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December 16, 2012

UPDATED: Leahy’s Leap

by at 11:43 pm.

I wanted to point this out now.

From the Blog of the Blog of Record:

WHILE THE City Council’s public vote Tuesday night on approving Auditor Sheryl Wright’s contract was 5-4, the vote whether or not to approve it in executive session gave Wright a little more breathing room.

The roll call in the private session was 6-3, with Councilor John Leahy, who later voted publicly against the contract, voting yes.

Leahy said he did not have a change of heart during the walk from the private session in the mayor’s reception room to the Council Chambers. Leahy said he voted for the final package in executive session, after voting in favor of most of its changes, to get the pact to the floor.

He told The Column he voted against the contract in public because he said he believes the position of auditor should be an appointment, and there should not be a contract in place.

Leahy said he was one of three councilors who voted earlier this fall against negotiating a new contract with Wright.

I have to spend some time pulling all the minutes, ect. together; but trust me when I say, John Leahy had no compunction WHATSOEVER supporting contracts when he was on the School Committee. Especially, a long term contract for Jay Lang.

To be clear, I’m convinced this wrangling by Kennedy and his protege Leahy, is more about the next contract with Lynch, than it is about the Auditor. They are laying a crumb trail, so they can try to evade supporting a contract for the CM in 2014.

Criticize my ‘hunch,’ as you see fit. It’s just that I have noticed that some only bother with the flimsiest of fig leaves, the skantest of plausible denialabilities. It’s because they know some will cry foul, while others will hoist them aloft on shoulders.

This is Lowell. Don’t let the nice guy smiles goad you into complacency.


Lowell City Council to negotiate with embattled auditor
Lyle Moran (9/25/12)

Mayor Patrick Murphy and Councilors Marty Lorrey, Bill Martin, Joseph Mendonca, Rita Mercier and Vesna Nuon voted to enter the negotiations with Wright.
Councilors Rodney Elliott, Ed Kennedy and John Leahy voted against entering negotiations with Wright, who is hired by and reports directly to the council.
Wright told the council she likely would have left Lowell if she did not have a contract. She declined to comment after the meeting.

Kennedy also said he does not see any benefit to the council or city in giving whoever holds the auditor’s position a contract. Leahy, who has only been on the council since earlier this month, said he voted against contract negotiations because he is not a supporter of contracts.
(bold mine)

Well, that was now.

This is then. When John Leahy was on the School Committee and apparently loved him some contracts!

These were approved unanimously, by Roll Call:


June 15, 2011




From 2008:

Lowell school administrators’ raises came with perks
Jennifer Myers (7/18/12)

LOWELL — The contract negotiation that divided the School Committee this week is about more than just pay raises.

A review of the contracts, a day after their ratification in a 4-3 vote, reveals several perks and benefits for the district’s four assistant superintendents that tack on additional costs for the cash-strapped district both in the short and long term.

“It wasn’t a good negotiation on the School Committee’s part,” he said. “When you negotiate, both sides receive something, this was virtually one-sided. I don’t fault them (the assistant superintendents), I fault the School Committee.”

The new agreements call for salaries to increase to $118,963 for Franco; Jay Lang , assistant superintendent of finance and operations; Susan Mulligan, assistant superintendent of personnel and recruitment; and Ann Murphy, assistant superintendent of student support services.

The raises translate into a 9.8 percent increase for Murphy, who was previously making $108,308; a 7.2 percent pay hike for Franco and Lang , who were both earning $111,010; and a 1 percent increase for Mulligan, who had been making $117,785.

The contracts were ratified by a 4-3 vote Wednesday night with Leary, Mayor Edward “Bud” Caulfield and Dave Conway in opposition, citing the tight fiscal crunch the district and city are facing. The School Department eliminated 49.5 positions in this fiscal year’s budget.

(Note: Leahy’s name is NOT listed in opposition. - Jack)

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