

    So, Pilgrim, go take a hike.

  16. Plasma Dawn Says:

    (Edit: Jim) Jack, if you or anyone else has any doubts as to who james Buba really is I encourage you to pay a short visit to his Facebook Timeline page (http://www.facebook.com/JimBuba). and find out who James Buba is in his own words.

    James Buba is the kind of person who will not miss any opportunity to make blanket statements about scientists and call them derogatory names, such as academnutz, or mental midgets at Oxford [University]. He calls researchers in medicine medical whores and world-renown professors (some of which have Nobel Prizes) are mere university professors who prance about in world venues, spending every penny that is not theirs, or snobs with absolutely nothing of substance, pseudo-Ph.D.s, plagiarists. He calls ALL teachers social leeches and claims that all they are is baby sitters.

    Furthermore, James sees conspiracies everywhere, particularly in regards to Obama’s administration, Islam, teachers, unions, liberals, the UN - you name it. They are all conspiring to take over the world and oppress and rob the masses - if not downright destroy civilization as we know it. He also promotes some outrageous and weird theories of his own cooking. For instance, you’ll be glad to learn that “Atlantis… may have been around the British Isles, long, long ago before mankind was destroyed by rising sea levels”. Really, mankind destroyed by rising sea levels?! Mankind?! Another gem of James Buba’s is that Islam exterminated the Hittites, a people that disappeared some 1,500 years before Muhammad and Islam. Have the Muslim ever developed time travel and gone back to fulfill some dark prophecy?

    Lastly, James can be downright mean and evil. He has called for the bombing of mosques at prayer (to maximize the number of casualties) in order to retaliate against the Muslim: “Time to bomb the mosques at prayer. It’ll start a ruckus, but it will soon end with mutual respect.” As of last weekend he was also HOPING that hurricane Sandy would bring damage and destruction to Maryland: “Road and bridges problems will likely strain the resources of Governor O’Malley’s socialist dream, in a sense it is hoped, putting a large kabash on his ability to make war upon civilized America for several years.” Governor O’Malley making war upon civilized America?! What was James smoking on that day? Can you even fathom the absurdity and maliciousness of his comments and claims?

    This is James Buba, a State Senate hopeful. I rest my case.

  17. Mr. Lynne Says:

    Brown is incredibly accessible. I remember being able to ask him a couple of questions during a town hall event in…. in… I’m sure there was one. It was at… um…. well he has them all the time.


  18. Jim Buba Says:

    Sorry Jack, I don’t wish you to parse in unsafe territory.

    Article III is much longer in text, you should review it as it was caste.

    The entirety was amended by Article XI of the Amendments:

    Article XI. Instead of the third article of the bill of rights, the following modification and amendment thereof is substituted.

    “As the public worship of God and instructions in piety, religion and morality, promote the happiness and prosperity of a people and the security of a republican government; — therefore, the several religious societies of this commonwealth, whether corporate or unincorporate, at any meeting legally warned and holden for that purpose, shall ever have the right to elect their pastors or religious teachers, to contract with them for their support, to raise money for erecting and repairing houses for public worship, for the maintenance of religious instruction, and for the payment of necessary expenses: and all persons belonging to any religious society shall be taken and held to be members, until they shall file with the clerk of such society, a written notice, declaring the dissolution of their membership, and thenceforth shall not be liable for any grant or contract which may be thereafter made, or entered into by such society: — and all religious sects and denominations, demeaning themselves peaceably, and as good citizens of the commonwealth, shall be equally under the protection of the law; and no subordination of any one sect or denomination to another shall ever be established by law.”

    Which pretty much restates the original, being a little more careful to include language that provides an exit to anyone and everyone at any time for all and no reason. The last line is most poingant.

    I’d stand on that too, excepting there are other exceptions.

    I do thank you for the religious admonition. While your social contract provides safe haven, it is hardly safe for anyone. Can’t see how your personal social suicide should be considered poison.

  19. Plasma Dawn Says:

    Jack, I meant “Jack, if you or anyone else has any doubts as to who james Buba really is…” in my previous comment.

  20. Frances McDougall Says:

    Now these are the over 40, except you Mr. Mayor, white males I like to hear from. See how clean the air is around them. No smoking pants in this photo.

