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December 30, 2012

Saying Sh!t, When You Have A Mouth Full

by at 1:52 pm.

So often in politics, there are tiny rooms filled with large elephants. Yet, no one will say a goddamned thing.

And so the powers that be have anointed Congressman Ed Markey as the next U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, issuing a well choreographed series of endorsements to his new candidacy to replace John Kerry. Why, even the future Secretary of State got into the act, issuing a statement that sounded like an endorsement. (Probably written by the wordmasters over at Foggy Bottom for the ever so diplomatic Secretary of State in waiting.)

Just a couple of observations on the “process”. It is not clear to me that Ed Markey is the right answer to the question on who has the best shot to hold the seat for Democrats. But far smarter people, with access to data, have determined that he is, so let us concede the point. Nonetheless what has happened here is an injustice to Capuano, Lynch, Downing, and whoever else was thinking about running. I do not come at this question as a “process” diehard, as some of my good Democratic friends do. I like to win, and I like to see things move, and on that basis I understand what happened. But Capuano, Lynch, and Downing deserved better than what they got. And I am fascinated by the utter lack of consistency of some of those in the liberal blogosphere, who have been devoted to “process” and “democracy”, who now turn a blind eye to what is nothing short of putting the fix in. It will just be a bit more difficult to raise objections in the future when it happens with a different set of candidates.

Finally it is worth noting that one pretty big footprint lies on the back of Governor Deval Patrick, who went from a key player in the selection process to an after thought. Since the Markey move the Governor has been marginalized, with the Washington folks just blowing right by him. The Governor is used to doing the big footing, but in this case the role has been reversed.

Thank you, Mayor Bill Manzi.

I have my own bones to pick:
The bias of The Blog of Record.
The ‘Liberty of Low Expectations’ we have gifted to our local civic leaders.
The incestuous nature of Lowell politics that favors the status quo.

Lately, I’ve opted to illuminate the political pestilence of Deb Forgione.

My stock and trade is saying publicly, what so many say in whispers.

Civility is a creature comfort the passive aggressive use to exploit the well mannered. There is no need to be rude, if one is succinct and willful. I opt to be rude to cut to the quick. Most in the bubble are not dull, but they tend to be rote.

Game On!

23 Responses to “Saying Sh!t, When You Have A Mouth Full”

  1. joe from Lowell Says:

    I really wanted a competitive primary.

    What are we afraid of? Remember all the boo-hooing about the Clinton-Obama contest damaging the candidate? That was nonsense; Obama emerged stronger for having gone through that.

    I like Ed Markey. He’s a strong environmentalist with a good understanding of technology, which makes him a fine successor to John Kerry. However, between this and the latest Kennedy Koronation in Barney Frank’s old district, I don’t have a lot of warm fuzzies about the party right now.

    Elizabeth Warren swept her competition aside because of a strong grassroots surge. This time, I feel like the insiders are picking our candidate, and I don’t like it, even if he probably is the candidate I would have settled on anyway.

    Oh, well. I’d rather see Capuano as Governor anyway.

  2. Prince Charming Says:

    Good luck folks. He’s been in Congress for 40 years and I don’t know a damned thing about him. They’re going to have to outspend Warren to define him. Brown’s already out there and like him or hate him, at least you know him.

  3. Christopher Says:

    The DSCC’s job is to win and the rest are entitled to their opinions. I don’t know if Markey would have been my first choice in a wide open field, but neither am I upset by the rank-closing on his behalf. It’s not as if the primary has been cancelled, so others have a right to run and voters still have a right to decide.

  4. Brian Flaherty Says:

    Agreed - after the Coakley fiasco, the Mass. Dems won’t allow a competitive primary again. The Politburo has spoken.

    And what an uninspiring choice Markey is, can you get any more vanilla??

  5. Jack Says:

    Except for BF, all good points. Brian is “concern trolling,” imho.

    I am ‘indifferent’ about Markey. Vanilla is a good word. Based on what I saw in 2009, I like to see Caps come out and run. That said, I am not completely put off by the ‘data guys’ winnowing the field.

    What if it isn’t Brown, but Weld? Is Markey a better matchup?

    As my intent was to work harder on the City election, I’m fine with letting the special primary slide by and doing the sprint to the special election.

  6. Brian Flaherty Says:

    Concern trolling? Had to look it up. Trust me, not an ally of you guys.

  7. Prince Charming Says:

    Pretty sure, Jack that people have had their fill of elections for a while. Both Repubs and Dems are going to find it challenging to raise serious money so soon after that last shit storm. Any head-start is a huge advantage and I think that Brown is fresher in people’s memories than Weld. Markey hasn’t made too many friends in the delegation, with pushing Barney Frank off the cliff and getting Kerry and Mrs. Kennedy’s endorsements this week so I’m guessing the delegation’s support will be lukewarm.

  8. joe from Lowell Says:


    A concern troll isn’t an ally. A concern troll is someone who writes as if he was an ally, in order to give you bad advice.

  9. Jim Says:

    Are the democrats still going to back him? Is there a candidate who is worthy of your vote? I don’t know. I’m not happy with the way the system works, but I haven’t got an alternative. I would like to see a larger field of candidates so I could vote for someone I like rather than someone pick by the party leaders.

  10. Mimi Says:

    I do not know if Brian was concern trolling but I do like the reference to the Politburo.

