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November 20, 2012

Mary Jo Has Got To Go! - Payback’s a Snit

by at 12:47 pm.

While Gerry Nutter is taking the cautious route, others are more forthright in claiming that Supt. Mary Jo Santoro’s claims of “gender harrassment” are not genuine.

I, by training, am very ‘process oriented.’ Thus, I tend to favor Nutter’s suggested approach. However, I have noted that Santoro’s claim, gives her a legal action timeline that directly overlays on top of the period in which her potential new contract negotiations would play out. However, if I was to just play along with the more blunt voices out there in the bubble, I would point this out.

Santoro ‘tried to walk the tightrope’ on GL Tech probe disclosure
1/21/12 - Evan Lips,
“I tried to walk the tightrope regarding the right to privacy and the people’s need to know,” Santoro said in an interview at the school Wednesday. “I probably would have encouraged individuals on the School Committee to more aggressively speak to the chairman (Mike Lenzi).”

Santoro said she was advised by legal counsel to only disclose the information to Lenzi.

Not once did Santoro refer to the employee by name, citing laws governing personnel records. She acknowledged that the circumstances made it appear to the public that the school was purposely hiding the employee’s identity, but added that she would treat “any other employee in this building with the same respect.”

“The people who spent the last six months getting a name published may very possibly have ruined her life,” Santoro said. “Whoever you got that name from, I hope that person doesn’t have to deal with a liability problem.
(bold mine)

I don’t know how the Blog of Record came about Supt.Santoro’s niece’s name. Those pesky reporters have a knack. But, I do know what caused the inquiry in the first place. So, does Supt Santoro.

Tech official seeks clarity to cash query
1/12/12 - Lyle Moran
Greater Lowell Technical High School Committee member Erik Gitschier has filed a motion asking Superintendent of Schools Mary Jo Santoro to report to the committee about any missing funds in the current fiscal and previous fiscal years.

Gitschier said he has had three people ask him about missing funds at the school, but has not received a clear response from the school’s administration when he has asked about missing money.

“I sent an email to Mary Jo Santoro and did not get a response,” said Gitschier, a newly-elected committee member. “I figured I would put this issue on as a motion.

I want a clear record to show if there is missing money or not. I expect a report back.
(bold mine)

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25 Responses to “Mary Jo Has Got To Go! - Payback’s a Snit”

  1. Mary Louise Says:

    Not to diminish anything in these comments, but I do have to ask…..this school only has about 2000 students and by most measures they are doing well.

    Lowell Public Schools have nearly 13,600 students, many who are doing poorly.

    Why is there so much focus on the “politics” at the Voc rather than the students, and why does no one seems to care about what is happening to the 13,600 in the Lowell Public Schools?

    Is this too taboo even for left in Lowell, or is Ms. Santoro simply an easier target?

  2. Jack Says:

    Mary Louise,
    The “students” learn in a cocoon of politics. Fixing the politics helps the kids.

    PS. Supt Santoro is not a target. She is a highly paid, educational administrator that has been a party to some rather sketchy “happenings” out there at GLTHS. This is all very well documented by The Lowell Sun (though their archives are offline) and the local blogs.

    There is more to come, after we all take a break to give thanks for the bounty that we enjoy.

  3. Jim Leary Says:

    Mary Louise, you are completely wrong regarding the Lowell Public Schools (”LPS”). Most of the LPS are now at a level one, which is the highest a school can reach. There are some schools that have not yet reached level one, but are soon to achieve this level. There are four exceptions to this (out of 23 schools), and all of those schools are undergoing massive changes as we speak.

    The Murkland School, which was the only level four school in Lowell, would be at level one status today if it were measured. This is all despite cutting $20 Million dollars to the LPS budget over four years 2008 - 2011. Regardless of the massive budget cuts, LPS has not only survived, but they are beginning to excel.