  21. Plasma Dawn Says:

    James Buba, why exactly are you having this argument about worshiping one old man in the clouds or another? How is it relevant to the elections?

  22. Jim Buba Says:

    Oh, hi Plasma! Everyone, I would better and formally introduce one of my foreign correspondants.

    The one thing she decries is violence against muslims and islam, to which the question arose: ‘How many churches full of Christians must be bombed, how many Copts must be slaughtered before fairness is invoked?’ I’ve postulated on FB the response she cites, without solution.

    You can catch up on the details at http://www.cyprus-mail.com or on Facebook if you like.

  23. joe from Lowell Says:

    Actually, Jimbo, Lowell is such a prominent example of how an old industrial city can successfully revitalize itself that it’s studied in graduate and undergraduate urban policy and planning programs across the country.

    You know whose leadership that revitalization took place under? Jim Milinazzo’s. Patrick Murphy’s. Dick Howe Senior’s. Brian Martin’s. Brian Martin’s. Oh, and Eileen Donoghue’s.

    City-hating right-wingers? Not so much.

    Lowell’s rebirth: we built that! Not you, Jim. The people you’re looking down on.

  24. Marie Says:


    Sen Brown is a proud example of what one can do in America. He had a poor childhood. He finished HS, worked his way through college and law school and began his career here in MA. He married a lovely woman from the area and they settled in to buy a home and raise a family. Sen Brown and his family are like the rest of us. They participated in their community. They both had careers and worked together so both could achieve their goals.

    They are the example of success in the American dream.

    Why do Elizabeth and the left despise him so much? Just because he and they represent the success of the American story!

    Elizabeth and her friends are lying. They believe in the American dream for themselves and their friends but rail against anyone else. Their dream is a socialist state. If socialism is so wonderful, Greece would be thriving and the rest of Europe would be growing. It is not happening. Socialism is a failed system. And driving more countries into this failed system will only raise more strife in the world.

    I would rather live in Sen Brown’s successful world than in Angry Liz’s socialist world.

    Please vote for Sen Brown.

  25. Plasma Dawn Says:

    James, it is correspondents, not correspondants.

    James openly advocated for terror on 9/30/2012 with these exact words: “Time to bomb the mosques at prayer. It’ll start a ruckus, but it will soon end with mutual respect.”

    This is not how we deal with terror in this country, definitely not by retaliatory revenge bombings of mosques full of women and children and old people. Shame on you for even defending this position!

  26. joe from Lowell Says:

    James Buba is so devout that spits on the Catholic Church’s social justice teachings, and so devoted to non-exclusionary government that he opposes public schools.

    Here you go, Mr. SuperChristian: http://www.ecatholic2000.com/sj/socjust.shtml#Introduction

    Social Justice has been a core teaching of the Church you claim to support since its founding. If you don’t care to sit in that part of the cafeteria, fine. You certainly aren’t the only Catholic to do so. But don’t come here and act all baffled about the term, or treat it like it’s some sort of novel, left-wing concept. For all of your gum-flapping about your religion, you really should have run across it by now.

  27. Jack Says:

    A word of encouragement to right wing zealots and parrots of the “Bumper Sticker Braintrust,” PLEASE post here!

    I shows reasonable people, what we here at LiL work so hard against, 24/7/365. Of course the wack-a-doos will disappear after Nov. 6th.

    But, then we will have a municipal election. ;v) Luv IT!

  28. Plasma Dawn Says:

    Joe, have a look at James Buba’s profile and you will see that he was homeschooled, thus his despise and scorn for public schools and his claim that teachers are nothing but social leeches and baby sitters. How can anyone in their right mind even consider voting for State Senate someone with such attitudes and opinions?

    You are wasting you time with this guy, he is beyond redemption. He is full of hatred and scorn for anything he does not understand or agree with.

  29. Jim Buba Says:

    So tell me why the WAFF, TV48 link is not published? I can take it. Come on, be brutal

  30. Jack Says:

    “the WAFF, TV48 link” ?

    If you put in an embed code, it may not “stick.” Post the URL and I will embed it for you, IF the format is supported.

  31. Plasma Dawn Says:

    Jack, unfortunately, wack-a-doos never disappear - and even if they do, others eagerly take their place. besides, it would be boring if everyone were the same party, the same intellect, the same opinions, wouldn’t it?