  11. Jack Says:

    In case anyone was wondering, Jim’s comment is a “better fit” for an example of concern trolling than Flaherty’s.

    Note: For those of you that wonder how I can muster up the gall to make such a proclamation, remember, Admins can easily search a commentors past offerings. In 15 seconds, we can see what anyone has written under a ‘name.’ 30 seconds, if they move IP addies around.

  12. C R Krieger Says:

    It would be helpful if someone said something like, “Jim’s comment is a “better fit” for an example of “concern trolling” (In an argument (usually a political debate), a concern troll is someone who is on one side of the discussion, but pretends to be a supporter of the other side with “concerns”. The idea behind this is that your opponents will take your arguments more seriously if they think you’re an ally. Concern trolls who use fake identities are sometimes known as sockpuppets.) than Flaherty’s.”  Not suggesting who that would be….

    Some of us are old fuddy-duddies and are not up on the current political argot.  Not that we necessarily ever where.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  13. Jim Says:

    Thanks for the credit. But I’m not in that camp.
    I don’t think Markey is that great. Someone called him vanilla, right? I would have chosen Rep. Tsongas. She from our district and could have delivered more support to the city. Think of how things changed for the city when her husband was a senator. But that can’t happen now that a person has been crowned Kerry’s replacement.

  14. Jack Says:

    Aren’t you in “Jim’s Camp?” Aren’t you retired with a Union teachers pension, but turned your back on the Union? You voted Scott Brown, along with Hayden, right?

    Niki is great, right where she is. I’m happy to see Kerry go to Foggy Bottom.

  15. Jim Says:

    I never turned my back on anyone. Don’t let the lies become the truth. I voted for the dem. candidate just like you did. Doesn’t mean I can’t bring up issues that the system doesn’t work the way it should.

  16. Jack Says:

    Don’t let the lies become the truth. Fair enough.

    I can accept the notion that “the truth” gets distorted as labor and management haggle over elements of contracts. It’s clear to all that follow this stuff that rhetoric gets inflammatory.

    That said, there is no room to move from the staggering pile of condemnation, assembled mostly by The Lowell Sun. Plus, voters have opted to flush the complicit school committeee.

    Perception is truth. Even with a well paid PR flack, the GLTHS is deemed, by most, to reek to high heaven.

    It is getting better. Next step, a new Supt. from outside the District.

  17. Jim Says:

    I didn’t know you were such a fan of the lowell sun. Anyone who knows what goes on in the city, will say that when you cross the paper, they make you pay in spades. Many of lowell’s respected leaders told me you can’t fight the paper, they buy ink by the barrel. How true. I had an issue with them and they gave me a beating. Judging people by what is in the paper without knowing them is unfair. I stand on my record of 40 years in vocational education and the achievemnts we made during that time.

  18. Jack Says:

    Jim, we are not trying you for a capital crime, so the weight of our decision is not “beyond a resonable doubt.” We are judging whether it is appropriate to set a new course, one that steers away from your legacy.

    For that, we can use another legal standard which is “based upon a preponderance of evidence.”

    GLTHS’s Cassin gets rave review
    The Sun - 9/15/06

    Committee member Michael Hayden called hiring Cassin “the best damn vote I’ve ever made.”

    GLTHS union, board seek end to contract talks
    The Sun - 11/20/06

    Negotiations are being mediated by the state after talks between the union and the School Committee broke down in September. A month later, School Committee member Michael Hayden called the teachers union leadership a bunch of “thugs.”

    It’s clear that you had a complicit SC at your disposal. Voters have begun to make adjustments.

  19. Jim Says:

    Using the Sun as a primary resource makes your arguement weak.

  20. Jack Says:

    Actually, Jim, we’ve been following the shenanigans out there for some time. The Sun, like we blogs, are conveyors. The source(s) that we use are folks that speak of you and what goes on out there in the woods.

    Surprisingly, Jim, there just isn’t a whole lot of folks running around backing you up. Except for Mike Hayden. You got that going for you.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a total doom & gloom guy. Some REAL good stuff is going on out there.

    We just need to tweak a couple of things.

  21. joe from Lowell Says:

    I don’t understand what “vanilla” is supposed to mean. On policy, Markey is a forward-leaning progressive and an environmentalist hero.

    Is it a complaint about his speaking style? He’s not flashy enough? This does not strike me as a terribly important consideration as we go about replacing John Kerry.

  22. Jim Says:

    So you use sources who tell you bad things about me. That’s it? Isn’t that called hearsay information. I’ve never run away from anything that I have done, but I won’t accept blame for things people make up. There are two sides to every issue. Have you ever tried to get the other side of the info that you hear from your sources?

  23. Jack Says:

    I use multiple sources, generally. I don’t blog 2/3 of what I am told, if that matters to you.

    Tonight, I was told you were a nice man. Then I was told that the Supt, before you was a MUCH better Supt., than you. And that she was run out of the office by your political pals. That is about the 4th time I have heard that very same thing.

    Actually Jim, this isn’t about you. I only invoke you to show Santoro’s pedigree. It would be best if both of you would sail off into the sunset and leave the GLTHS to be taken UP to the next level.

    I sincerely appreciate whatever positives you have contributed. Assuredly, there are many. So, thank you.

    But, it’s time to move on. The place is in good hands and there are a lot more eyeballs on the place, as well.

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