    The Tech school is a very good school: however, they have never faced a budget cut. Never. They actually received budget increases every single year the LPS were cutting their budget. Furthermore, they take students based on a points system. Not enough points you cannot get in. The LPS takes everyone. Happy Thanksgiving. Jim Leary

  4. Magnolia Says:

    Mr Leary makes some excellent points regarding the Lowell Public School System. I would also like to point out, that no matter how large or small the systme is, there are always going to be some disgruntled employees. By all accounts (and that survey) something is very wrong at the Voke and it all leads back to her. . I watched the meeting where where Ms Santoro made the harassment comments. I do not believe for one minute that Mr Gitscher is harassing Ms Santoro. He is/was simply asking that Ms Santoro account for her scheduled work time, like almost every employee in the Public or private sector. It’s apparently not too much to ask of Ms Franco, so why is is too much for Ms Santoro. Accounting for her time is not a gender thing it is an, I, the taxpayer want to know where my money is going. I do believe that,all things considered, it is time for Ms Santoro to go. Whether she chooses to go gracefully or not, is up to her.
    And Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

  5. Eleanor Rigby Says:

    I have only been casually following this story, but today on the front page of the local newsletter the Superintendent of GLTHS is calling for an investigation into Lynne for her posts on this blog questioning the Superintendent’s motives behind the gender harrassment claim.

    The Sun had this paragraph in the article apparently paraphrasing Santoro.

    ” The source of harassment, Santoro said, is repeated requests for reports from the administration through motions that have been made by Gitschier. ”

    So am I to understand that Santro is accusing a school committee member of gender harrassment for requesting reports from her administration?

    Isn’t that called “doing your job?”

  6. djglowell Says:

    The more this story evolves the more shrill Ms. Santoro appears. I happen to agree with Lynne. If in fact she is using the gender harassment charge to deflect Mr Gitschier then she should be summarily fired. As far as her reaction to Lynne’s strong language - get over it. Ms. Santoro’s actions reminds me of how Mr. Van Liew in Chelmsford acts by using frivolous lawsuits in a vain attempt to bully people.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Mary Jo should spend even more time worrying about how many more people she can hire and promote up the step ladder at the voke before she retires ,funny how she had to only report to lenzi
    Could that be because his son almost od’ed -at the school over the summer and was on the radio
    Screaming for help because he couldnt figure out he was locked in a closet
    I guess that’s how it works she had info over his son ,lets not forget all the school functions that are held at dear mr lenzis restaraunt ,geeze talk about conflict of Intrest

    Note: I have changed the name of this commentor from TFallon to Anonymous. When I first read this post, it had already made it through moderation. I immediately called a mutual friend of mine and Fallon. I have never met Fallon. I just received a call saying the comment above is not from TFallon. This infraction is very serious and will be closely examined. - Jack

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I wish the lowell sun would do a report on all the hires in the the last few yrs not to mention all the promotions it would be funny to see how many are related to school committee members
    It no wonder nothing gets done at the school I wonder how many better qualified people have been passed over for the same positions family members got just for the fact they are related to
    So called important people

    Note: I have changed the name of this commentor from TFallon to Anonymous. When I first read this post, it had already made it through moderation. I immediately called a mutual friend of mine and Fallon. I have never met Fallon. I just received a call saying the comment above is not from TFallon. This infraction is very serious and will be closely examined. - Jack

  9. Frances McDougall Says:

    djglowell, Thanks for the reference to the litigious complainer here in Chelmsford. It is very scarey indeed to be a target of this type of attack. This case seems to be a threat to charge with a crime, whereas mine was a $100,000 lawsuit served on me 12/23/10, 2 days before Christmas. Seems ’tis the season to be merry or, as in Lynne’s case, thankful. Freedom of speech bites the dust one more time.

  10. Lynne Says:

    Screw that. It has not. Free speech is alive and well and kicking.

  11. Justice Says:

    Tfallon…please explain how you could attack a persons family, someones son. You and all these horrendous bloggers are cruel immoral cyber bullies. How can we possibly improve the behavior of children while adults behave the way these bloggers behave? Morality is lost. Can we all go to church, temple or a synagog to get back to behaving and treating others with respect? Mary Jo has done remarkable things for students and that has been her legacy. One that she should be very proud of. She need not pay any attention to any of this petty blogging from people who don’t even know her. Imagine swearing in a public forum calling for a persons “head on a platter”?? GO TO CHURCH PEOPLE> Get some morality back in this world. Try loving not hating!

    Note: I have struck the reference to Tfallon, as the comments above are not by him. Some scumbag used his name in a short lived effort to defame his name and reputation. Readers, please regard the note above with due suspicion. - Jack

  12. Lynne Says:

    Please, keep digging yourselves deeper, “Justice.”

