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November 1, 2012

Video Clip: CC Meeting Blunders

by at 2:32 pm.

I have a nice shiny fully featured legal copy of Adobe Premiere at my disposal, CS6 even, so I decided to clip down the very last 16 minutes or so of the Council meeting from Oct 30th so if you hadn’t had a chance to see it, there it is. But if you have seen it, I still recommend hitting play…I decided, instead of multiple clippings with my text commentary in this post, to put my comments right into the video…and they tended to the sarcastic.

Really, if City Councilor Elliot has no respect for the process and for his position, and especially, his colleagues, I don’t see why I should have any respect for him, either.

PS - thanks for the pithy title, Jack!

7 Responses to “Video Clip: CC Meeting Blunders”

  1. Lynne Says:

    PS…the amount of respect and patience the City Manager has when responding to this crap…I’m just astounded. I’d have been jumping out of my chair screaming by the end of this.

    More City Councilors should be like Bill Martin. THANK you Bill.

  2. Lynne Says:

    Oh, and my comment to the Mr. the night this was on…was that Elliot is Bud Caulfield…without the charm.

  3. JC Says:

    Wow! The ability to put your comments in the video is impressive, making for a powerful communication tool.
    However, and as usual, CC Elliot really doesn’t need any help in making the case that he is a complete horses ass.

  4. Mr. Lynne Says:

    Let us be clear here about what’s going on here. This is theater. There is no substance here. He wants to complain about the Manager by using the water department. He wants to do this publicly on the record and with great showmanship. So he does this by asking about an individual who is still at the department and Elliot feels he’s owed an explanation about it. He knows he isn’t going to get one (for very good reasons - read on) and so he can strike a pose and look victimized.

    So it starts with him bringing up a personnel matter. The Manager points out that he can’t answer that in open session. Moreover, then the Mayor points out that they’ve strayed from the agenda. So then there’s a fight about if he can even bring this up in which the council receives legal advice that they shouldn’t because they’d be in violation of the open meeting law. So Elliot pushes the issue, the chair rules him out of order, he feigns surprise that and confusion about why he’s out of order. He’s then invited to appeal the ruling of the chair to the council. You know, to see if the rest of them want to break the law with him. He doesn’t seek an appeal from the council.

    So here’s the thing. This is all BS grandstanding. He’s been around a while now. He knows where he’s wrong. He knows perfectly well what it means that personel issues aren’t for open meetings and that violating the open meeting law is a no no. He knows perfectly well he’s out of order, off the agenda, and what he allegedly wants to do would both break the law and expose the city to litigation. He’s been publicly advised that where he’s going breaks the law. He knows all this but he also knows the council won’t let him go ‘over the line’. Thus he can bloviate and grandstand with impunity knowing that he’ll be rebuffed and can strike his best ‘martyr’s pose’ knowing full well he’s safe behind a council that he knows won’t let him ‘cross the line’. In fact, he’s counting on it because it makes him look all the more victimized. He wisely doesn’t ask for an appeal of the chair’s ruling because that would expose his game - and Kennedy is too smart to go with him frankly, even though he is an ally.

    This isn’t the behavior of a man who want’s the city’s business done. This is a man who wants the microphone, an audience (willing or not), and a villain for his morality play. The proper thing to have done (and again - he knows this) would have been to set an agenda item (motion) for the next meeting (in executive session if necessary). Then it’s on the agenda and all the liability/legal issues can be ameliorated. He knows perfectly well there is a way to get his alleged issue taken care of that doesn’t hijack an already long meeting.

    At some point the council will have to back the Mayor in controlling the meeting.

  5. Lynne Says:

    OMG…”a villain for his morality play”…darling, next one of these commentary videos I produce, I want you over my shoulder making suggestions. Awesome.

  6. Mr. Lynne Says:

    I really wanted the chair to call for a vote on the appeal of his ruling. Let the council be on record as wanting him to shut up for a change.

    I think that the next time the chair rules Elliot out of order like the last meeting, he should interpret the next sounds out of Elliot’s mouth to be a motion to appeal the ruling and call for a vote. Then the council can make a statement backing up the Mayor and for meetings about city business and not histrionics.

  7. Mr. Lynne Says:

    Amended note - as Mr. Nutter has pointed out on his blog, it could have also been proper procedure for Elliot to ask for a vote to suspend the rules to allow him to speak on the matter. Then the council could have voted yes or no to let him expound on a personnel matter in open session and open the city up to liability.

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