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November 25, 2012

Media Alert (Updated)

by at 4:56 pm.

I’ll be on 980WCAP tomorrow, as will other bloggers, between 7 and 8am; my slot is for after the 7:30 news. I’ll be discussing great recipes that can put your leftover turkey to good use.

Just kidding, I think the topic will be a little more political. At any rate, it should be fun. Tune in!

Update: You can now go listen for yourself on WCAP’s archives! Thanks Teddy for having me on.

5 Responses to “Media Alert (Updated)”

  1. Jack Says:

    I’d like to take this opportunity to somewhat “explain myself,” or more specifically, my “style” of writing. I do this because on WCAP, earlier today, Ted Panos asked if we bloggers needed to “clean up our act?”

    I take Ted’s question in two part. First, I feel the is a concern that comes from the angle of a journalist. Do bloggers commit to the “due diligence” that a proper news organization, e.g. radio station or newspaper, would perform? As someone who was not trained as a journalist, but has always admired true journalism, I endeavor to practice my hobby, as close to the spirit of journalism as a layman can aspire.

    Second, I see a concern of vernacular. I talk like a sailor, most of the time. Though I have professional training and can handle myself in the boardroom, I talk like I am in a barroom.

    I blog like I talk. I certainly censor most of the “f-bombs” and other spicey language that you would hear bandied amongst the pile drivers and sand hogs that I used to work with. But, at any given moment, especially if I mean to be emphatic, I will not shy away from letting my more natural state shine through.

    Why? Because, if you spend time talking to me. If we develop a rapport in which you speak candidly with me, and I with you, then I want you to recognize the Jack Mitchell you know, here on this blog.

    The “bubble” talks to me. I listen & talk back. Part of the “bubble” listens to me. Those that share with me what they deem fit to disclose, do so knowing I’m not playing gotcha blogging. That I won’t sling their words in quotations for the consumers of political pornography. That I keep everything on background.

    Thus, in my own voice, I pull disparate strands of the rumor mill together and I nudge. Sometimes I blitz. ;v)

    What you get is me. Like me. Hate me. Ignore me. The Internet is a big place.

  2. Jim Says:

    I just listened to the tape of you on wcap. The question of rape came up. He said / she said was mentioned. If you had suffered a rape, but your rapist denied it, how would you feel if people who didn’t know the facts, spoke out against you? How can you speak out against someone who may be the victim?

  3. Jack Says:

    You really need to pick a handle and stick to it.

    Anyways, I am, as is Lynne, open to the notion that Santoro may have some evidence that is yet to be made public, which would validate her allegation. But until that arrives, I opt to hold Mary Jo in the same “victim” category as Charles Stuart.

    Ya see, life is based on a balance of possiblity and probability. It’s possible that Santoro was harrassed to the extent determined actionable by MGL. But, it is more probable that she is playing the “grievance game” that she learned across a career of petty union bickerings.

    The beauty is, these things would potentially be adjudicated by objective folks that would treat Santoro as a bright, shiney snowflake. My street wise bias will not taint the delivery of justice. Rest easy.

    What should concern you is your scary penchant for comparing this situation to a rape. It was one thing for Mara to go down an argument rabbit hole, taking the point to the extreme. It is another for you in the calm of your blog spot to equate the scambles of an overwrought education professional to the victim of brutal sexual assault.

    Not all victims are created equal. This is yet another card of desperation, played by you, that can’t be put back in the deck.


  4. Eric J. Says:

    In order not to inflame the tender sensibilities of our public sector employees, and to ensure vital law enforcement resources are not frivolously wasted on needless investigations, I respectfully submit a list of violent or potentially threatening idioms that should be avoided by the Lowell blogging community when providing analysis of said employee’s effectiveness and job performance:

    “Off with his/her head”
    “Head on the chopping block!”
    “Falling on the sword!”
    “Beating a dead horse!”
    “Hung out to dry!” (I think this might be a laundry reference)
    “Slap on the wrist!”
    “Taking the hit/fall!”
    “Beating around the bush!”
    “Shooting the messenger!”
    “Heads will roll!”
    “Sticking your neck out!”
    “Up in arms”
    “Push back!”
    “Killing time”
    “Dodged a bullet!”

    Please feel free to add to this list so that you, as a member of the blogging community, can offer bland and mind numbingly boring commentary and keep our friends in the public sector feeling safe and swaddled!

  5. Lynne Says:

    *snort* OK Eric that is funny, and I should have seen that one coming. :)

    Jim: Yeah, because this situation and RAPE are exactly the same. What’s next, a comparison to concentration camps and the Holocaust?

    Do not deign to “mansplain” to me about rape, thanks. It was a poor argument on the radio and not any better coming from you.

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