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December 6, 2012

The Gall of Dave Conway

by at 11:18 pm.

1a : bile; especially : bile obtained from an animal and used in the arts or medicine
b : something bitter to endure
c : bitterness of spirit : rancor
2: brazen boldness coupled with impudent assurance and insolence

Case in point:

* The School Committee passed Conway’s motion requesting a report from the superintendent on hiring practices in the district for administrators, supervisors and districtwide positions.

He said teachers have approached him with concerns over the consistency and transparency when it comes to hiring. While some positions use a search committee and interviews are held in public, others are not, he said.

“I certainly can understand the frustration that some jobs are out in the open and some are not. I’d like to know why,” he said.

For those of you that may need some background:

… The bubble is well versed in how badly Conway took his third place finish in 2011. Yet, the Blog of Record opts to comingle that raw nerve with a fresh wound to Conway’s massive politcal ego? Yikes. If I project my own modus operandi on to the keepers of The Column, it must mean they have little hope of Conway learning a lesson from what has transpired.

Note further, please, how The Column has moved away from including Conway’s staunch denial of meddling in the hiring process. They treat it as a given. Has Conway given up denying?


Anne Sheehy, currently a kindergarten teacher at the Moody School in Lowell who formerly oversaw district-wide IT operations, learned last week that top Lowell School Department administrators did not select her as the school department’s new director of information, communication, and technology services.

Instead, Superintendent Jean Franco and her top three assistants, Claire Abrams, Anne Murphy and Jay Lang, selected William Silver, now employed by the Methuen School Department.

Lang, who will oversee Silver, said this about Silver in Saturday’s Sun: “Of all the candidates, he was the most well-rounded and has the most complete skill set.”

When reached by The Column Blog Tuesday, Sheehy said: “I support Superintendent Franco and her staff and I support their decision.”

Sheehy’s actions since the hiring was announced, however, appear to run counter to her public comments.

She voiced her displeasure with the hiring in separate meetings with Franco and Lang Monday morning. Additionally, her School Committee advocate, Dave Conway, is busy planting seeds around the city that Sheehy is more qualified and that she’s the victim of a political war between herself and Lang, who some say views Sheehy as a threat.


A WELL-KNOWN figure in the local education world, with family connections across the city, could shake up next year’s School Committee race.

Molly Sheehy, the former longtime dean at Middlesex Community College’s Lowell campus, confirmed to The Column this week that she is considering a run for the seven-member board.

“People I respect have asked me to do so,” Sheehy said.

She declined to name those who are encouraging her to run, or say why she would.

Some School Department observers are bound to wonder if a run would be connected to her daughter, Anne Sheehy, being passed over for the department’s director of information, communication, and technology services job earlier this year. Anne has worked in the School Department since 1994. The job would have provided a $20,000 pay increase.

Superintendent of Schools Jean Franco picked William Silver, who was doing nearly the same job for the Methuen Public Schools. Silver’s selection did not sit well with School Committee member David Conway, who advocated for Anne Sheehy and is friendly with the Sheehy family.

Molly Sheehy, who has been credited for forging strong ties between MCC and Lowell schools, said Thursday her potential run would have nothing to do with her daughter.

So, with a straight face, Dave Conway asks his peers to support an effort that promotes fairness and transparency in the LPS’s hiring practices.

No, really. He did it with a straight face.

The 8 minute charade begins at 25:02 -

It was good of Connie Martin to ask the report be grounded in the statutes. Somewhere in there it says something like, “Unless hiring the District Superintendant, School Committee members should NOT touch the hiring process with a 10 foot pole.”

Now, for those of you with an eye on running for School Committee, don’t think Conway’s blatant disregard for what might be construed as “stealth,” makes him weak politically. Just ask him, he has friends in high places. He thows Pangi’s name around like holy water. But, that isn’t what makes him formidable. He is the teachers’ inside guy on the School Committee. They got his back because he does his best to ensure’s those “taxpayers dollars” he is soooo concerned about, makes it safely into their pockets.

Dave Conway is safe as can be, in the next election. It’s doubtful he will finish any lower than 4th place.

6 Responses to “The Gall of Dave Conway”

  1. djglowell Says:

    Just so you have the excat language.

    MGL Ch 71 Sec 59B Section 59B
    Principals; appointment; compensation; duties; appointment of other personnel(Last paragraph):

    The school superintendent of a city or town or regional school district including vocational-technical schools, may also appoint administrators and other personnel not assigned to particular schools, at levels of compensation determined in accordance with policies established by the school committee.

  2. Tim Little Says:

    Think Jackie could push him if she decides to run again?

  3. Christopher Says:

    Sure, there may be political motives, but isn’t it part of the elected School Committees job to conduct oversight into all aspects of school department functions?

  4. Lynne Says:

    I think it’s more pointing out the gall (and hypocrisy) of this particular politico doing it. Also, law. Are we above it?

  5. Jack Says:

    Would you ask the Cookie Monster to guard the cookie jar?

    I’m told hiring practices are not consistent. I buy that. What is the solution? An even handed policy. Is the best path to developing such a policy by lurching off of a hiring cycle that left the daughter of one of Lowell’s royal families and her hamfisted patron bitter and scorned?

    (that was a rhetorical question, btw.)

  6. Mill Girl Says:

    So Jay Lang is supposedly afraid of the qualifications of some kindergarden teacher? Sure. Sounds to me like he’s afraid of hiring a loose cannon.

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