    Gotta love the drivebys. Real shocker we’re getting them now.

    Have you ever even posted here before? No?

  13. Lynne Says:

    PS - who’s hating? I ask for accountability. If that seems hateful, then our democracy is so screwed…

  14. Lynne Says:

    PPS - also, I will note that it’s highly unlikely tfallon is who his nick says, please take THAT drive by with a grain of salt.

    I am guessing there’s a possibility there’s people posing as other people to get the administration to retaliate against them.

    What a viper’s nest…really…that I even think that that is a possibility portrays how much is wrong over there.

  15. Sorry guy Says:

    Note: Sorry Guy. Your comment is deleted. You are on no one’s team, on this blog. Using another person’s name is a high crime in the blogscape. Go away and don’t come back. - Jack

  16. Jack Says:

    Comments #7, #8 & #15 all come from the same IP address. My opinion, based on 5 years of political blogging, is that they are a “pro-Santoro” entity, foolishly trying to hurt those they preceive are aligned against her. The deceptions are pathetic.

    Comment #11 is not the same person, but I would not be surprised to find that the two commentors are collaborating.

  17. Lynne Says:

    This is like old times, Jack!

  18. Paul@01852 Says:

    Holy John-MacDonald sockpuppets, Batman!

  19. JC Says:

    I wish someone would explain how comment #7 slipped through. It’s disappointing that the gatekeepers allowed such a comment to slip through.

  20. Jack Says:

    I did not allow that comment through. Actually, I was out having dinner with my family, when I checked the moderation queue, and it was up.

    My phone is not really internet friendly, so I skimmed the content. I did notice that the author was deployed as “TFallon” which I took to mean Tim Fallon, who works high up at GLTHS. Blogscape etiquette is to allow as much as possible. I figured, however, that a comment critical of the Supt, likely did NOT come from Mr. Fallon.

    Since, Mr. Fallon knows a person, I know, I made a call to our mutual friend to track Mr.Fallon down and confirm his authorship. Later, a call came that confirmed my suspicion. The author fraudulently claimed to be TFallon.

    I amended the comments, as you see them now.

    Later, Comment #15 came in. Which I deleted and filled in with my own. It said, in part: Sorry for the misunderstanding when I used tfallon it was short for team Fallon … Really? “team Fallon?” It just so happens, there is currently a comment over on the Sun story about Santoro, that is critical of her and is claiming an author of “Tfallon.” Whoever is doing this, is really clumsy with their blog fingers, huh? Pffft!

    In my opinion, these comments come from an inept person that is trying to help Santoro or her side of the festering “civil war” that is wallowing the GLTHS in a quagmire. The level that the inept scumbag sank, is about par, for the “Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight.”

    So, if you are wondering how it got through, I don’t know. Such issues so “close to home” are not really where Left in Lowell likes to dwell. However, elected folks with relatives on the job, do tend to attract such nasty remarks. Have you ever read the “Topix” comments, over at the Blog of Record?

  21. Lynne Says:

    We do err on the side of letting comments through. It might have been me, and I had no idea who the real Tim Fallon was, so I had no context to question it.

    Also, I’ve been rather preoccupied…

  22. Jack Says:

    I have to amend my thoughts on the scumbag posing as “Tfallon.” There is a possibility that this persom is not on either side of the “civil war” out at GLTHS. But, rather, a 3rd Party that takes joy is watching others claw at each other.

    I’m not sure where these sick fucks come from, but Lowell politcal culture seems to attract them. That’s part of my motivation to reform our political culture. To minimize the stench that attracts them.

  23. TJM Says:

    LIL has officially reached the bottom of the barrel. How are u any better than Topix for publishing this nonsense about a former public officials family - u two are a disgrace and should be ashamed of yourselves.

  24. Jack Says:

    Shame, Shame, Shame.

    Shame on the scum who wrote it.
    Shame on us for posting it.
    Shame on you for walking over to your computer, clicking on to LiL and reading our “bottom of the barrel” blog.

    Good thing the Divine allows for redemption.

  25. Lynne Says:

    Wah wah wah. TJM - that’s rich coming from you.

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