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December 7, 2012

Outrage Meter On “Meh”

by at 7:31 pm.

So in response to my post about the master plan draft public meeting, Mr. George DeLuca called a waaahmbulance. Essentially labeling the Lowell Planning Dept all but sinister and evil (I believe he used the word “arrogant” and implied they had some reason to rush…also called the situation “crap”).

Now, isn’t that interesting coming from someone who used the terms “vicious” and “appalling” on the other blog to describe my language? I mean, isn’t it rather vicious to call the DPD folks arrogant? No?

So what’s George’s beef? Well, first, that the public meeting is in January. As in, in the month after the holidays. Of course, I have a lot better opinion of the abilities of interested Lowellians to walk and chew gum at the same time (or, go to a few holiday parties and download a PDF to read by January) but George seems to think this is some vast conspiracy to keep people from bothering, or something.

His second beef is even more adorable…”It’s also glaring that the report highlights the names the DPD staff and friends, but not those who attended the meetings and provided the input contained in the draft.”

Um…okay. Someone wanna tell me where in common practice does every single member of the public who gets input incorporated into a draft municipal Plan of any sort gets billing in the document that results? I’ve never heard of that. Of course, George is all about the credit; oh, and using this blog as a platform to sell his latest venture. Just some advice. If you want cross pollination on a blog for your own stuff, you might first want to stop beating up on that blog’s owner on other blogs. Just sayin’.

We have in front of us one of the most open, public-accessible, technocratic and professional DPDs that we’ve had in a long time, and George, instead of trying to find out more information that might mitigate his overblown outrage, is demanding…because he says so…that the meeting be delayed, and telling city councilors in a letter that there’s stuff missing from the document he thinks ought to be in there. Like what, George? They didn’t put in a plan to move the high school out of downtown again?

If you want to post on this blog, George, do so at your own peril from here on in.

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