    It is a very real possibility that the wack-a-doos may have a partial or even total victory this November 6th. Democracies are not always ruled by the wisest and most competent, but by those who manage to appeal to the widest common denominator. If the Republicans win this election, then the US will get what it deserves.

  32. Jim Buba Says:

    We do indeed, Plasma, we do indeed.

  33. Plasma Dawn Says:

    Jim Buba, we do what?

  34. ax41 Says:

    This picture calls for the skills of the Cold War Kremlinologists - why isn’t State Senator Eileen Donoghue included as a former Mayor and supporter of Elizabeth Warren ?Are we to draw any conclusions about the political positions of former Mayors still in the area but not in the group - such as Edward Early?

  35. Joe S. Says:


  36. Lynne Says:

    I think we have some Brown astrotufers on this thread! Jack? Did you check up on this “Marie” person?

    Jim Buba is quickly becoming my fave new punching bag. We needed a new one to mock and dismiss, cuz Hayden doesn’t post here much any more. So much anger and hate in one little package…sad.

    I bet he thinks there’s a conspiracy a’foot cuz he wasn’t allowed to put a video in the comment. They get stripped by the software because people can put damaging spammy code into them, so whatever victimhood he wants to claim here, well, he’s full of it, but I’m sure that won’t stop him.

    I would say the inanity would stop but…we are heading into an odd year election after this, it only gets worse. ^_^

  37. Plasma Dawn Says:

    Lynne, you have recognized Jim Buba for what he is, a person full of hate and anger and no respect or understanding for anything he doesn’t approve of. I have been following his venom for quite a while now and it is just as you said. James lives in a black or white, good or evil world, no shades of grey whatsoever. You are right, it is sad to be a person who sees only conspiracies and evil intentions everywhere he looks. You should see the absurdity of his views which he generously spreads all over the Internet. An admirer of Donald Trump - say that and you said it all.

  38. Thomas A. Wirtanen Says:

    I am amazed at how little you know about Jim Buba and how brutally misrepresented it is here.Plasma Drawn is missing a few platelets if she cannot fathom why Jim is a hero in a small town outside of Springfield and his district, his service to NATO and his education and skills.Why, the entire left can’t even find their own democrat Johnny Caron to ask him what Jim did when he needed it most. Time to buy some latex bed sheets and stop looking down the ends of your noses. Jim has seen and done more than most of you lefties will ever do in your lifetimes and on the national scene, the party will be over Wednesday morning. Bengazi Barak goes down in Obamagate.

    The killing of an ambassador was an act of war against the United States, and who sat by and did nothing? He should try a lemonade stand next.

    Thomas A. Wirtanen

  39. Paul@01852 Says:

    Ok Tom… time to put up or shut up… exactly WHO are we supposed to declare war on???

  40. Jack Says:

    And what nation do we hold accountable for the murder of our Ambassador? The nation of Al Qaeda?

  41. Plasma Dawn Says:

    Thomas A. Wirtanen, JIm Buba’s worst enemy is his own mouth. It wasn’t us who misrepresented Jim, it was Jim himself - here, on his own Facebook, and anywhere he visited and graced the world with his enlightened and balanced opinions. He is a hateful guy and has learned nothing from his experience abroad except for intolerance, contempt, and scorn towards anyone and anything he doesn’t agree with. But don’t you take my word for it - just read my previous comment in this thread, it’s all about Jim Buba in his own words, it’s not what I say but what he says and how he says it. Of course, if you share his views, you will see nothing unusual or disturbing and will have no idea what I’m talking about.

    As for the missing platelets, thanks for personal attack which I will ignore as we were not discussing me. Anyway, you were referring to a different kind of plasma. This plasma is of a different kind, it is the fourth state of matter. I’ll be glad to enlighten further you if necessary.

  42. Jim Buba Says:

    In the literal, any conspiracy is two or more people moving to do something. Realizing that the word ‘moving’ is parsed many ways, it is discussion and persuasion at the bottom tier.

    Law enforcement uses it to extend theory based upon evidence and prosecutors use it to stretch an argument into contiguous patterns otherwise called ‘best possible light’ for presentation to the court and jury.

    Here then, Lynne advises of conspiracy and ignores the teaming with others to discuss and persuade in the alternative.

    Thank you.

    Defense as required and on demand, but none of it germaine to the subject. The missing link in reference is a WAFF TV-48, Huntsville, Alabama story reporting the return home of Decatur County utility workers. They had mustered and travelled, like hundreds of others, to answer the call of humanity in need as a result of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy at New York City and New Jersey.

    In segue from above, the post was sought to demonstrate the type and style of ’special, shiny snow-flake’ implied. The men and their skills, tools and equpiment were ’sent away’ because they were non-union.

    Now, usually, when people need help, they get it. As is often the case in regions butressed by the union sense of fair-play, these men were declared ‘not like them’ and dismissed. Surely wiring of all sorts needs inspection before it is re-powered by the eventual return of electricity and many hands make much work light. However, the two needs are emaciated by the unions and they were non-union, thus their skills, sweat, blood and tears were of no use.

    It is never clear during such events that any of those who answer the call are renumerated or compensated in any way, but in fact they do albeit a very long eventual wait usually after fuel and Spartan per-diem is paid and generally in-kind. Most times, it is the people most affected that donate to the cause, but in NYC and surrounds, it has become a pile of State and Federal money to be administered by Red Tape artists, to which no union man or woman will safely sleep in comfort if it is found that non-union people received the minimum or any premium.

    Regardless, the link contained no video and it isn’t any special embedded, hidden treasure trove of programming deftness often rejected by some as spam. It doesn’t take much to consider why some things are done or left undone. In this case, it’s just a union thing. It is also not stated nor considered until now, that the pressure to underperform is not the fault of the trades, who recognize the need as superior than the sentiment, but by those who have no trade unless you believe that public servant is an industry and the administrators apply Red Tape so as not to kill the job.

    It would have been so nice to have gotten it out with the link early on. Plasma would have loved it. Jack will just deny it and Lynne will parrot anything the few others in session here will say.

    Of the photo, the missing people are more important than the ones pictured. Common threads do not a conspiracy make, but when viewed as a representative panel of the City of Lowell over the years it will make a fine memento of the bureaucratic mess that has plagued us from time to time, indeed the cross-talk, chatter, rumor and fact become blurred into the same mud puddle that are the things that have gone wrong as much as the things that have gone right.

    At the moment, things aren’t going so well. Thankfully, there are a few people, not pictured here, that are in a position to make right many of those things.

  43. Paul@01852 Says:

    “…Notice how none of them have the fortitude or strength of character to ever admit they were wrong. living proof that the arrogant pretense of professionalism is no substitute for the real thing… –Tom Wirtanen, 11/2/12 GerryNuttersLowell. Takes one to know one Tom!

  44. Tim Little Says:

    Nice hijack, folks. How does a thread on Elizabeth Warren become all about Jim Buba?

    Really, for us lefties, Buba’s not going to beat Eileen and we all have work to do (thanks to Lynne, et al) to ensure that she, Nikki, Elizabeth, and Barack all get elected on Tuesday.

    For the trolls: Don’t you have to do work of your own to at least put up a respectable showing for your candidate? Really, you’re wasting your time here…

    For the record, I live around the corner from Jim. While I certainly don’t know him well, we’ve had our share of conversations — some more pleasant than others… and some downright shocking. Jim and I are diametrically opposed in our political views — in fact our dueling lawn signs make the neighborhood look a bit like a giant chessboard! — and I’ll never vote for him, but he’s really not worth the time, effort, energy to attack here.

    Now, back to that Elizabeth Warren endorsement, perhaps?

  45. Mimi Says:

    Tim, I agree about the hijacking of this post. But as you well know at LiL we experience this phenomenon at every election cycle.

    I do have one question to Tom and Jim, how come your man, Scott Brown, when in Lowell does not pose for pictures with Republicans like you two? Why doesn’t he walk around town with the two you on either side of him?

    Instead he has chosen elected officials who are registered Democrats. If any of those individuals who are pictured above would have looked in Brown’s direction, he would have been hugging them also.

    Instead of ranting about Warren’s endorsements, I would suggest you spend some time reflecting on why Brown has deserted the Republican farm team.

  46. Plasma Dawn Says:

    Tim Little, I disagree with you about ignoring James Buba. He has a dangerous and irrational view of the world and an I’ve-made-my-mind-up-don’t-confuse-me-with-the-facts attitude. If there’s one thing history teaches us it is not to ignore such people lest the genie comes out of the bottle and then it is too late. With Jim and his good friends, Donald Trump, the Tea Party, and the rest of the parallel universe dwellers, repeating a lie or a fallacy loudly and frequently enough makes it an established, indisputable fact. His message is one of hate, intolerance, and outright rejection and dismissal of anything he does not agree with or understands. Unfortunately, many feeble-minded simpletons dissatisfied with one thing or another can fall for his false prophecies and then all of a sudden, “Houston, we have a problem…” The Golden Dawn in Greece got 7% of the popular vote in 2012 and they began years ago as a fringe group dismissed by everyone as a bunch of lunatics.

  47. Lynne Says:

    This thread is so full of win.

    As for misrepresenting Buba…I don’t have to, HE does a fine job all his own!

  48. Tim Little Says:

    Plasma Dawn — I’m familiar enough Jim and his personality, thank you. My point is this: Is *your* energy better spent ranting against him in a left-leaning online forum, or working to make sure Eileen beats him on Tuesday? (Not to suggest you aren’t already; just that you seem to put a lot of energy into your posts here.)

  49. Tim Little Says:

    Good point, Mimi. I’ve often wondered — especially in Mass. — why one would bother to run as a Republican if one is going to try to pass as “independent”. If one were *truly* independent, why handicap oneself with the “Republican” label — unless that’s truly where one’s loyalty lies? Just askin’….

  50. Plasma Dawn Says:

    Tim Little, I am new here and don’t know how well you people are familiar with Jim. Apparently, I was preaching to the converted. I’m happy you know his worth and recognize him for what he really is.

    Good luck on Tuesday. Unfortunately, victory is not 100% certain, but then they always say that countries get the leaders they deserve.

  51. Prince Charming Says:

    Congrats people. Buba has garnered more attention here than at any time in his political career. Give these wingnuts a little puff of oxygen then BAM.

  52. Jim Buba Says:

    Nothing like a little distraction. To the point, the thread is hardly about Warren, but the endorsement of her by those pictured.

    Noticed by one faithful, as to mono-gender and infused further by another faithful as monochromatic.

    My interest that Lowell is what it is, but could have done so much better, yet by the insistence or negligence of those pictured, has become the ho-hum of mediocrity. Each of them held incapable of profitable, job-creating private enterprise with varying levels of official ineptitude costing the City millions in exchange for the much less or nothing.

    Hamilton Canal District will become a Mecca for the courts, instead of anything resembling world-class. U Lowell’s expansion plans dashed by an arsonist’s joy and Prince; victimized by government regulation and the global economy, is gone.

    We are entertained from time to time with a tractor’s trailer over-extending its visit to our fine city when it stops abruptly at the bridge, which is little more than a painful segue regarding its name.

    It is great fun though. Onto other threads, where I’m quite sure other distraction awaits.

  53. Lynne Says:

    Does he even speak English? It’s more like tortured Shakespeare, but without the pithiness and cogency.

  54. Plasma Dawn Says:

    Lynne, my observation too. Forgive him, for he hath been homeschooled and knowest not any better.

  55. Lynne Says:

    No offense, but what is your deal? I mean, why are you obsessed with Mr. Buba? Granted, he’s as crazy as they come, but what’s your angle?

  56. Plasma Dawn Says:

    Forgive me, Lynne, but wasn’t it you who commented about his Shakespearean talents? Let’s say I simply cannot stand that kind of hateful and backward people. I would hate him to have even a glimmer of political hope. I met Buba on other threads and was appalled by his self-acknowledged views of racism and intolerance of which he is so proud. As I said before, the greatest fear is that small fires may beget bigger ones and they should be extinguished on the spot and everywhere they pop up.

  57. Lynne Says:

    Yes but not to the point of obsession…just saying. There’s, you know, life to be lived.

    And if someone like me is telling you that…you should listen. Cuz there are people for whom I will go out of my way to post about (Mike Hayden is a great example) but if even I think you might be going too far…well.

  58. Tim Little Says:

    Hey, you two: get a room! ;-)

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